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: so you don't want laners to destroy the turrets? you would rather let the jungler have easier ganks rather than the laners destroying turrets and winning the game? life of a silver.......
no i'm just saying don't be surprised when you haven't destroyed turret you can hard push and still not take turret btw and your jungler is behind cause of it later on
: Have u ever heard of the concept of a lane gank? Or a dive?
i literally said in there if you hard push the jungler can only tower dive and secondly you can't lane gank if the enemy is under tower you can only tower dive which means you're risking a double kill depending on the matchup
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: kled jng lmao
i mean it works tbh i just couldn't get gromp and blue cause of this putting me way behind cause kled needs single target camps at the start and giving olaf a kill early isn't exactly great either
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: Teemo's State
shhhhh it doesn't matter he's squishy can easily be all inned he can blind autos and spread amazing mushrooms right? (cause most champs don't really need to rely on autos to do damage and even the ones that do have some sort of back up to use instead don't even get me started on champs with CC or dashes you see that w skill yeah it practically isn't there) and his "really annoying/amazing" mushrooms that deal next to nothing to anyone even full AP and magic penetration build unless they're maybe ADC even then supports can easily heal the HP back most times depending on support or lifesteal which most ADCs build
Yxion95 (EUW)
: The Most GENIUS Idea Riot™ Missed
why stop there make it use actual champions instead like knights versus demons so the xs are knights and demons are os
: Picking another champion is also an option if you want to be a nice person
nah when people out here picking more powerful champs i'll be perfectly fine with my furry devil
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Noizai (EUW)
: LF company & friends I think?
i don't speak spanish but if you want to play i'm down discord katrina the star warrior#6316 ign pikalov3r
: F) Mundo goes where he pleases *slurp*
that's cause the map can't handle the purple swoleness of him
: Isn't that the cutest thing ever - you make Dr. Mundo sound like a technical champ You should definitely try Garen
you mean press w and take literally no damage meanwhile murdering most squishy champs with a really good wave clear and two amazing single target abilities? yeah been there before and also seen how easy it is to snowball with him compared to mundo who A) has a lot tougher time chasing without potentially taking huge damage cause minion block will block most cleavers if he chases in lane B) his early game is kinda bad cause minion block with large cleaver hitbox can make poking harder alongside he only has two strong abilities w is more effecient for wave clear or last strands of hp clearing imo C) his ult unless a few items in will be near worthless to any big damage dealers or people who have better constant sustain cause it's slow and low D) his only cc can be blocked and has a pretty big hitbox which both hurts and helps him E) oh let's not forget no CC clear unless items so yes compared to garen dr mundo is way more complicated and requires more knowledge of opponents/builds to win aka more effort to win
: Champions nobody needs. Avoid if you are new player.
i'm new and started with teemo dr. mundo dr, mundo so far has been really good at teaching both minion blocked skill shots and how to properly plan 1v1 initiations cause his ult requires premeditated use early game cause slow health regen he's not the best yes but i wouldn't say he's bad for a starting champ honestly i believe starting with an underpowered champ while furiating will teach you much more than playing really strong/broken champs cause you have to really hone your skills quickly to be good with them this is just my opinion tho
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Wen294 (EUW)
: The higher level you are, the lower the chance is to get 1 gold units. This means that towards the later stages, if you're still unlucky and haven't gotten enough 3* units you will get absolutely smashed. In this case I think you just got lucky AF.
you're really underestimating how easy to 3 star 1g champs are. only until around level 6 or so do 1 g heroes actually become "scarce", that's more than enough time to get multiple 1g lvl 3 heroes especially if you don't care about comp and just going for whatever ones you get. even going for a comp by halfway too the end of 1st pvp fight rounds most people have 3 star 1g heroes sometimes multiple if the comp requires it. even 2g heroes are extrememly easy to 3 star especially if it's a high drop rate champ
Hanskiii (EUNE)
: Just a Master player who is looking to try some SPICY builds in the midlane!
not really gonna work just for fun but full tank nunu mid :p
Cypherous (EUW)
: And what about all the units in peoples hands? :P Yeah its impossible for you to actually count them all without a full premade of 8 and even then unless you're buying all the cards all the time your numbers will be inaccurate due to them being re-added to the pool
see that's why i only included the highest stars because any units that could've been made on bench or on field could be used to make other higher stars duh and even like i said the common still sticks out like a sore thumb even with every common being reused once it still doesn't add up to the total
: 3 star ww is supposed to best a 2 star gnar before his transformation. Gnar only gets to be strong after his ult
thats the thing even after ult he still got shredded
: Post your best Dad Jokes
what did garen say to his sword? you spin me right around baby right round like a record baby round round round
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Zanador (EUNE)
: Well, i always start by trying to collect something from the 1-2 coin price range and there was only 3 games out of that 8 where i could collect 6 of a champion, and as i said, only 1 where i had a 3 star Warwick. Garen, Morde, Darius, Fiora, Vayne, Graves, Tristana, Kassadin and WW are usually the first ones i try to collect and it is very rare for me to get more than 3-5 or them. That is always the point where i switch strategies and by lvl6-7 i go for rarer units like elementalists or something similar.
