: You can't lose honor rewards or get banned due to AFKing. You will be put in a low priority queue for 5 or 10 games, in which you'll have to wait 20 minutes or so, before being allowed to play. That's all. You can't be punished for AFK.
: > First I want to know how much time disconnected will consider as afk?? Basically every second. You have to exceed a certain amount (or percentage) of afk time across multiple matches to get punished. So there isn't a specific time from which on you are afk. You basically collect "afk points" whenever you are afk. If you collect too much, you get punished. > My wifi just broken Then don't play a game that requires a stable connection. You might not leave intentionally, but you intentionally play League despite knowing that you will most likely disconnect. That is pretty much the same thing, because in both cases you just accept and ignore the consequences for your teammates. That's why both is punished. > it discourage people to play it That is kind of the point. If your internet doesn't allow you to play without risking your teammates fun, you SHOULD feel discouraged to play. League requires stable internet. It's a minimum requirement, exactly like requirement for RAM, CPU or GPU. It sounds harsh, but if you don't fulfill those requirements you simply can't play. Exactly like in all other games. About the question in the title: a) Due to what I explained at the beginning, the difference doesn't matter, there is no need to distinguish. b) Even if Riot would want to distinguish, they couldn't. Losing the connection is the same thing as just pulling the plug. Everyone would be able to leave intentionally and pretend it wasn't intentional.
Your reply maybe answer my questions, so that's why you have the Senior Emissary title, but I think you are a bit toxic that put all the fault on my side. First, LoL is a free game for all people who have a computer, no matter PC or laptop. Its requirements should allow most of them to play it, I use a PC that come out these few years so what you said about CPU RAM blablabla is not a things matter on me. Second, not all players buy the most expensive plan of wifi, and usually it is dead without sign, my wifi gives around 100 ping and still dead in rare cases, so don't tell me its my fault, say to the router. And for the way to distinguish leavers, there should still some ways to sort it out, they may click the close client buttons, or click somewhere to disconnect, if it can be track it may possible to find them out. Anyway if its impossible I hope them calculate it carefully an try not to catch the wrong person. By the way, you are toxic in making reply and I hope you understand some of the bug report include rage of being pissed in game, they may seem bad in post but give them a warm reply may cool them down and make less bad players in lol, and suit you title. :p hope you not pissed XDDD
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: No because then you can just force close league and make it look like a crash instead of going afk.
So just close league and not log in until the game end? then it will not consider as afk?
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