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Wadafaaak (EUW)
: If you have bad mmr you get bad teams, but with such a long losing streak many of them were probably winnable if you played differently. Try to figure out where you can improve and what you can do to increase winrate. e.g. play to not die instead of to get kills,focus on cs and objectives and not kills. There are many more concepts in this game one has to master.Even if you win laning phase everytime you can lose every time if you play midgame and endgame worse than everyone else. The garen who solo in endgame is just one of many other reasons why you lose. What are the other more subtle reasons? Good luck :)
Interesting. Im pretty inconsistent when it comes to decision making and stuff like that, i tend to make mistakes more than i should but it always seems like it doesn’t have any impact idk. Thanks!
: It amazes me that even after such huge losing streaks you still think its your Teams fault xD.
chech my match history, watch ALL the replays, then you tell me who is at fault.
: Sadly silver games are unpredictable even if u have a good start since most have really poor macro and decision making.
E X A C T L Y ! By the 20th minute we already had the game finished, but...
Wadafaaak (EUW)
: My tip is don't flame your team and they won't play like monkeys. Enjoy.
If you actually read the whole text you’d know that I actually encourage my team that every game is winnable and that they can do it.
: > i lost around 25. Out of those 25 lets say that 5 of them were actually my fault where i just played terribly, no CS, no kills, no assists, no objectives, nothing. 5 players in team, 25 games... So all had 5 bad games like you. Look balanced for me. Have a nice day. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Going from s1 to s3, 7-8-9-10 game loss streaks, thats balanced to you? K
: First of all welcome back Bud. It's kinda hard to rebalance everything, since it would be highly abusable. Lots of people are complaining why do i lose LP if i constantly have aflers in my team? Imagine how abusable would this be if you are playing duo with a friend or whatever. Anyways, i completly agree with you, they didnt do anything about this problem. However, in those 25 game you HAD to encounter at least 1 game where enemy team had an afk aswell, I mean it doesnt happen to my team 100% right?
Thanks! I can’t recall, but im 95% sure that there were. Right now I’ve BARELY won a game and they had 4 players lol, it was so close i think that 1 minion could’ve decided the game. Im not even mad at AFK/rage quitters, i used to rage quit back in the day, im more mad at people who wont/dont listen to the team, thats what kills me... Ive mentioned this to some support tech guys and maybe in a discussion, the way the game evolved is trulz amazing, im not hating on it or something, im praising it actually, but the ranked/punishment system is still way too flawed considering that we are almost 10 years deep in league. Thanks again!
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Venσm (EUW)
: I usually go Triforce, black cleaver, essence reaver, etc. The augment that makes your windshit return The two that buffs your ult, and the last one I don't remember - something with his Q.
Windshit lol. Thanks man, ill try it out!
Venσm (EUW)
: Going 5 Yasuo's with the correct augments can be pretty helpful. All the tornadoes provides a lot of CC and healing if used correctly.
Which augments exactly? There are a bunch of them.. Also, what to build on yas? I tend to go for life steal cause it makes sense, but its hard to survive the first round only having berserka and botrk
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Looking at those two matches, neither one was lost just because of the jungler. In the Ekko match, MF was flat out inting, at least Kindred had positive KDA. In the Ahri match, your whole team was garbage. In both matches, you weren't doing badly - but your opponent was ahead of you when the match ended. Were you outroamed?
In the ekko match I wasn’t that good either, low CS (which is something I’m not good at), MF was absolutely atrocious, i regret for not reporting her... But, after the team fight near our base where we won and actually had the chance to turn around the game and win, kindred and/or someone else wanted kills more than the game which is sad. I don’t remember that Ahri game too much, i think i was the only one witht a positive KD ratio, top was terribleand i think my jungler Graves (?) was also pretty bad. It’s possible we were outroamed, just last game, I’ve played kayle top and helped mid a few times which really helped us win the game even though we were winning anyways. Thanks for paying attention and helping!
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Lynxmetal (EUW)
: I made a post about pretty much this exact thing a wee while back, I had been out of the game for about 10 months but seemingly if you're away for longer then a few minutes that's what happens now. It's an absolute crock of sh*te. Especially if you're already winning a game, you get some sort of problem that is BEYOND YOUR CONTROL but you come back as soon as you can and carry on, but you still lose lp at the end, it kind of makes coming back feel slightly worthless. I know it's a team game and your teammates don't deserve to lose lp because you've had a net problem but it's still so frustrating. I feel you man </3
The most perfect comment. It’s exactly what happened, thefunny thing is tho, if i won that game i would either have 90+ LP or just enoguh to start my promos, but instead, im at 17 LP, a loss away from demoting... thanks!
Saibbo (EUW)
: >and some fanboy will explain to you why. Well you like afks in your games? even if dc for couple of mins? especially in ranked? Can't help it, may have been a random DC and the dude can't do anything about that but riot first can't tell who RQ or DC and still both cases sucks for the team to be 4vs5 and they always complain on the board and reddit every time happens to have afks/troll/inters..
Yeah, couldn’t do a thing about it, i did all i could to get it back up, so getting back 3-4 mins after DCing is pretty good considering what couldve happened...
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: >Is there going to be a hextech crafting remake? Zed is by far my favorite champion, but after chasing the S rank just to get the hextech chest, I’ve found myself barely playing him or even playing mid lane, which is my favorite lane to play. Basically, im more focused on getting the chest, rather than playing the champs and lanes i like lol. Best way to look at it is to think of the chest as an extra treat! There's no point focusing purely on it, as this will turn it into a grind rather than a nice surprise. >Btw, I haven’t started ranked yet, I’ve noticed the new feature where you can pick 2 lanes to play, in theory it sounds amazing, probably the beat thing to happen in ranked since the beginnig, but how well does it work? Do people still int or troll if they dont get the role they wanted? Also what is autofill? I understand the word but in ranked what is it? It's also available in normal draft. The run down of how it works is: In the lobby, you get to choose a primary and a secondary role. If there is a specific role that is lacking a lot of people choosing it, autofill will be live (I'll come back to this in a moment). The matchmaking system will first try to put you in a group where you have your primary role. If this is taking too long, it will start looking for groups with your secondary role available. If both your choices are ones that groups simply do not need, then autofill will activate to avoid you sitting in queue for 20 minutes, and assign you to another role. If you auto-fill a game, or play support for a game, you are immune from being auto-filled for your next two games, and the system will try to give you a slight priority on assigning you to a group. You're also immune to auto-fill if you're in a promotional series. Hopefully that helps!
Aaahhhhhhh ok yea now i understand, thank you very much! Btw, nice way of explaining everything! Thanks!
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Smerk (EUW)
: 200 tokens is the maximum you can get for completing missions during event, technically it is 210 if you count extra mission we got as compensation, you won't get any additional tokens.
Ooooohhh damn ok, thanks man!
Smerk (EUW)
: > After the event, you must complete one final mission by July 23, 2018 at 7:59 CET to receive an icon commemorating the VS 2018 victor. If you chose the winning God-King, you’ll also earn 1000 Blue Essence. Seems like there should be another mission to get final reward
Oooh, yeah i see, do we also receive 200 tokens as a reward or..? I think I’ve seen that somewhere...thanks by the way!
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