: Zoe spell bug
I have never experienced this kind of bug yet. But it would be helpfull if could load up where it happend. However i just know one bug where u cannot recast your q when u have some special angel. {{champion:142}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Don't unban Nubrac.
Well I see your point but i think you are missing something. Do you remember inting Sion? The fist inting Sion I saw was going 0/10/0 after 15 min. Enemy top laner - Jax - was completly 1 v 9. Could I have reported that? Nope, since Riot said it is strategically minded Sion and not inting. And this is exactly the same matter. Nubrac doesnt have a 100% winrate neither inting Sion had this win rate and both strategies forced the whole team to follow it or just ff at 15. The same thing is with funell strategies. If it works you get a free win otherwise it's going to be pretty hard. As long as Riot doesnt say it is banable to play such strategies it is allowed and therefore no reason to ban someone who is doing this. And then there is just one other thing. Was this strategy the only reason why they lost - nope. Nigtblue went completly mental and was just giving up. If I am playing mid lane and top lane as well as bot lane are loosing hard, i can not just giving up and reporting them. This is griefing and they would be able to ban me. And this is more or less what happend in this game. Moreover, Nightblue flamed Nubrac and this is also a reason to ban someone. the only thing which i can not understand is why riot didnt give a statement yet. I would really appreciate it.
: Placements
With my other account i won almost every game of my placement and it was not ranked before. However I ended up in silver 3 or 1. I guess it is possible that u end up in gold 4. But im not really sure if the lp u gain is always the same... But even if u dont end up in gold, u will climb up to gold when u really are good as a gold player.
Scarpino (EUW)
: Intentional feeding
everyone has such games, where someone is inting. But sometimes u just have an unlucky game. at the very least think about it as it will not really change ur elo. Of course if someone ints then u will loose the game, but on the otherhand u can also be lucky and have an inter in the enemy team. If u feel like someone really deserve to get banned then i would suggest u to make a support ticket. But be aware that it is not always easy to identify an inting person - even i had games where i was offrole and just got stomped by the enemy laner. I recently reported someone for inting. Cant tell u yet what is gonna happen, but this one game didnt change my elo and i now just climbed up to platin.
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: Revert Aatrox PLEASE
I personally can understand how you feel about that. The problem with the old aatrox was, that he was a stat champ. Not really a counterplay when he comes ahead once. And maybe you should also remind that old aatrox came viable cause of conqueror and not really something else. See it positive, they will get him back to the game soon, since he is a "new" champ.
Terra (EUNE)
: So, In Ranked you get a player that steals your lane.
Well, i had this problem several times. Not always on my lane, but it was still just trolling. Normally you are loosing those games, and you can just hope that your team is smart enough to surrend at 15. However, this issue is like afks. Just report and go next. Hoping that Riot will punish those *******....


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