King Lego (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=RaikoPlays,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=qiWNnKN2,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2018-08-10T10:52:27.623+0000) > > Heartseeker and pool party should be revealing you dumbass, look at the male characters that wear those too and say to me they arent sexualized aswell > hashinshin back at it again complaining about everything -_- > > and btw, mahou shoujo themed shit always wears revealing outfits > > EDIT: i find it funny the way he complains so much about pool party. Srsly, what do girls wear when they go to a pool party? Grandma's swimsuit? To be fair, when it comes to beaches and pools, there are 2 types of swimsuits for women. The 1 piece and 2 piece (aka bikini). To be honest, I'm convinced Hashinshin is just doing pointless content for the extra money. When it comes to sexualization, pool party and heartseeker themes should be completely out of the question because they are not even the case. This guy needs a real job. I wonder if he even finished college. Also, look at varus...No PANTS whatsoever. Hahahahahahahaha
Yeah, the other day on LS' stream we were discussing wether hashinshin was an act; a character or was him irl. There were some times when he said absurd shit and then grinned, and we started conspiracing he knows what he says is completely wrong but it gets him views and followers so he rolls with it
Boolhya (EUW)
That moment when wearing a normal bra-and-panties swimsuit in a summer skin is sexualizing a female character
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: Ahri's Japanese Voice death is all you need.
Taric's japanese voice death is all you need
King Lego (EUNE)
: Seriously? Hashinshin? About sexualization?!?
Heartseeker and pool party should be revealing you dumbass, look at the male characters that wear those too and say to me they arent sexualized aswell hashinshin back at it again complaining about everything -_- and btw, mahou shoujo themed shit always wears revealing outfits EDIT: i find it funny the way he complains so much about pool party. Srsly, what do girls wear when they go to a pool party? Grandma's swimsuit?
: could you like ... fix the launcher ? MAYBE ? hmm ? ...
the one i love the most is the launcher kicking me from the game, 3 mins past, i reconnect, win the game, still lose 20 LP and get a leaver buster :^)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kamille W,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=vodiXwQi,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-10T09:01:59.034+0000) > > "Only fools pledge life to honor." {{champion:91}} omg this will never end
''Honor is in the heart, not the name.'' {{champion:157}}
: why can't we honor more then 1 player?
And honor enemies {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Hashin needs to stop. His meta idea's and anti gameplay is cancer. I like my large busted females,
There is also a viewerbase dedicated to him for his ironic value too. I watch his videos to give a good laught
: Is this average KDA good or bad?
Well since its bronze, i guess you're doing well on not dying much but to ask for tips based off kda wont get you many
: I like how the one game you describe as "cool" was the one where you basically stomped your opponents. You realize that for every "cool" game you have, someone else on the opposing team has the exact same problem wih matchmaking you're complaining about right now? Over the course of several games, the effects of trolls, afkers and whatnot will level out across both teams. So if you consistently perform better than the people around you, you will climb. The problem here is consistency. A lot of low elo players have high ceilings, but carrying hard in 1 out of 10 games is not enough to climb. Also, 2/5 isn't that abysmal a record.
I think everyone was cool is meaning nobody blamed or flamed eachother
: 5 ranked games, lost 3 out of 5. Guess why
Well i managed to win 4/14, i fed 2 of those games but the rest of them some lane got hard shit on and pressed advantage on another lane and we had basically 2 useless people
: I want dominion!
Riot's logic ->players play dominion a lot ->riot is lazy and focuses only on summoner's rift -> doesnt give dominion any updates on map/items/ never apeared in the patchnotes -> players start to play it less, because it doesnt get any updates from riot ->instead of updating it, removes it, because not many people play it {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
AiFted (EUW)
: I loved the old dominion map, you could build champions offmeta and have fun with full onhit ezreal etc <3. I miss old dominion atleast i got the icon
i was 10 games short for the icon RIP
YoniBony (EUNE)
: I want 100 vs 100 game mode on 10 times bigger map than Summoner's Rift, where everybody starts with max Gold in the pockets and 18 level. With random spawn on the map after death, no time penalty after death and the match will have limited time of 10 min.
: Trigger words
i dont like when the enemy zed thinks he is good because he 100-0ed me (even missing all his Qs) and types ''?'' oh that pisses me off
: Are Macros Allowed?
