: man... for how DISGUSTING it is(and was) to play against shaco, he HAD to be below average in terms of power (and actually he was NOT weak, just specific team comps could make his presense miserable, but any champ can be countered like this), and did not need any buffs (i'd even say his lethality build even needed some nerf, cause he was 1shoting squishies way easier than rengar, khazix or zed)... for some reason he got a massive buff, that for some reason made him even stronger, and even more disgusting to play against... (really... why to buff both aspects of shaco... for a healthy gameplay he should have got a buff to power or disgust, at cost of nerf to the other side)...
shaco was definetly not viable before the buffs he was extremely weak and underplayed. The problem is they turned him into a lategame champion, that just doesnt work with his kit and the way shaco is supposed to function, also there are so much better jungle choices if you want to go for lategame it was just the wrong niche for him. Now with the nerfs he should be fine still annoying to play against but definetly not overpowered especially for people with enough brain to just buy pink wards.
: Shaco Nerf (Wut)
well they had to stop the insanely op jungle clear since he could do raptors with boxes only while he does red into krugs. This allowed him to gank bot with lvl3 while everyone was level 1 and it was extremely op. But ad shaco is actualy still fine just a bit worse clear but still viable.
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: I can prove everything I said, while he can't.
well you cant exactly proof it you can just say your opinion about it. Overall you do not get banned for griefing unless you are extremely high elo or challenger, these people are in riots focus but i am almost 100% sure there is no actual manual review system in place in this game, i also tried a few things and while griefing and inting wont get you punished at all writting things like %%% result in an almost instant restriction if you get reported (which is good). So overall riots current ban system allows griefing and inting but is realy sensitive to flaming and trashtalk. Sadly i think its hard to fix it since you cant manualy review it especialy since most people see having a bad game as inting and reviewing all these reports would never be possible, but leting a bot decide is also hard in these cases and might result in banning people for having a bad game.
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