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: Actually, the only champion I can think of right away that won't be in stealth for a long time is Shaco. That's especially true after the harsh nerf to his early Q ranks duration. Twitch on the other hand can stay stealthed for a very, very long time. The main problem with stealthers imo is that most of them already have a strong kit, but they get stupid long/frequent stealth abilities on top of that.
Rengar stealth is around 14 seconds max rank due to 2 seconds being cut off by the fade in Twitch stealth needs nerf Eve stealth is long Shaco stealth short Teemo stealth is completely situational Khazix, Vayne stealth very short Honestly, Twitch stealth is incredibly, long (longer than rengars ultimate, and with far less cons) and gets a reset. Twitch's Q is completely out of line with the powerlevel of most other Q's or Stealth abilities in the game, and does need nerfs. You can't take twitch and use his stealth being overpowered to say all stealth is overpowered. You also can't say Rengar or Shaco have strong kits, all it takes is one small scan through their respective subreddits to see the majority of both communities pretty much feels the champs are gutted. Rengarmains is literally just a meme subforum now, literally almost no relevant conversation about the champ other than nostalgia about prerework.
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: Riot , pls do anything , i cant live my life because of this people
wait Someone tries to get you to click obvious scam link and you dont block them? You actually pay attention to the spammers? wew
: Hahahahah didn't think about that. Gonna try it rn!
anyone actually looking will see 5 players.
: I fell in love with League again. ٩(♡ε♡ )۶
SEE, this is how I used to feel about Rengar. I had the same problem, and Rengar was the solution. I quit lol after his rework and just post angry comments on boards and reddit because quitting league left me too much freetime.
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: Illegal bots are making my COOP games load for ages.
lol no, i'll keep running my dank bots on a vm 5 at a time with 2 gb ram lul this will level me up so fast kappa
: What I find annoying about it in soloQ is that the only counterplay of stealth just playing super safe forever. You have small windows where you can put agression on your lane if the stealth champ is visible/fighting on a different lane. But you can't carry or win your lane.. you can only play your lane even and farm. Playing good vs stealth makes games boring, unfun and harder to carry for an individual!
lol wut, checked ur match history, lo and behold ur here because u lost hard as adc against eve. The only time your complaint is really applicable is when either the stealth champ is your lane opponent or the jungler. The thing is, unless they are playing eve jungle, they simply wont be stealth forever, so you can't say you only have "small windows" because just like all other junglers you can predict their pathing. Furthermore I'd really expect anybody above mid gold to have deep wards in the enemy jungle, which pretty much nullifies any kind of "idk if they're there" advantage a stealth champ would have other than eve because the ward would let you know their pathing. WIth a bit of logic your complaint has turned to "Playing good vs eve makes games boring, unfun and harder to carry for an individual!" Funny though, you main %%%%ing Caitlyn. If that piece of shit doesnt make games boring, unfun and harder to carry for an individual then pigs can fly. To top it all off, you clearly DIDN'T play good vs that eve because you went 0/6, and you picked Lucian into Twitch so you didn't even deserve to win that. To top it off, you can't honestly call stealth OP when your midlane inted their jungler, the only reason you're bashing stealth rn on boards is because like all other adc mains on boards u had a bad game and want to cry about it. %%%% off.
: My view on scheduled ranked.
All normal game matchmaking needs to be changed so that you get matched based on your ranked mmr and not a separate normal game mmr. It would make more players play ranked and would make normal games actually have a purpose for anyone who wants to practice outside of ranked.
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: Is this flame?


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