that's just bad luck my dude most games have like 3 3 stars worth of common/uncommon units
: Well the highest number of 3 star units I have ever gotten was 3 at once (which actually even were benefiting greatly by the comp) Other than that my average is 0 - 2 golden units and I still end up at the top 3 ranks in 85 - 90% of the time. But what I feel like is that the numbers need to be tweaked a little bit until the game's full release/ ranked release so that teambuilding (comp building) should be valued higher than just rolling 3 star units. I believe riot will make the right decitions until the game comes out of BETA. Quick tips on on how to consistently get good results in this game: 1: Don't choose champions on the early carusells, choose the items. I've seen a lot of mistakes people setting their mind right at the start to build a certain comp or wanting a certain unit on 3 stars. The Carousells are the ONLY time you get to choose with what Items you're going to work with. I often play the first 3 carousells by choosing the item > champion, then 3rd and later carousell, depending on at which time you have a good comp rolling, you then start choosing the champions, the only times you go for the items again is when you know a certain item is going to give your board a much bigger push than just picking up a unit and maybe lvl up a unit you already have in play. 2: Don't touch the refresh button early. I know it's tempting trying to highroll units to level up and start winning all the rounds early game. It's just not worth it in the long run, it's to much gold waste. Just buy as much champions as you can early on so you can adapt your teamcomp better. Especially if you get 2 or even 3 pairs of the same champion. 3: don't hesitate to switching your entire comp. Sometimes you get lucky and you get a couple of good synergyzing champions, but then you get 5 - 8 rounds in a row where the champs you need NEVER show up in your store while in the meantime, you could've switched to a way better comp than you actually have. I've had numerous games where I started with knight's, wilds, shapeshifters or noble buffs, and then mid - lategame I had a Void/Sorcerer/Dragon buff which ended up carrying me to Place 1. 4: Think about economy. This may sound weird but don't just ALWAYS spend your gold. In the early rounds it's okay to spend as much gold on as many champions as possible, but towards mid/lategame it slows down. On each 10 gold (up to 50) you get an interest bonus if you finish a round with that much gold resulting in bonus gold. On midgame you can start to maybe roll once or twice or buy exp (as example I hit on having 44 gold, buying XP once drops me to 40 which will still give me the interest bonus of 4 gold next round for those 40 gold I have). Not only does this give me a more stable income and gold I can use later on, but it also gives me LVL ups/faster progress towards leveling up so I can put more units on the board. 5: Start rolling lategame. If it isn't worth for you to just safe up the gold or buy any more exp and you need certain units to benefit your comp or level up units you already have, this is where you start to roll to dig for those. Sometimes I let myself dropping one lvl of interest if I'm really in need of getting a certain unit ASAP. 6: if you're winning majority of the time, just safe up your gold and only buy units you really need from the shop or on lvl ups if you don't fall beneath the interest. There is no point on trying to push a teamcomp that is working perfectly fine in the match right? Just keep snowballing your gold income and start to intensively use up your savings if you start to loose. Some of the factors need time and experience to figure out when the proper time is on what to do, which means just play and try out if something's working on the way you planned it. I apologize for the wall of text, I hope you don't bother reading through it and that it actually helps your games out a bit. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} cheers!
actually having a team comp in mind isn't a bad strategy cause either A) it's a very common comp to be able to build knight/noble for example or B) it's an uncommon comp meaning very few people build units that benefit it yordle for example and choosing a unit based on the team comp you're going for especially the uncommon ones will have a greater impact than going for items and it doesn't matter how much you invest into hoarding gold if you don't have the luck or if the unit has an extremely low drop rate say yordles you can wipe out 50+ gold rerolling and only get say 3-4 (at best) yordles and it doesn't help when like i stated earlier you switch builds mid game and then oh would you look at that no more units for your build there's so many things that can go wrong with switching comps especially common into uncommon plus most comps are reliant are lower tier characters which puts them at a major advantage cause those comps will most likely have the most 3 stars because the pool is flooded with them especially certain comps (common) i've tried multiple yordle runs both with hoarding and without hoarding, and it still ends the same i'm end game with full 2 star at best, low hp, against 2-3 three star units with a much more common comp that doesn't have to rely on RNG for it's skill to work. and yes i also have placed top 3 thanks to miss RNG and gnar knockback being on point but that doesn't mean the game isn't flawed some comps are way to what's the word flooded in a sense making it way to easy to snowball later on compared to less flooded champs/comps. and don't even get me started on a 3 star ww demolishing a gnar 2 star both with full items and yordle bonus
Zanador (EUNE)
: **How to win every poker game: just get a Royal Flush of Spades and you literally can't lose. ** The question is how to win when you don't get three 3 star units at the start? Because in 8 games combined i only managed to get 1 unit up to 3 star and i won 3 of those matches (i was lucky, i know). Getting lucky works, but relying on luck alone will not help in every match.
cause you weren't getting the easy to 3 star units you were most likely using higher tier units is most likely the reason any common/uncommon champ has a stupidly high chance to be three starred especially really early on
Cypherous (EUW)
: > don't be lied to the champ pool is not randomised. It is randomised, but its a shared pool, people seem to ignore this fact, you're not pulling from a pool of your own, you're all pulling from the same shared pool
it's not, every end screen i see pretty much the exact same units built with the exact same star levels. especially commons/uncommons every match, and if it was randomised then i would have games were i can easily build less common comps say yordles. but it's always no matter what close to end game before i get a full comp yet every game i see 2 people be able to almost fully 3 star noble or knight comps so how exactly is that randomised again? and no nobody hardly builds yordles before you bring that up as an excuse for not being able to build yordle comp early the closest excuse i'll accept is that most yordles are higher tiers which like i said if the pool was randomised like they claim i would get some matches where even tho higher tier i should have an easy time finishing comp/starring up units
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