: Wtf this Eune gold?
Yeath this season is very bad. Full of boosted iron 4 players, 0/5/0yasuo gets 2 items kills all, same adcs melts tanks like nothing. Jng farms 20 mins 0 ganks or in 20 nims go 0/10/2. Nobody put wards. Its me or player this season is very bad
Hopy (EUW)
: Resources for learning jungle
Huzzygames - u can learn many things from himnin any position
: Two things mate 1) No offense taken, don't worry and 2) 2 minions average? where did you get the info from if I may ask -.o?
https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Shadow+hunter+47 Your stats!
: Thinking of giving up ranked...
Man work on your farming skills because 2minions average is very bad, its bad even in bronze( no ofense).
GrisEric (EUW)
: Ranked solo/duo
Its normal, last season i had 18w in row and than 25loses in row, system just holding you 50-60% winrate, u need u carry hard solo to win games what is intended to lose!
: League is getting worse and becoming unplayeable
Agree with 1st, i had that isue load to 100% ms was 25-60 and after 5 min i whent back to lobby and i was leaver. One free lose for me😔
jackaNL (EUW)
I started this season s4 to and now I'm s1, best positions to climb is support and jungle, because if u play mid adc and get fed your team don't protect u and u still lose. If u play top u have low impact to game early and bot, mid will feed and u can't carry them. All games are winnable if players play like team and don't go 1vs5. This season I had so many games lost of that.
: which rework do you think is the biggest failure
Galio before he was way more better{{champion:3}}
Chizzzus (EUW)
: 35 chests and 0 keys
I have 27 keys and 0chests😔, have chests for 75% of my champs
Djedo (EUNE)
: Should Nasus get nerfed (possibly reworked)?
Don't push against nasus, freeze lane. And it's free lane!
radetari (EUNE)
: U wanna see the worst match history ever?
I don't get it, what is bad in your mach history, u have only 7loses in row. Early in season I had 23 game losing streak went from s2 to s5 0lp and in mid season I had 25 games losing streak went from s1 promos to s5 0lp, so it can be worse. Good luck to get some good winning streak😊
Aikki (EUW)
: ''Hey, the base is open and they're all dead. We can end easily.''
70% my games:( + farm jng with full build, and dont help end game!
: Silver V asks for help
Add me in game, newshadown! We can play some games together!


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