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JagJames (EUW)
: Ryze ultimate + zhonyas bug?
: The second one is not a bug. A bot goes AFK to balance out a 4 v 5.
Yeah, I mentioned that above. He was afk until we entered their base, even through out afk did not came back.
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: alistar skin
Because the system to get it automaticly got shut down or something like that. You can still write a support ticket to get that skin, if you ask nicely.
: According to the wiki: ACTIVE: Kennen transforms into a ball of electricity, unable to use basic attacks, Ghost ghosting and _**doubling his movement**_ speed for 2 seconds, and gaining bonus armor and magic resistance for 4 seconds. So, it should give 335.
It should, but it does not. That´s the error.
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