Br0nnie (EUW)
: Why don't you just "/mute all" command in chat at the beginning of the game?
why i should think about mute all or commands before i start every single game ? instead of having an option in the client to disable it ??
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: because Riot dosn't encourage the silent , or playing a game where everyone dosn't speak at all , where is no communication or no one can read what others have to say if they speaking decent and good. Also there isn't about abstinence this game , is not like you should abstinence to be toxic throught using chat disable or mute all , you just should manage your angryness and nervs when someone insults you or others , or play bad and troill , what ever they do you have no buisness to become what they are... , just stay out of that and i guarantee you will not even have anymore problems even using chat , you no need to take anyone in charge if he was idiot and run into enemy and died , just use report function which you have and that's all , no need to rush for report x ,as 1 report is enought , and more than this is useless to anyway use chat and do stuffs like this , instead you win more if you use it to make tactics , be nice encourage players to ignore flame and to do them best ... , is more likely you will see more good players come backs and starting to be usefull if you talk nice to them ,or making friendship with them for 15-40 minuts how long games takes ,or even more if you become friends.
they dont encourage the silent, but they encourage the toxicty, by giving all the players the chance to write what ever they want, why i have to see some1 telling me that he wish cancer to me and my family then after that i mute him !!! why i have to see it from the beging !!! i would prefer not to read that than reading it then mute and i think pings is more usefull than writing and more than enough to communicate . and remember that i mentioned that its an option so u can enable or disable it .
: League of legends rules foment more toxicity than helps it stop
if everyone report the 9 players in every game, they will fix thier stupid system !!! otherwise they dont care if u lose ur account and thats why the game is dying so hard .
RazerX (EUW)
: It's a team game with competition without actually being a team and having good communication. Toxicity is a natural result. There's nothing RIOT can do about it. It is the essence of the game.
yes they do !!!! they ban you if u ask that 2/18 player before 10 minutes to stop feeding XD
: Does this game purposely make you lose or something??
its so simple my friend, the match making system is so f***n bad, its the worst thing about this game, dont believe thier lies about how fair it is or how they use the MMR to put balanced teams ! and btw they dont care about fixing it or care about ur effort or ur time or ur money u spend on the game !!!! but they will go crazy and u will get banned if u told some1 to stop feeding cuz u CARE about ur game !! my advice to u (and im playing this game for more than 6 or 7 years), just quit this game and do not waste ur time and money on this game , just go play another game cuz this game is so toxic not because the players but because the system it self, the system encourge ppl to hate each others , to wish each others cancerr to wish each others get burned .... etc my advice again , JUST DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME ANYMORE
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R4ndom F1nn (EUNE)
: What is wrong with lol players in ranked?
its not about the players, its about riot and thier stupid match making system,for example they care so much if u ask some1 to stop feeding and there is a chance that u will get punish, but they dont give a F about making this game better.

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