Silisa (EUNE)
: Riot has been pretty busy removing effects of champion abilities to towers (Trundle's Q, Sejuani's W to name a couple), so I don't think so. You want his AA to have a bleed effect, but just on minions? Why? Yasuo is already a nightmare in solo lanes, giving him more wave clear would make laning against him as a mage even more unfair. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Off topic - your summoner name happens to be the name of my family's patron saint, which is really cool. xD
send me skin for yasuo or zed pls! we are maybe family! i had but people like hacker is take me acc.
pantelija (EUW)
: Do it urf.
like ranked cannot lose taste. trust me!
: No, Yasuo does NOT Need a DoT Bonus damage on his Q. ( I have no idea how Towers come into Play here though...)
no on q, on passive auto attack.
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