Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Can you people please learn how to use the proper forms of the word 'lose'? Example: We LOST the game. Damn, this game is such a LOSS. I think we're gonna LOSE this game. It's not freaking hard. Seeing someone type "gg lose" or "lost prevented" makes my skin crawl.
you're on a European server, and that means English is most probably not everyone's first language. Stop being a snob please.
: All Egypt Down ? ( EUW )
Hey everyone, I just started using the program Kill Ping, recommended by my friend with the same problem, very easy to set up and it works perfectly with 80-90 ping on EUW. No disconnects whatsoever so far. I hope this is only temporary and it gets fixed though. Good luck. If you try this and it works for you, please upvote so others can see this post, and maybe it can help Riot specify the problem? Mushmush
: Sorry to disappoint you, but Egypt is part of Asia aswell. And just by the way... middle east is more of a political term and includes of course Egypt.
in what world (or map) is Egypt in Asia?
Riot tmx (EUW)
: Hey guys, sorry to be late to the connection error party. Here is what I'm getting from your entries: - Some countries in Middle East cannot connect to EUW. - Problems occur on TE Data ISP (only that one?). - Problem is live for last 16 hours. - Players can connect using a VPN. Questions: - Can you guys connect to EUNE (server location is different) - Where exactly are you stuck? Login Queue? - Can you please visit and upload your logs using our tool? I'll be here checking this thread. It seems like a single ISP is being blocked somewhere along the path and we might need to contact them directly (either players through ticketing system or Riot Games).
- I just tried my EUNE account and it works perfectly, while EUW still does not. - On EUW, I get stuck as soon as I connect to game, I get "attempting to reconnect". Sometimes it doesn't load me into game and I get stuck on around 60% and then it disconnects me altogether. - Will do.
: All Egypt Down ? ( EUW )
Same with me. It's incredibly frustrating.
Zeus36 (EUNE)
: hello, do you mind telling where are you from and who is your ISP?
EGYPT, TE DATA :/ *sigh*
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Declined (EUNE)
: So you already did the steps I provided you, looks like I'll need to ask you to test this as well :/ If it is a routing or ISP issue, it's possible to reroute your connection to League, in order to test it. * Download & Install [Cyberghost]( * Run it and let it update. * Open the client and navigate between the shop, profiles, item sets or what have you. Using a VPN you risk increasing your ping significantly, which makes this a patchwork solution, meaning you can play but it is a temporary solution until we can find a more permanent one. If it worked, great if not I'll need more information. There's only a small number who are experiencing this problem compared to the size of the playerbase which is why I would like anyone with the problem to answer these questions. * What anti virus program do you use? * What is your Operating System? * Which Internet Service Provider do you use? Let me know how that went :)
Norton antivirus Windows 8.1 TE Data At least 4 other friends I play with have the same problem. This started yesterday BEFORE the new patch. I really hope you guys fix it, since 2 of my friends already got bans because of this.
Mjoww (EUNE)
: Bugg with Caitlyn
Just finished played a cait game, using resistance cait, and it was bugged as well. Incredibly annoying, not to mention confusing at times.


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