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: It was changed to only physical to push her out of the mid lane and into the top laner where she has better counters. So it’s less she can’t have the magic reduction and more it was a way to move her somewhere more healthy. And panth E is only from a single direction, think Braum shield... a mobile champion can easily outplay it, where as irelia W can’t be stopped by any means so there is less counter play.
Still, a lot of top laners deal magic damage, not only just ap champions. I wasnt asking for her to be invulnerable either way, I just wished she'd get her 50% magic damage reduction back. Also, removing her magic damage reduction to redirect her to toplane isnt a great idea at all, since she will have at least a magic damage dealer on the other team, which she will not have any defenses against in teamfights, unless she buys mr specifically for that champion who might not even be from her lane.
Rinart73 (EUW)
: Did Riot stop informing when reported player gets punished?
I've reported a player for really unacceptable hate speech (that absolutely NO ONE would say the thing he said openly on our streets) and I was really surprised with the fact that I didn't get a punishment notification after...I still wonder if those players actually get away with it...
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: Bro what do you mean XDDDDDD how does describing a game characters body shape mean im sexualizing her? I just said she had curvy thighs Lmfao
then simply say curvy thighs only. saying THICC is not the best way to describe a woman's features. I'm tired of watching 13 year olds on the internet saying that over and over. It's annoying.
: But again small people do exist... it’s really not uncommon for women to be 4 foot 5 when they are adults, her hight isn’t out of the ordinary. Proportions is a different matter but that would be an issue whether she is big or small... and it’s mostly her hips being too wide
I just thought increasing her size a little bit would make her more proportional (?) I guess. (of course adjusting her shapes a little bit)
: I can agree that irelia is THICCER. But rivens base model is older and smaller. Karma is a tall lass. Qiyana is a short girl with thicc thighs. Her model is perfect and won't be increased.
First of all, if youre going to sexualize an online game character just do it in private, nobody cares about the fact that they are "thicc", I'm talking about height and proportions.
: I mean not everyone is the same size... some people are just small. Again she is young, honestly I think about 13-15ish... taliyah is around 17-18, Annie is around 8. So hight wise she’s about right for her age.
Considering most women stop growing at age 15 she still looks really small, my problem with her being small is the fact that her body doesn't seem proportional for her height.
: she has a huge ass ring. increasing her size would increase the rings size too, which i don't think they want to do since it can lead to problems with her skillshots.
yeah, I've suspected that.
: Maybe because she isn’t an adult human... if I’ve read her lore right she is still a child or teenager, think taliyah age. So makes sense for her to be small
Yeah but even taliyah is much bigger than her, witch doesn't make sense to me at all.
: Most females in the game are short. I think her model size is perfect.
Irelia, Karma, Riven, they all are MUCH bigger than her.
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Shamose (EUW)
: Buffing ap ratios means nerfing base numbers which is bad for support lulu. So no. she doesn't need ap ratio buffs. She doesn't need buffs at all.
Im sorry for making yoou waste your time to awnser the dumbest comment ever. Ill just take it down.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bakasuzuya,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=4QwIOmEZ,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-10-20T09:29:03.244+0000) > > Lulu is a great utility and poke support > she has a big problem: her ap ratio on her q > When playing her mid, her q is her main source of damage. But it only has a 50% ap ratio Because she isn't supposed to be played mid. > though she has been played mid a lot lately, even in the lcs {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} *** I'm just going to name 3 champions: Soraka, Janna and Nami. Lulu - Q, 7 second cooldown, 260 base + 50% AP Soraka - Q, 5 second cooldown, 230 base + 35% AP Janna - W, 8 second cooldown, 235 base + 50% AP OR Q, 12 second cooldown, 265 base + 65% AP (fully charged) Nami - W, 10 second cooldown, 230 base + 50% AP Lulu is in a better position than all of those. If you want to buff one **support** to allow it to be played mid, then you need to buff every other similar support for the exact same reason.
Ok, ok I get it Im useless and that comment was the dumbest to be seen. Oh how i hate myself, didnt think about that. (Ill just take it down)
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