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the Roby (EUNE)
: BUG or what ???
Damn I'm not the only one. Have literally the exact same issue. Around 5 minutes into every single game I get disconnected and have to close the game and reconnect for it to get fixed. I don't have any issues for the remainder of the game. Such a bizzare bug. Are you using newest windows 1903?
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Shamose (EUW)
: > I almost have to ban him. Do it. It'll save you trouble. Or you'll just have to play Aftershock, Zhonya rush Lissandra every game.
Exactly the way I feel. Maybe I'm just bad but I've never had as much trouble playing against him as I do now.
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: That's odd. I'd say at least 80% of the time when I choose mid first I get mid. This counts for pretty much any role I pick. The same should work for you. Maybe you are really high elo like Dia I/Masters and they have queue issues so they shorten the time by giving you what's open first ... ? Still weird, I hope the changes will help you out^,^
It's low-mid platinum. I'll test playing 10 games after the patch with the hope they at least somewhat fixed it .
Smerk (EUW)
: Did you read patch notes? There's a little change that you'll definitely like
Well damn that was some perfect timing type s!@t lul. I hope it's true because I'm really losing my desire to play when I'm getting shafted in off role every game.
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