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: The Trials Look at this !
it sounds good but riot doesn't make it usual
: I have and idea of new champion that i named Nightmare (i hope riot will see it) (sorry for my eng)
I Didn't ping history of NIghtmare and it is very important : Nightmare is just shadow. But it isn't normal shadow. Once he was locked in zed's body . He couldn't endure pain anymore and he wanted to become free. He did it. But to his surprise after a long years Zed tryes to find him. Nightmare is scaried to be unfree again and he have to fight against everybody to save his life
: 1,The chosen name makes me think of {{champion:56}} 2,the passive is actually god awful since you will never get the 3rd upgrade because most of the games will end around 25-35 Minutes 3,the kit seems like a mix with alot of champions and is way too broken (2much mobility , shurikens everywhere, His ult that only he can cancel the sleep timer of a enemy (basicly a godlike version of malzahars ult) 4,Dark energy>Energy (dont see a way why riot will introduce another meter besides energy+mana) But overall i like the idea but the kit is way to unstable and the kit has abilities that other champs also have (zed's q for instance) i'd tweak some things here and there but if you can make a awesome design of the champs avatar then ill defenitely smite an upvote :D
Yes it's crazy but his description looks like nocturne simple day .Thanks for your comment and i will try to draw it on paper (i am bad at photoshop) i think it will take me 1-2 days so i will edit this post.I will nerf it today. And i want to answer for 4 ) Dark energy because it's zed's shadow and summing up zed has energy then dark zed (shadow) has dark energy (shadow energy??)
: you need to tell us what poison does how the shuriken will fly and how far so it wont be broke even more with the reset that they have like there is a reason zed only has max 3 shuriken which need to aimed precisely and you need to commit to it by using ur r....because i dont know how you going to adjust that damage on them and how much percent of ur ad scaling will add to that damage but it needs to be balanced the movement speed on e*2 is probably not realistic no matter how you change the parameter if you lets say made it at max e level give the champ 20%movement and the second passive upgrade gives it 30% for like 1.5 seconds that might be ...ok depending what q w and r are going to be at the end the second passive upgrade of e shouldnt make the champ untargetable going through walls is already "fine" i would change the fear into a 1 secnd 50%movement slow fiddlesticks and ww got fear as a main part of their strenght and it is just too strong with the insane movement you want to let this champ have just like the second upgrade for the ultimate its too much and if you use it with e you can just rush to a single target and stun it for 4 seconds xd i would say a fear of 2 seconds maximum for the r is okay its a ability that is only reasonable in a kit that nocturne has like where is the counterplay to a champ with this movement speed that walks to you and fears you thats not interactive it should have a outplay potential like the shaco boxes and the passive upgrades simply give it more range to the e skill..possible absorbed damage feels like a gamble and its not a element of the game better give it a fixed value finally what i realized about the r is that it would be too broken to pick of single targets and take them out of a fight because it seems like you have a chanel time of 2 seconds before it is used which is a mechanic not even nunu has (his r is a slow without fear) malzahars r works like this but it makes him stationary while he szuppresses the enemy champ and therefore the power of it is "justified" if it lets you walk around going to the next target while the enemy cant move that would be too much of a advantage------zoe does that but zoe is a stupid champ and also her good damage is only her q which needs to be used after the bubble which is a SKILL shot after all so that is also justified {{sticker:sg-lux}}
I am grateful to you and your comment and i nerf my champion today and in 2-3 hours it will be more balanced{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I have and idea of new champion that i named Nightmare (i hope riot will see it) (sorry for my eng)
If i did mistake somewhere or you want to give me advise to make champion more balanced and better please text me on discord (dragilite#0924) or leave a comment
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