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: Virgin media - league dced?
n33gs (EUW)
: Actaully finding it hard in bronze
hahaha now it is RISE of the Jhin
: a lot of people from Silver got placed in bronze, and so if you struggled to climb silver all the other silvers are still here, you will eventually climb, but at heart your probably silver, but your vsing a lot of silvers too just in bronze
yer think this is wereim at. Aiming for gold this season for sure ^^...........once i get out of bronze lol
: you aren't a scrub or thinking bronze is the same as gold. It's just that other golds are in the same situation as you are, so what you see as "bronze" is actually gold and high silver players in the same situation you are
guess so. I floated in silver but found it VERY easy to get out of S3 and S2 was my comfort zone. think i hit myy skill cap at S1 So really thought getting out of bronze would be easy. I cant even say its always afk or trolls or though noticeably more BUT i am genuinely coming up against players that are good (by my standards)
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TokyoWolf (EUW)
: Jax OP?
Before juggernauts path he was my number one ban. He snowballs harder than riven and say goodby to your turrets. He has been OP for a while and they actually buffed him not long ago. Was very surpsised to see him getting some love basically only approach a jax that has 5% health as at 10% he still has enough o nuke you
temres (EUNE)
: Who should i buy. Ekko or zed
I find ekko more fun have only just started learning zed. He has a steep learning curve. when it goes well u feel godly but so easy to mix up his combo. I find it difficult to stick with a champ after you ult. they either cc me or flash away Much like leblanc i love ekko as he is slippery. loads of plays excapes engages etc
Gurra V (EUW)
: Illoai damage?
No one talking about that ult. Absolute game changer in team fights. You do feel godly if you hit 3-4 people with it
: Do you feel Leblanc could use a buff ?
When they slowed her distortion was the last nail in the cofin for me. It used to be sudden in out job. Now if feels like you are strolling over to the enemy to get them a a love tap
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: Evelynn
she confuses me now. Her suggested items are all ad. But find her so squishy for a melee champ with no CC
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MurdaBird (EUW)
: Why 5 tp in One for All
Just more fun. Have won games with it as well. enemy had ignite we had tp. We lost every team fight imaginable but tehy couldnt stop us split pushing until they eventually lost
: When you have 2 AFKs and the enemy team yells 'easy'
CAn i just add to this. If you are 4v5 or 3v5 dont flame each other. Its just dumb the game is pretty stacked agaisnt you so if your team mates has died a few times cos jung camped him or the adc cant do much as she is gettign poked out. just leave it its no their fault. Chill report AFK adn be on with the next game
: and it took them 55 minutes to win
this a million percent. Played so many 4v5s where we managed to hold them out for ages. Teams just couldn't finished we even stole baron etc
Eveninn (EUW)
: Chug a {{item:2003}}! It helps in situations like this. xd And if projectiles wouldn't follow and dashes/flashes/or even movement... ohhh Boy, this would be a whole other game. xd
i think it should follow you but a reasonable distance. If you have flashed and then distorted twice as LB and then hit at your own turret by that rogue turret shot, i call BS
Slayerific (EUNE)
: Yasuos wind wall and its rediculous delayed blocks.
+1 its anying as hell play as annie. Go for stunn see flames pretty much touching him. windwall up. Q to my face Also the AA thing is really annoying. In fact embarassing to flash away and see that minion aa chasing you knowing there is only one way this is ending
Verrier97 (EUW)
: New champs on ranked
£££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ Why would they release a champ you cant play stright away in ranked (where most people play) No one would instabuy
gAnoX (EUW)
: Jungle Kindred - Pentakill
Dr Sup (EUW)
: just a question out of curiosity why hurricane on kindred?
when playing it i was thinking it would work well on her/him. The attack speed would work very well with blade and Sated. But u would give up some ad. Attack spped would be balls deep and helop proc sated faster. With BOTK it could aslo eat through tanks. Something i want to try. Then again straight up pure AD might have better 1v1 Its like having perma Q all the time coupled with Q being on low CD in the area. Think it would be good
: If you constantly surrender at 20m just because the game isn't going well
here here I like a challenge but have to admit some games i will surrender. usually not because we are losing but because the team is gelling well at all. If the team is flaming or just as worse ignoring each others pings/plays there is no point playing with each other
Voidner (EUNE)
: Reached gold!
Who cares about gold that little story has me in stictches
DarthRap (EUNE)
: When you leave blue to the midlaner
This is a given. I am a generous God when Mid doesn't need blue and I give to Sup or AP top
Lazy Lima (EUW)
: Elise Rappel Improvement
+1 has happened to me a few times and cost me my life. Sure with more experience it will become second nature but a channel ability would be great
Snow Enix (EUW)
: It happened, I got first kill at lvl 5 and had twice the cs. Burakke wanted to continue. Before min 15 I was at his inhibitor turret and had 3-0 or 4-0 and was 40 or 50 cs ahead.
