: Yes, I reported them. I also muted them halfway through the game but apparently this doesn't matter in the end screen so I still got to read their messages after the game...
You know you can leave post game screen right? Jesus christ stop being such a drama queen. Everyone is offended by everything in these times. Not saying their behaviour is ok, and they will be punished for you, but you know god damn well how toxic this community is, and since you are level 42 it definately wasn't your first encounter with it. Mute>report>move on. After all, who gives a damn about what some random people sh*t talk.
Lea Flamma (EUNE)
: Performance ranking system - Just what?
30 mins game, 2.4cs/min, and even though her kda is good, I find this hardly believable that she got an S+. Well I mean if she did, it was clearly some kind of glitch. Because with that damage dealt and KP of 21% is definately not possible to get s+ as xayah, never mind cs alone. You should've did screenshot and reported this as a bug. And for your part, you have 37% KP, which is extremely low for a support, that was the main thing that stopped you from getting S. P.S. looking at your match history, you should roam more I guess, because in majority of your games you are not involved enough. As a support your KP should be way higher. :)
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Keitra (EUNE)
: so you think I don't understand how the game works? am I right?
If you are silver, you clearly don't understand how game works, and don't evaluate situations properly. Shit teams happens in every elo, (well okay, maybe not master/challengers). Starting looking at what you do wrong , not others, then maybe, and only maybe you will get somewhere
Mada (EUW)
: Vegetable related lol skins
Damn Vegans, now attacking league :/
: Cassio can't buy boots but Vel koz can!!!
How does boots help for corki? How can ignite hurt brand? How can cassio ult turn malphite into rock?
: 3v3 - LF Plat/dia elo players
You playing hyper or jungle meta? What's your elo?
: to play with bronze if you are Diamond and stuff..
and why? why would you ruin people that are in bronze games. Go and play normals, to play with lower players
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Vashtrall (EUW)
: Refrain from making other people lose games and go do something else.
You wanna play seriously and go tryhard, why don't go rankeds then? I don't understand people flaming in normals at all. I never ever play my main champion or roles in normals, because I wanna try new stuff, and for most part that doesn't go well, since Im still not super familliar with mechanics of champions.
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Ammie (EUW)
: leveling smurf account
I find myself sometimes chilling in normals as well, even though it's lvl 30, but if you want to add me up, go for it :) IGN: noisiveht
42069I (EUW)
: Help needed
Only males/females allowed, I heard that there is over 70 genders now based on your mood. *TRIGGERED*
: The "low elo"(lower levels) of ARAM games are in a ridiculous state.
I agree that this is a problem, because it's basically cheating a game, and presenting more opportunities for more toxic players just not to give a damn about perma ban. But how would you suggest to fix it? How system is supposed to detect that it's not a human just playing chill terrible game. 3rd party programs are already permanently banable offense, but I guess they are not so easily trackable
Bogity (EUNE)
: Early surrender (15 min to 19:59) all must agree.
It doesnt say for enemy team how many votes were for/against if surrender is not triggered. Seems like very unusual bug.
0tx (EUW)
: how do you guys stay positive/motivated?
When I don't feel motivated, and feel my myself for most time frustrated or getting tilted, I just take a break, sometimes it's few weeks, sometimes it's few months, and when I feel urge to play again, I comeback. Picking back up is quite easy, since it's like driving bicycle, couple days and I'm back on track. And I feel that I can enjoy game a lot more again.
: I also haven't played 3v3 for a while so if he is pretty much only popular there then it's highly likely I wouldn't run into many of them. He is still unpopular in SR... due to him struggling to get stuff done when not fed and getting outclassed by other top laners... and ARAM is well random and he is frequently rerolled.... So it is rare to see him outside of the treeline.
I do play him in Solo Q as well, he is strong laner, not the best tp user tho. It's not hard to play him from behind, and he doesnt need kills to be effective. Ofc he is not as popular as Fiora or smth like that, but don't underestimate power of demacia :)
: Tbh garen is a rare champion to see... I haven't seen him outside of ARAM in well over a year and even in ARAM most people reroll him. But for a juggernaut he is very good at ARAM... free warmogs and some nice AoE damage with an execute... for someone with no ranged poke so long as you survive the day game you are gonna be golden.
He is considered godtier in 3v3 jungle meta. I myself have over 60 games with him this season and 70+% win ratio. He is very strong after his new W. P.S. Mostly played him in 3's, Dia 5 elo, so not exactly playing vs low elo players
: Please tell me if this is worth a permanent ban
Jesus christ, how do you have time to play game when typing so much? You lost not because "ks" (this thing shouldnt even exist in you vocabulary), you lost because you were flaming and typing so much. You lose so much cs, xp, pressure in this fast paced game. Was enough to read first game half chat and this is definately restriction worthy. Nobody gets perma banned instantly, so it's because of repeatable offenses
Zaichis (EUW)
: There are ways to get skins which only you can see
> [{quoted}](name=Zaichis,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=32982BVE,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2017-07-26T02:05:38.419+0000) > > There are ways to get skins which only you can see Using 3rd party programs is not permited, and is bannable offense. + as people already said, getting lvl 7 is easy. I got it on talon, ezreal even though I rarely play those champs, and they are not even my main lane
sulfie (EUNE)
: Chogath, where is the counterplay?
