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: Is this interaction legit?
This is NOT a bug. This was an intentional change done by Riot during Patch 3.13. Check the In-Game Mechanics section. URL: The likely reason you don't know this is because you had either started playing during this time, or right after it. The reasoning behind this change was to make all slows consistent as debuffs so they could be removed with the appropriate item or abilities. Side effects of this became Frozen Heart+Liandry's interactions. Other interactions came later as the seasons went by, and new items and masteries were introduced or reworked. If you really need to test this out, then start playing champs with Frozen Heart and Liandrys Torment in practice tool. Please note that the Cold Steel passive only works when you are struck in combat. So unless you had a mate helping you test it out in practice tool by attacking you, those tests were meaningless. Since attack speed debuff counts as movement impairment , Thornmail applying Stoneborn rune (upon being autoattacked by enemy) is justified. Grievous Wounds have nothing to do with movement debuff so no idea what is being talked about there. To test with Rammus W , equip him with atleast a Frozen Heart or Cold Steel item, and then attack him. You can not do that alone. Hope this helps.
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omg I cant pause

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