This is impressive good on you both. Bet he learned something form that as well. People are all talk on the forum its rare for people to actually follow through. even better you didnt come on here and brag. you mentioned it as i ask. good community spirit for a change
Gaddafi (EUW)
: Fizz indeed, just need to time her E to deny Zed damage after he marks you = Zed ult useless.
problem is Fizz mana cost on E is huge. He will poke you down with Q every time you go to last hit. His ult isnt an issue here its everything up until the all in. I cant stay in lane long enough to have a full live engage. Poke poke poke. Any damage u manage to do he will stay in lane healing up while you have none
Snow Enix (EUW)
: Want to 1vs1? I'll show you :)
did this happen. Be interested to see result
Bizkutz (EUW)
: For me, it's the mecha malphite skin. The splash art looks so awesome, so I bought it. But in game, he looks like a colourful Lego creation.
haha yes he is high in the order of splash art looking epic IG being a let down. The other for me is Dragon slayer Pantheon. HOOOOOOOLY shit that splash is some bad ass mother fucking shit IG just looks so bland
: Remember, PBE content is iterative and tentative, meaning that stuff can be done on it before it goes to live. And bear in mind this has been on the PBE for _one_ day.
Yer i know what you mean. They do some amazing splash arts and just wish the IG models were often as good. Some are tho some not so much will wait and see what the end reult is i guess Love all 3 of the new skins. Shame i dont play any of those champs
: 1080p per 60fps pl0x. That's how you doublecheck a skin, not on a .jpg. Dood pls.
Yer i also watched the video in 1080 and its still not a great match He has no spirit fire particles emanating from his mouth eyes or chest like in the splash You can clearly see his mouth in his recall animation. Is is dark and dull. Nothing like the splash His eyes are just light blue lifeless dots. Nothing like the splash that seems alive with spirit fire His chest look like fire is creeping out of crevices in his body, IG model they look like scars or symbols like Ryze has. His head is clearly burning in the splash yet the in game model is just a translucent extension of his mask its very different whether you look at it in 1080 of 60fps
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: "Match Found" Closing Shop and etc.
oh god yes such a bad design currently Same with being in any screen, like champ abilities or runes masteries etc
DonPodriego (EUNE)
: So basically League of Vayne
My main issue with vayne is she is Nassus with range (in terms of gameplay) NEVER LET VAYNE FREE FARM drives me mental. The adc and sup dominate lane maybe get a few kills and double farm and then start going mid just leaving vayne to make up all the xp and gold she lost in early laning and then just smashes everyone. Stop letting her free farm you are stroniger than her so push her not other lanes pls. Unless you are sure you can finish in the next 5-10 mins then dont ignore her pls
: > -Teemo, why are you AD!? -Teemo, why are you never mid when we teamfight? Teemo proceeds to get 3 towers and inhib top -Teemo you suck, look at your kill participation Teemo proceeds to have 350 minions minute 30 -Teemo we got all killed because you weren't there! Teemo gets 2 towers and inhib bot -Teemo pls come help Baron! Teemo gets Nexus turrets and ends the game -Report Teemo pls guys Is this real life!?
I get this when i Play shyvana or Cho top I usually dominate lane and push it hard. Get lane to inhib turret. Team then moans im not in team fights and that im dong nothing for the team. So i join them and we all spend ages dancing around in mid doing nothing but going back and forth while there jung and top split push bot and top. I go back to top to save our turret. team engages in 3v4 loses and immediately types report Cho useless o_0 Now if im ahead top i do nothing but push and push and push. This usually drags people to come and kill me freeing up the rest of the map
zorah (EUW)
: "I'm with stupid" Support Skin
Wow people have taken this way too seriously. i think this si a brilliant idea Its a poke at the roles not teh player you are with. As if the adc sees the top on loading screen and thinks "He paid his hard earned money for a skin that takes was specifically intended for me before he even met me. HOW DARE HE!!!!!!!!!!!!" come on people its just a bit of fun. I would love more of these. My personally favourite would be Garen in a makeshift bush camouflage. So it forever looks like he is hiding in the bush waiting to scream demacia at you
Encrux (EUW)
: there are like 20 comments, and I didn't see Diana once. She's stronger pre6, she's stronger post6 if you don't get killed by him early. Zed doesn't stand a chance against Diana imo. Give it a try
This surprises me. Im worried about taking any Melee champ vs him. I figures she would wreck her. especially as she again has no sustain
: Just keep in mind that Tiamat does not grant lifesteal, only lots of AD, high waveclear, an Active to weave into a combo, and only increased health regen as sustain. The Regen is great outside of combat though.
o_0 meant vamp scepter :) either way he has sustain i think its what i was goin for :P
: Actually, as someone who highly prefers Ravenous Hydra on Zed, I have to say that Tiamat not only grants 100% increased Base Health Regen + tons of waveclear to pressurize your enemy and the high AD is extremely useful. Sustain is no real issue for Zed imo.
