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: Where the %%%% is AURF!
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Naomi308 (EUNE)
: Icon Snow Day Scuttler
same problem here
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OmgADog (EUW)
: Ryze: The unkillable MONSTER!
You have very good Ryze mechanics, Im impressed. Good video +1
: Buff teemo and akali
I can't tell if this is a joke or if he's being serious...
Tifufu (EUW)
: Where's our scythe wielder?
mucr0 (EUNE)
: Support moments - The good, the bad, and the ugly
Is it me or is that vaynes, whenever they are lvl 6 or 7 they are guaranteed to go 0/20 and say its your fault? The best adc is the adc that actually realises you exist and thanks you, even if you don't win lane or lose the game, you still had a fun time not being treated like a sex doll.
Vordy (EUW)
: Gold 4 being matched with Plats as high as Plat 2? (ranked)
I think if your being matched with people at that skill level you must have a high mmr for you rank or they have a low mmr. Im not sure but at least you won ;)
: I need a name with zed winner will get a mystery skin
: One of the last people in the office just chilling out what are you doing?
> I'm Irish Woo! Your one of my favourite ritos, I never even knew we shared the same nationality xD And holy shit my border collie looks almost exactly like urs but a bit smaller. Also questions. Whats your favourite anime/show? Do you like croissants? How long until the train arrives? When will it stop raining here?
: Cigar for Graves, no?
The age rating for the game would be lifted higher
: yeah urf is still shit
Urf is ment to be unbalanced
: Give Aurelion Sol new interactions with Star Guardians
: What champs do you think have a unhealthy kit?
Most of the assassins in the game. Im glad they're changing that in the update
Halburun (EUW)
: Pretty sick bard play in ranked
You can do the same with olaf and his ult.
: Idea for New champion - Y the unnamed
wonderwiess (EUNE)
: aurelion sol
How would they? Like seriously, come up with a solution. Also it never really bothers me when I play him.
: Tinaviel- Guardian Of The Forest
Her kit seems very sort of, well boring and I can't figure out if she's ad or ap, or just hybrid.And the ult changes her attack speed based on the rank, so if say you had 1.5 attack speed but 1 rank on ur ult wouldnt that be more of a nerf? Also Guardian of the forest, who uses a a bow and arrow? Isn't that just very cliché? Also isn't she just copying Maokai?
: Season 6 a fail?
Riot admitted the really fucked the first half of the season up. I must admit the second half hasnt been too bad, no champions are being stupidly op on release and the mid season rework helped a lot of mages. I'm worried about the assassin rework tho... that can either turn out wonderfully or it will make anything that is not an assassin useless and make assassins completely broken.
: R.I.P Yorick
Yes the shen rework, broken. Aurelion sol, broken. And at least hopefully the new yorick won't be as oppressive and unfun to play against as the current.
: Skin concept: Porohunter Bard!
The plural of pokemon is pokemon not pokemons... I like the idea tho
Zephyr77 (EUW)
: When shit gets too far
I feel like a lot of people should read this post. Its funny how its the junglers fault that the jinx is 0/5 and that they didn't gank her 6 times instead of 5. Also, a good skill in league is carrying, another good one is learning to be carried.
: Illaoi....
Tip 1 Don't fight her alone Tip 2 If she ults run Tip 3 Even if its a 2v1 run if she ults Tip 4 paragraph ur writing
: Need help playing Twitch
Just farm early game as twitch, most adc's will have more dmg than you before your first item. I rush a runnans first due to the fact that you don't really need more ad that early on in the game because of your ult and e. I would typically go {{item:3085}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3072}} Max e in lane, get w second max it last. Farm until you get runnans and then save your ult until you are about to all in. Also never get IE first, twitch needs some form of attack speed early.
: A new league of legends youtuber
Post screen is definitely recorded and even if it wasn't (Which it is) that still doesn't change the fact that this video is just promoting toxicity.
raps1355 (EUW)
: The best boss music you have heard in a game.
I love the final boss theme from Xenoblade Chronicles X.
: A new league of legends youtuber
Personally, Im not a fan of this video, all its doing really is just spreading toxicity. A lot of the things he says in the video aren't even true, post and pre game lobby chat logs are recorded, and saying words like "really" or "why" count as passive aggressive comments which can also get you punished. Also Riot actually know what you mean by "boosted". The editing is decent in the video though, but the audio, not so much.
