Gromit (EUW)
: Grandmaster Support LF Clash/Team
Gromit (EUW)
: Masters Support LF Team
boosted account.. xD
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: >going for rank 1 fiddle mid That sounds promising {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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Asaph (EUW)
: Support lookiio speed way to gold
LF a booster please help
: +1 for flex silver/ gold
i need one 2.. same elo add: vosje27
: Team LF MID
still looking xD
: > [{quoted}](name=oEnoMous,realm=EUW,application-id=XkTi8002,discussion-id=ZNERqzwq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-07T18:36:33.329+0000) > > he removed me when i didn't answer him.. weird guy if u had spent the same effort being active in the team, as in trash talking in forums, maybe u wouldn't be removed
haha youre so weird xD.. was online that holw one day(ye team existed, for one day).. and btw u didn't respond on app or discord xD
: Serious Plat team LF Mid
he removed me when i didn't answer him.. weird guy
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: Serious team LF Plat jungle
he removes every one, if youre not react in 3 sec xD
: Constant lagspikes
got the same problem.. since last patch my fps and ping are perfect.. but i lagg once a few sec.. did alrdy reinstal or see what else iit could be,, but nothing works
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M D0t (EUW)
: Why main ziggs if you dont mind me asking ?
On every game ive played so far.. i only played mage classes.. And ziggs has anything i want in a mage type champ.. A bIg boom followed up with people melting.. sometimes if the matchup is unwinnable, its boring in early stage. but in late game, your dmg is the best of the game.. one shot turrets + carries..(who doesn;t like that) + cause he is not that hard to learn (main) he is rly good at learning mid lane (the game overall)
: im silver 2 im otp vel koz and im learning talon i need a 3rd pick is ziggs worth picking up as my 3rd champ? and do you build ad ap or both depending on the matchups? and what are your runes? if i am to pick him up <3 edit: not working the weekend so if i do pick him up ill be asking alot of questions ;)
Vel koz, is pretty mutch the same as ziggs.. only vel koz got a better burst from far.. ziggs on the other hand has better one shot aa (autoattack) at late game. Look comment below, on how i build him
Quinzley (EUNE)
: Does screaming religious chants associated with terrorism increase your damage output?
haha..It would be funny, if they made a skin.. terrorist ziggs + sounds efects
BaconTits (EUNE)
: Alright, instead of making new comments for every question, Imma just write all-in-one: -Don't you feel like you have a disadvantage when this mobility assassin meta is a thing again now? -Hardest lane for Ziggs? -Easiest lane for Ziggs? -Lich Bane or No Lich Bane? -Do you think Ziggs need a buff, if yes, how so? -What is your core build and how do you build Ziggs is there are too many tanks in the enemy? -Why do you think your main has such low popularity?
agains assasins.. try to fast push him.. and let him deal with the pressure. Hardest lane hmm must say yasuo.. but thats personal.. his E :( Easiest are the mid ranged mages.. swain ryze twisted veigar etc buff: he is fine atm.. strong points are deffinitly his pressure i build lich bane most of the time.. it will one shot adc's late game achrangel staff-morrelo-deathcap-lich bane in that order most of the time.. agains tanks arch-liandry-deathcap-lichbane Ziggs is not flashy as some champs.. but if u wanne do ALOT of dmg he is the guy for tha job
BaconTits (EUNE)
: Don't you feel like that your main is just a weaker Xerath?
The clear when u getting siege is pretty mutch the same.. but if your on the siege, its alot of diff.. where as xer is just a ignoing poker,, ziggs 2 shots turrets.. also, i found ziggs better in close combats... if xeraths miss his E, u getting destroyed by every assasin.. Ziggs in close combat is a bit better duo his mine field, autoattack proc..
