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: How did you vote that??? Just the last 4 weeks or what? Hylissang was terrible in the first 6 weeks of Spring Split. If I would just look the last 4 weeks, then I would put him in the 1. place too, but from whole Spring Season? Caps is the most valuable midlaner of EU? What??? Overrated as hell Oo The other first places are fine. The second place are fine for me too. All of them nice players. At third place: I am a big "Hans sama" and "Odoamne" Fan. But they shouldnt be in the top 3 there. Odoamne just had a very good vladimir. But his performance on other champs were'nt that well. Hans sama struggled in the last 4 weeks. For me Sherrif has to be in the top 3. In my Opinion he was together with Rekkles the best ADC of EU in the Spring Split. But not even in the top 3??? What did the Casters smoke xD?!? My personally list (I watched every EU LCS Game): 1st place: Wunder (G2) Xerxe (SPY) Perkz (G2) Rekkles (FNC) Kasing (SPY) 2nd place: SoaZ (FNC) Jankos (G2) Jizuke (VIT) Sherrif (H2K) Norskeren (ROC) 3rd place: Cabochard (VIT) Broxah (FNC) Caps (FNC) Kobbe (SPY) Hylissang (FNC)
so wait at first u say its like they only watched the 4 last games then u say hans sama should not be in here because his struggles in last 4 weeks?? and boy u can be a G2 fanboy al u want but caps was better then perkz this split. way more consistent.
Fedairkid (EUW)
: Don't take everything as flame
ur absolutly right. i was like support i told adc u can go farm il help jungle with taking red and i pinged once he told me fu ur muted. then in lane we get in a fight our jung took the kill by gnaking and he went afk straight wtf
: the fact that fnatic is only rekkles and thats it? If he is having a bad game its over, not that hard to play around bot. +g2 in playoffs is a whole different beast.
last split that fact was indeed treu right now fnatic is more the rekkles. soaz broxah en for sure caps are a piece of the puzzel to hilly is stil comming in :)
: lmao, g2 will continue their domination.
based on?
Shukr4n (EUW)
: if they dont win something rekkles quit 100% imho
question is for what will he quit? G2 is not better then FNC right now any other team has a base that is weaker so its either NA or china korea he can go when he leaves FNATIC
: well but what do you think about that... if some one leave the game he should pay for it whit his LP ?
i dont like that idea actualy. because in a remake the enemy team does not get its LP either and they spoil time to. so why get the ones from the team with an AFK LP if the enemy gets nuts?
WD Sans (EUW)
: Can't promise, since I'm a bit iffy about duoQing, but I can add you and sorta hit you up if I end up feeling like it :)
always prepared to play some games even normals or flex main supp and adc but can jung to pindanut is in game name
Shukr4n (EUW)
: im a fnatic fan since shushei
yeah me to. and i am glad to see a hungry FNATIC again spring 2017 was not that good summer 2017 was way better but now they wil recrown themself
WD Sans (EUW)
: LF Bronze V - Silver I Flex-Team: Jungle/Top Gold Player
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: ***
ok u completly made my day man
: ***
doing it on purpose for no reason is a dumb thing to do in my eyes :p
: Right. I read your responses to other ppl the main reason youre still silver is bad teammates according to you. Git gud.
did u read the only reason? no but its one reason i lose games for sure but if ur one of these who read something and takes it as a complete story well good for u
: based on the comments in this thread i think you're one of that "a lot" {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
i never ever forgot to chance a spell. so based on that im not
: ***
yeah it can be a bug for sure. but this happening every day twice or 3 times is not due to bugs. for sure not when u get in game and they go o shit i forgot even i spammed draft with the fact he shouldchance it
: Ah yes the classic "i dont deserve silver but bad teams hold me back"
in some games yes. i realy dare to say i lose loads of games tx to dumb shit from others never said i cant lose games by myself
: >is it me or are a lot of bronze and silver players as dumb as a rock. says the silver 4 player lol
thats why its said "a lot" not wanne call every silver and bronze a dimbo but a lot are
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Play on. Next season you will have better rank.
yeah lets hope so. there are a lot of things that prove i play smarter then loads in my elo. but yeah thx to them i stay in that elo its kinda buthurted ;D
Saibbo (EUW)
: I mean... there's a reason they are bronze/silver..
yeah but its a reason i stay silver to i lost many games because this. or i leave but i get punished for there dumbness or i play but i lose because they troll when i try to help by saying check it next time
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: Riot wtf are you doing with this game
it depends. i dont know if MMR has a realy big input on it but its like the same for leveling up in ranked previously i had to win around 7-8 rankeds to get from 0-100 LP now in about 4-5 wins im already there because my MMR is higher then the avarage of my league
sirDarts (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=pindanut,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=XXxFib7T,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-02-19T14:52:25.832+0000) > > so riot giving me shit trolls and raging kids when i need friendly seriously players most is what it is? Riot CAN'T know that someone will troll or rage. So they can't intentionally put those people into your promos. Q.E.D.
first time i could stiull believe it second time a lil less but with 3 promotion series having this same thing im like nah man they just fix my teams and make me stay in B2
GLurch (EUW)
: That's exactly the problem. The Support would instead always play something like Morgana, get as much CS as possible, ward completely randomly and play so save, he never dies, even if his adc wants to engage, instead of focusing on supporting his team. The ADC on the other hand would steal red buffs from his jungler, farm all game long and try getting kills whenever he can, instead of focusing on taking down towers. That's how it would promote solo play. Currently, this playstyle would do nothing then lose you games, but with a system based on personal performance, it'd be what everyone who wants to climb would do. This is a team game, not a solo game.
so riot giving me shit trolls and raging kids when i need friendly seriously players most is what it is? the system like it is is not correct. and u can tell me the system is based on MMR or what ever else thing it might be based on but i dont believe the fact anymore then riot aint fixes the teams and matchmakings to keep plauyers from promoting
GLurch (EUW)
: That would only result in players focusing on getting the most kills, cs and all of that instead of actually focusing on destroying the nexus together. It'd promote solo play instead of teamplay, people stealing buffs only to get a better start for more LP, Supports stealing CS for more LP and all of that.
if u can make the gradesystem base on ur own level of play then why not the promo and ranked system? i mean like a adc wont get s grade with a kda of 11/0/5 if his farm is 20 cs min 15 same for supp when u are 1/5/5 with 300 cs u wont get s grade on support. if that is possible then it has to be possible to take that same system trough ranked points and promo games
kriegnes (EUW)
: how are they supposed to change it lol?
their job to think about it. there has to be a way to make it based on ur own plays and scores not on winning or losing.
: Every promo in silver you should avoid supporting, play something you know you can play in another role with the potential to kill 2+ targets in fights, at least this way you've got a chance.
the problem is i main support like for 98 precent. i have a lot of adc i need to carry by good safes or killsetups but yet then when i need them to be on point ehy fck my up the ass
Hesm (EUNE)
: Curse of the Promotion Series
every time i have promoseries i get there by good plays myself or by ncie and good teams. but then al of a sudden my promotiongame teams are nuts, trolls, feeders, flamers,...; so u could say i have this shit to its just riot tryign to keep us in our league.
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NeutroneX (EUW)
: low elo placements
well saying i was unranked in season 7 and in preseason i was placed in silver 4 with a 5-5 placements now i am 6-3 placements so far 3 S grades 2 A grades and yet my mmr says that i likely will be placed in bronze 1
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