: Ban system suck : is this behaviour acceptable in ranked game ?
i post it and send to support and they do nothing, i will troll my games after it for ever lol , trollers always win
: Is this elo hell?
aaaaa brooo when i started playing lol i learnt how to play evelynn from your youtube channel, you are alive ? was that u or that guy was in NA ? lol :O
Coxis (EUNE)
: Hey, I'm not saying your internet is bugged. :P It just might be that some ports may be blocked by your ISP. That's why I asked for it. So I'mma ask around. Btw, have you already tried to repair your game?
yes I repaired my game before 2 time (one time it automatically started full repair when game started , shoot me out and started repairing) and right now another time, I got another 30min ban -10 lp for dodging games, this will never be fixed
Coxis (EUNE)
: Hello oOŚhádówOo, What's your ISP and in what country?
hello im in Iran, and I changed my ISP 3 times , Shatel , FanAva & SabaNet (SabaGostar Neda) and I always have this problem in game. my internet is 100% ok when this happens, nobody in home use this internet and its only me (even I turn off my mobile WiFi when I want play LoL and dont use any site or doing any download, still this happen sometimes)
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: It's Time to Thank Riot
rito is a bilioner company that i think dont pay any money for players


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