Anyone with %dmg works very well. I enjoy "Garening" him, since ult does %dmg of missing health
: I don't like 3vs3 Ranked anymore
I mean, I'm far from your rank,just trying to scratch surface of diamond now, I did play with team 2 seasons ago. And not exactly sure what's the concern, you can go with your team, and you will get same experience (as far as I know if you go as 3, you get matched against 3). Of course when going solo, as you're saying it's a bit clown fiesta. But I quite like the new flex, just because you can go as duo as well, and don't need to wait for full team. Don't know if I'm explaining myself well enough, but before you could't play without team, so why leave them behind now? :)
vauGhn (EUNE)
: Low LP gain?
I had same thing yesterday and day before in EUW, 3v3 Q. One game I was getting 30/32lp, then next one 10-14. Loss usually at 17~, so was kinda getting pissed, when needed few times 20points till series, and was sure Im getting them, and then bam 10lp
jamey615 (EUW)
: Ranked
so does 3v3, lol
MasterHV (EUW)
: Rewards of Honor
There is simple solution for that - git gud. Honestly, to get S you don't need much, i've gotten a lot with champs I barely touch in things like normals or aram, where people usually test out things. You dont even need to have good kda to get S, farm+objectives+kill participation is probably most important. And not sure if warding and killing wards are included, but I do a lot of that too.
BobbyB103 (EUW)
: Kayn's strength atm
I believe he seems really weak now (at least from my perspective) because people haven't mastered it yet, and that's good. Because it's not really cool, when new champion comes out and after 2 games of tryouts people are already crushing everyone, even though they are playing champ wrong but it's so op. I believe he can be strong, but it's gonna take a bit of time for people to play him correctly.
noisiVehT (EUW)
: LF 3v3 flex
Up, looking for one more as an APC
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: Congrats buddy! Can't say I've experienced it as I got lucky with my first rank season with getting placed in Silver V. (phew) But I always hear about the struggles of getting out of bronze so it sounds a mighty feat to me. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
It's not that hard. As everyone is saying that they are better than their current elo..well they are wrong. You are where you supposed to be, everyone gets good and bad teams. Smurfs on the other hand sucks cocks, but it doesn't mean that you are still better than your current elo :)
FatErksike (EUNE)
: Silver, especially Silver V is more hell than bronze actually. In bronze I people actually try to win, because they want to get to Silver. But once you actually are Silver V, people think they're gods, don't pay attention and are overall worse than bronze players. Not saying it would happen to you, but 75% of people in Silver V are like that.
All elo after bronze thinks that they are gods. And when people say that they are in elo hell, it pretty much describes every single division till high diamond.
: Where have all the toxic players gone?
Unfortunately a lot of them are now in overwatch :(
noisiVehT (EUW)
: Lag spikes
This happens in EUW for me
noisiVehT (EUW)
: Lag spikes
Btw this is happening in Norway. ISP: nextgentel I'm getting so frustrated and it pisses me off very much.
: Patch 6.9 bug?
There is a lot of more bugs I see after 6.9 For example stucking into walls and having to flash out of them. Just played aram where we didn't had inhib and inner turret, but outter turret was still showing for me in mini map and visually. Wasn't acting like turret, was just standing there. Also lag spikes.
Rioter Comments
: What is CS?
Could be Challenger Series as well, depends on context.
If you are so toxic at level 19, please uninstall this game right now and leave this community for good. Thank you.
Zagzagg (EUNE)
: nerf fizz
Level 16. Don't worry, there will come time when you will learn how to play against him.
: Ultra Rapid Fire
Aldduren (EUW)
: For URF's next weekend, please rebalance ultra-mobile champions
Are you kidding? You honestly suggest nerfing champions because of stupid 2 day mode? I honestly don't even understand the hype about urf at all, but suggesting to nerf/buff champions? This is just too much. Game is oriented towards competetive play and rankeds, not some mode that is up for couple days to relax from said competetive play. It's not for tryharding
: 14 5-man premade games, 14 losses
So what do you suggest, letting 5 man premades go against solo-ers? Are you freaking nuts? Since teams were taken out of game, everyone plays dynamic q together now, as a team. How do you even suggest for matchmaking to know if you are just casual friends, or team?
: hi i was wordering if you can coach me i main top and im realy trying to climb higher elo my in game name is C00ker
Well, aren't you an archeologist? The post is 11 months old, and the guy played this game last time 7 months ago.
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