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: Not alone mate, this has been going for long time tho, and personally I quit ARAM for said reason too, it's unbearable, it's best if you invite your friends to play. The only thing -from your side- can do is to report them, until someday the devs comes with a solution. GL & HF (in the other modes XD)
Its really sad, because i like aram, i have fun and get less stress than in oder maps.. but with bots.. all that changed.. maybe i have to quit that mode too. TT_TT
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: As far as I know there is no option to block a person unless it is on your friend list. If you want to report someone in the beta client you will find the option on the score screen next to their name, it is the exclamation mark.
I see.. thank you, i hope Riot will put it on ALPHA :D i need to block that type of players...
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