Eveninn (EUW)
: There never really was a just free transfer. At the time when EU was split into EUW and EUNE, everyone playing at that time recieved a free Transfer. The reason should be quite obvious: everyone who got put into the wrong Server, or wanted to get to the other one due to friends, or for any other reason. Dealing with those one by one would be an insane Investment, so they just gave a free Transfer to EUW/EUNE to everyone affected by the split. This is the only thing connected to free transfers I can remember, so I'm afraid there most likely won't be one again.
every season they let 1 free transfer...thats how my friends went from eune to euw and to eune again. but i couldnt do that for second time :/
Eeten (EUW)
: they left you behind.
kinda :) But i get borred playing solo games and as far as I can see the season 6 will be all about playing with your friends
: I've got no idea why you would want to go back to EUNE, but meh, up to you. As a person who has lvl 30 accounts in both EUW and EUNE I have to admit EUNE is much more toxic, has a lot more afk players and trolls, but I play mainly on it just because of the champions I've unlocked, the few skins and the friends from my country that play here.
because all of my friends are on EUNE. And they used the free transfer to EUW and then back again to EUNE, and I could not go back
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