Sweetlake (EUW)
: Why do these people exist?
He could have been auto filled or he's just out to ruin someones day. Whats done is done, theres nothing you can do about it. If he's a troll, he will get whats coming to him.
: Idea for report system
What do you mean reported rightfully? The system has no way to tell if someone has been "rightfully reported". Unless you suggest a team of people who shift through game logs after someone is reported. That is not possible as think how many games that people report each other just for having a bad game. Good idea, but not possible right now.
iTzTopStyle (EUNE)
: Suggestion for Bard magical trip rework
His journey is perfect as is, it forces to you to be smart about how you use it. Bard isn't an easy support.
Daanzoooo (EUW)
: Ryze
His kit was just not fair to play against, hence why they reworked him. He had little to no counter play if you knew what you were doing. He also needed a visual and lore update too.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Ashe animated wallpaper/splash [SPEEDART]
This is absolutely amazing! Great job, keep up the good work. It looks like something Riot themselves would animate.
eDmine (EUNE)
: Listen Mains!
{{champion:134}} This beautiful power hungry bitch is why I love LoL, at first i sucked at her, but i just kept on playing her until i got good at her. Finally I'm at the point where I literally dominate any matchup and if i want to win, i pick her. I have 100k mastery points in her and it feels good to know that you can master any champion with time and dedication, you can apply this to life too.
Superanima (EUNE)
: So apparently I got a perma ban for saying a few f*@#$ on a single game.
Dude if you were permabanned that means you have had **several** warnings already. Riot doesn't care if you spent €1000 on league, riot treats every account the same. And also personally I wouldn't like to play with you just by looking at that log.
: visual reworks
Anivia needs a model update badly and her spells don't really look good compared to other champions.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Teambuilder Gone
You do know that they have added a better of team builder to ranked and draft pick? Unfortunately its disabled due to a few bugs but it should be back up within a few days.
Dotje (EUW)
: If you tell someone to kill him/herself
It is really quite unacceptable to wish someone miss fortune, I don't mind the odd saltines, but thats just something that i will not let passed me. Also, I love the kitty <3{{champion:107}}
WazzupLT (EUNE)
: Help me choose a Champion
I may be biased in saying this but, get syndra, she is really fun and rewarding once you have mastered her. You will dominate almost every matchup as long as you know what your doing. I have 99.1k mastery points in her, and she still never bores me. But she's tough to master but if you hang in there its definitely worth it.
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: To everyone who says "I dont have support champions"
Supports are the bank bones of the team, I find myself carrying my adc most of the time. Supports just don't get enough appreciation these days. I can also tell if my adc plays support just by the way he treats me.
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Gualeb (EUW)
: tryndamere is weak.
i can't tell if this is a joke or someone being serious...
: Why do people think being higher rank gives them authority and superiority?
Sometimes it can suck being in lower elo, i get harassed about being in bronze 4. It puts me on tilt sometimes...
: quinn currently has a 73% win ratio.
funny, i feel that quinn is weaker than she previously was, idk but i can't play her anymore... i miss old quinn... and where did you get 73% win ratio??? She has a 51% win ratio
xXLupaXx (EUW)
: Pixel Champs
Syndra next plz? They are amazing!
: Which midlane champs do you think I should pick?
I play syndra, anivia and lissandra mostly in mid, I'm learning koz right now. Syndra and anivia have a high skill cap but when mastered can destroy. Lissandra is more utility and provides good coverage for the team, velkoz ( i have about 12 games under my belt with him) isn't very hard if you good at skill shots, he has a ult that can change team fights but it can be interrupted with ease...
: Describe yourself as a player ...
Stays silent, does best to provide the team with constant stuns,heals and transportation and soak up all the damage when I play bard... when I play syndra... BALLS TO THE WALLS, WRECK ALL WHO STAND IN MY PATH
Makså (EUW)
: Will Blitzcrank ever get nerfed?
I wish but they will never, I find it unfair because you have a 90% chance of dying if you get hooked (stun knockup silence). Blitz is also loved too much by the community so that if they even tweek his kit people will be angry...
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