Altiverse (EUNE)
: /Cries in a fancy gold border.
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GLurch (EUW)
: There'll be new missions appearing every week. ^^ You can read more about them here:
so no one has an orb or so yet? Thanks alot :)
: then ban lux too? and fiddlesticks :d
well they are pretty op there too, but I think Sona is the worst - I see fiddle etc losing frequently - they might have over 50% winrate there, but Sona has about 95 or so or at least it feels like it.
: Cheating in ARAM
I personally think that its good how it is, although one thing maybe - that you get the same champion pool for a quite long time. I have about 110 Champions, but mostly get the same 5-10 for an extreme long time till it changes again. But all in all I think its fine. Maybe ban Sona from ARAM. Because I almost never saw a Sona lose an ARAM game. She is too overpowered for that matchup.
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: Where can i report a support who refuse to come lane with Heal/Exhaust ?
what the f*ck, I really hope you wrote that sarcastic
Estayopid (EUW)
: Chaos Icon not being available for purchase
: How does one get hextech box?
Was it another gamemode? I also have an champ, I had an "S" with this season but it says highest grade "A". I thought that I got that S in a gamemode maybe. Riot removed that I think. I think you cant get "S" for chests etc anymore, when playing a gamemode. At least I didn't.
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