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sAyCo (EUNE)
: Looking for a people to play Ranked. Eune.
i guess u mis the point my son.. In my opinion and i think others, your nvr gonna be high skilled(so weird that u saying it), cause i rate only 3-4 players in the world to be very high skilled: faker, khan, dopa. And why would u say that over yourself..when says your ladderrank is: 628,975 (north europa) people will judge u on that alone.. noone can see your hidden mmr of normals.. So normals doesn't count... for example if i only play agains bots but nvr do rankend...i begin to feel like a faker.. And i think thats your problem atm.. people trolls 1.000.000 more in normals, so if your going serieus in those matches its not rly a way to see if your good or not.. And one last thing, try to be humble in this life.. it will suit you ;) I would say my english is pretty bad..
Malleifu (EUW)
: lf friend
why does this, makes me cry :'(
: why am i suddely getting bad teammates
the game has so mutch more into then just gank every lane.. main thing of this game, what u do with that kill (pressure). And focus only on your self.. hate for others wont make u improve at all
oEnoMous (EUW)
: LF diamond top flex for tonight
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iSneez (EUNE)
: What you guys talking about, even the bonus damage its removed you can still farm with E and push lane. Also I think E was better to harass the enemy then to farm with it. I am happy about the ultimate Cd reduction because was kinda silly before, so long Cd even late game.
ultimate is lowered and thats a rly good thing.. early game is way to bad, to punish enemies.. so plan of middstick was E the $#%@ out of minnions push and wait for lvl 6 ^^.. but now he got punished by everyone (on mid)
: Ye I am in same boat, Fiddlestick was my only option if I got forced to go mid, now that is gone ;_; Guess I will make doe to Aurlian sol
i feel for ya my brother :(
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MRC Sebbx (EUW)
: D3+(S7) 5v5team looking for a dedicated top and midlaner(EUW)!
: you are so annoying dont you have anything better to do?
this account was unranked: s1, s2, s3, s4, s5 And diamond in s6 platinum season s7 Its fine if someone is not challenger.. GL finding
: You were not the one we are looking for.
googled challenger hit.. and u get one of those pics ;)
Joepie (EUW)
: [NL] Made in Korea | Looking for gold+ Players
ye i asked him on what account he was challenger.. and suddenly he removes me xD. after that i make a replay to this post and they removed it also haha
: Made In Korea (asian) Dutch origin NL
Zyzz your mirin.. said to me he was challenger xD.. after i said he lied he unfriend me.. what a puss ( i love u)
: Looking for a champion te main... advice?
dont look on what spot the champs are. just enjoy playing them.. i main, fiddle mid on high diamond lvl.. i love his suprise element, with high dmg and cc.. And dont get me starting about his E.. its a game so just have funn.. and the rest will follow.
Dovrre (EUNE)
: fiddelsticks
fiddle main mid diamond here ^^.. he is so easy to counter but noone knows xD
JayLeet (EUW)
: Silver ELO is really hell
Pick 1 carry jungler, And always pick that 1 champ, Mute everyone always, Learn about what u did good and bad every game, And climb the ladder my friend.. its that simple, and btw if u think that only happens in silver your wrong.. it happens from bronze till challenger ;).. and i know that
: Tanks are unbalanced and the armor penetration in the game is not enough.
in my experience.. low elo players got a bigg problem on tanks and why is that ? Tanks are easiest to play.. mechanics and abilities... U have to be alot better in order to counter it.. Tanks can go brainless, where as people that are playing glasscanon needs to do everything right in order to get a kill on those tanks.. And let me tell u atm tanks are pretty bad ;).. why i know that Check LCK, lcs or what ever pro league.. I dont see mao-sej-mundo-yorick-darius-nasus or who ever u guys think are op. and i dont have a problem with them aswel (not that im good or anything). top meta is atm: gnar, camille, gp most of the time jungle meta is: j4, camille,jax,
MillzUk (EUW)
: Top lane - When do i play who.
it all depends on what support and jungle picks.. Most of the time u cant go wrong on gnar-camille now adays.. illaoi-nasus got the same playstyle, splitpushing and only comes in team fight for the bigg objective's.. Or if u play the doggs just afk farm till your an unstopable force. where as kennen is good for the engage(most of the time flash ult-protobelt).. Gnar and camille are the shotcall gods of the toplane.. they can do both rly rly well...splitpush, teamengage..
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