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: Bought RP, but I dont get items that I bought
Yea same i got the Pass the rp is gone but still have nothing :s
: I think you did the right thing just playing your asinged role. I would have done the same. Probably muting the Ezreal at the first offensive word. Don't get abused by trolls like him but also don't let yourself get sucked in to a war in the chat with them. Play your game. It would be interesting to know what role the system guessed for you after the game. At the end game lobby under your score there is your guessed role. I think you can't look at it afterwards but it would have been interesting. Anyways since the game put you on ADC and you tried to play that there was nothing bannable about that. The support could even look into the pre game lobby. What you said in the chat is obviously another thing.
i stayed pretty calm but that jungler kept accusing me of trolling lol even tho that ezreal had more deaths than me and our top laner was playing his lane but lost it hard and that jungler kept targeting me for no reason lol i mean i was the guy who got his lane stolen :c{{item:3070}}
: Auto ban for you lulu adc is obv troll :P But seriously did you guys not talk it out at game start? He may have just misclicked. Tbh i would have thought lulu having wrong runes would be less detrimental to the game than lulu trying to be the adc. Not optimal but better than playing a champ completely off role. Flaming wise obviously depends on chat log but would apply to whoever flamed no matter who started it.
nono i was lulu i had my insipiration runes on since i was supposed to play ezreal so i just carried on with my role as adc since it was my role, lol have u never seen lulu attack speed?
Greystag (EUW)
: Short answer: No. It doesn't specifically break any of the Terms of Use or the Summoner's Code. It is a %%%% move, but technically you agreed to let him pick Ezreal.
well i asked for him to pick ezreal for me so we can switch lol never agreed on him picking my role
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