This has been my issue even with Tiamat his sustain is usually enough just to clinch an early engage. Cant count the number of times i have gone in for what i thought was an easy kill early with Annie for zed to walk away with 20hp
True Sight (EUNE)
: AD - {{item:3140}}, {{item:3139}} AP - {{item:3157}}
Thanks i know the items that are usuefull . was looking for a champ thats kit is usfull
: If you're going AP get zhonya's and learn to juke, all his poke can be avoided by juking and out ranging him. Try swain if you're having trouble hitting him, he's got on-click abilites and tons of sustain post-6 so farm up and if you're not behind you can bully him out and just out farm him. ekko should be a great counter for zed as his ult directly negates his, his E can be used to dodge poke and he can more easily pull off a E,Q,auto combo. generally you should wait until he's used up his shadow before you engage on him as he needs it for damage and survivability, he relies on dodging more than tanking. that should either bully him out of lane or force him to save it for when you go for him. Don't let him poke you down and you'll be fine
Hi juking his Q is not as easy as it looks but agreed i should work on this more Ekko cant 1v1 zed his damage output is way bigger. You negate his ult agreed but you E CD isnt very low compared to his E. again he just pokes me down maybe need more practice
: Annie destroys any assassin especially Zed, also he has no sustain unless he rushes bork and even then it's minimal. You get stun ready farm with his broken range if he tries to ult you, you can 1 shot him everytime.
I had one great game with Annie and finally thought i had found a counter. Think it was just a bad zed :/ His Q poke is what annoys me in order to stun you need get in Q range. This damage is probably comparable to yours. Yet he is sustaining all the time and you are not I will keep trying her maybe recently i have just come across some good zeds
Eveninn (EUW)
: \*leaves a {{item:3157}} and sneaks away\*
yer this is my go too item. Im looking more for a champ that does well rather than an item but thanks
alasarcher (EUNE)
: Malzahar, Kayle,Vladimir
Mal was gogin to be my one to try. He ults i ult and go form there. Just very aware of how immobile he is Kayle has good poke so good call
: If sustain is your issue, Ahri (Passive), Galio (W), Vladimir (Q + WotA), Cho'Gath (Passive) etc...
Tried AP cho and failed. he was far too slippery. Malphite i have a better time with
xMidnight (EUW)
: {{champion:8}}
May try him as great sustain and can negate some of his ult
Emillie (EUW)
: Ekko, ult when he ults. Liss, ult when he ults. Azir, ult when he ults. Fizz, E when he ults.
The ult isnt the massive issue when being a melee champ. Its his poke. So as fizz for instance I find it hard to even trade. Negating the Mark damage means nothing if zed is still in your face killing you. Ekko is can be a long range escape as well but again. its not then a case of his ult but not being able to farm without taking a serious amount of damage Lizz hmmm never thought of her thats a good idea Azzir i have but not started playing yet
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: > Anyone noticed people seem to troll more in the top and bot of the leagues Thats nothing but imagination. I talked about this with a PB Rioter and there is no correlation between the division and toxicity.
fair enough do they have data on this sort of thing then. Might be my imagination, I work in data so know my personal experience probably does not reflect the big picture. Then again in a massive game like lol your experience can easily be far away form the average Seems people are more prone to rage highter leading to trolling. And lower they dont seemt o care as much all in all silver has been better than bronze tho
: Imo trolls are usally at 5 b5/s5/g5/p5/g5 .I dont like so much the word "trolls" i would say they are just not try harding they dont care abou tthe win. Simply cause you need a lot of losses to drop from silver5 to bronze . And they just enter for the inactivity or just cause they dont have sommething better to do.\ Its getting more and more annoying at higher elo where the enemy pick can use his early advantage much better compare with lower elo.
oh no i have had open trolls. An annie who asked a yi to engage WTF he replied saying but u have stun and tibbers. So she ulted him and went to the nexus and refiused to play any more o_0 A flaming trist pissed of Ekko he had a bad start and fed a bit. So he ran into every fight and didnt atack anyone. Then afk farmed saying unless trist apolgies he will not pla 0_o fun times. Thats just tonght other night i have noticed more of themas i progress
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