1 key 1 spell yes 1 key multiple spells i'd have to chekc
Lari (EUNE)
: Get Level 3 on a champ to be able to play in ranked game.
also disdable yasuo for your team if he is mastery 7 mastery 7 yasuos always feed
: What if i tell you...
...and other jokes you can tell yourself
: I want to lick Phreak's hand
ah, i see you're a man of culture aswell
M4rmot (EUNE)
: Yeah it is for me the real shit because it changed the meta the way only playable adcs are mf, luc, draven, and beside them are some nonmarksmen champs like yas vlad and basicially everything. And even if my performance is good in the game i dont really impact a game. On bot we were playing marksmen like 5 years or more and now the efficient way to play on bot is to play this 3adcs and other champs.
Then think _how gratefull you were_for botlane meta not changing in 5 years, rather than _how unlucky you are_ that it changes once in a lifetime
ChrisOmatic (EUNE)
: New Ranked Music?
honestly this one was a %%%%ing masterpiece
Kitill007 (EUW)
: Pre Paid cards RP problem (my 20e ;-;)
you probably are on the reedeem codes like free skins for ali and trist, not the rp code one
Jokes on yall, after playing against my 493rd fizz this week i decided to go play battlerite for a while
Reichs (EUNE)
: How to turn off chat filter on boards?
im not offended if someone says a ''bad'' word on the internet, i'd like to aswell
: And how would you know how queue times are in diamond elo?
well, you just told me?
: No thanks, get me out. I don't want any more 27 min mid-diamond ELO queue times. You had your fun, now lemme play the game.
thats not because of urf thats because people are done with everybody oneshotting everybody
: kills give too little experience
: they can change lethality to armor penetration as well... why we have boots for magic penetration and dont have boots for armor pen. or something like that?
because there is something called lethality that doesnt exist in mages
M4rmot (EUNE)
: ADCs
top mid and jung meta changes every half an year: i sleep botlane meta changes once in 5 years: **REAL SHIT**
: HOW TO PLAY KASSADIN | 79% Win Rate Diamond Commentary | Cosmic Reaver K...
Lari (EUNE)
: When Leagues is on drugs!
well volibear jungle is played less than zed top, yet zed doesnt apear at top (or something similar). Think of it more like youtube's recomendations instead of actual stats
: So? Even if that was true, doesn't mean there are subjective facts. All that it means is that whatever the statement is it wouldn't be an actual fact.
by subjective facts, i was trying to ridicularize the people that say ''aatrox's rework is bad'' and find that to be the gosphel truth
DJultra14 (EUW)
: Looking for a teammate to play with B2-S2
: That is what league of legends needs
oh no, korean casters are SO much more entertaining
: League of memories?
sounds like fake, it probably was just old footage
: We don't have a Noxian support
swain support is strong, and was even when marksmen were the rule. Whats the noxian marksman tho?
fawkes (EUNE)
: Is platinum new bronze?
everybody says plat is worse than bronze, i lost all my motivation to climb honestly^^
: How tf do I escape Bronze 5
We can duo, add Dota2 é pior
: Stop overdoing your champion's lore Riot
Mordekaiser is one of the top 10 most scary champions acording to lore Useless in game Because everybody has a dash
Saibbo (EUW)
: The main problem of URF was that you could chose the champion you wanted to play {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Brokenhz (EUW)
: Plz bigger punishment for afk/ragequit/negative attitude???
What if my internet decides to shutdown for no reason.
Leyruh (EUW)
: What Champions did you try out in Botlane since the ADC Nerf?
Remember Xerath Lux? I wish someone did. It'd be the perfect time to do it
: You realise most of the threads that say that he is bad get downvoted...
You realise that they dont
: There are no subjective facts. There are just facts.
X is BAD is a fact? Excuse me in what world is BAD not subjective
: -7, hot already?
Obviously, i was taking the position of those who actually like the new aatrox Which is the unpopular opinion Which will get downvoted by the mob You all are just proving my point sweethearts <3
Damzthe15 (EUW)
: How Much Data To Install League from Scratch?
9.47 GB on mine. I formatted pc recently too, so your number should be close to that.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Paper1 (EUW)
: Near impossible to climb
the thing that annoys me more are those righteous nibbas that go like ''Veigar doesnt deserve to win, im going to intentional feed''. ...
: Can We Talk about League?
ayy why are 2 exact same posts reponst into the void you go
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