: Don't max W anymore. He's pretty strong right now, but W max isn't needed
i obviously dont max W first, it make non sense to max it you can keep it lvl 1 all game it would make any difference you can see my builds at opgg or anything else, i'm dia 3 now, dropped from dia 2 after rework
neskua (EUW)
: Rammus taunt
and revert the rework please. this kit make non sense and make him completely useless. now he have 2 choises : go in and die , and go in and die the rework of is w made him the most squishy champ ever. and lategame they have last wisper /void staff so it dont matter.
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neskua (EUW)
: Aatox sterak gage
it have the same bug for the tooltip of sterak gage when you bought many times the item, it always give 29 ad
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