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Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: I'd say it depends on training. How much time you play League? Because only after certain time of playing I felt I need fast casts, but at start I was fine without it.
I started at the end of season 2, sooo 5-6 years I think
Rismosch (EUW)
: Rakan is a blast! Save up those 6300 IP ro buy him with RP! Rakan is the most fun I had for quite a while. He is so unlike a support: Lot's of mobility, squishy, not great peel and somewhat lacking CC, but if you know what you are doing he is insane at engaging and disengaging. His teamfight potential is amazing. I like him because I used to play alot of assassins. Heck I have Mastery Level 7 on Zed xD And Rakan plays like an assassin. The only difference is that he CCs instead of bursting enemies. If you like assassins, check Rakan out!
Im more for tanks and mages
: > Is this because people don't actually understand how people get banned nor how reports work Yes. The majority of the community has absolutely no idea how it actually works. > or because there is really some really childish people that think the world runs around them?
XD That gif pretty much tell the answer
House x33 (EUW)
: If in doubt main rammus/singed.
For some reason that Is what I have been doing, everytime Im bored I go singed rammus or heimer XD
: Pick one champion you are most comfortable on, then pick the role he's best at. Do it one more time, but it can't be in the same role. Then just follow up by filling up your champion pool in whatever way suits you the most.
Rismosch (EUW)
: I am past my identity cisis. I wasn't enjoying anything I played, until I realized most of the Champions I have been playing were either reworked/changed or gutted due to balance changes. But then I've found Rakan, picked up Champions I haven't played in months and now I am having fun again :) Maybe you should pick up Shen again, or another Champion you played in the past. Or maybe you should try new Champions.
Good idea, I have been trying out new champs, but left them after 1-3 games XD Btw do you have any idea for a fun support to play? (that isnt rakan dont have it >_>)
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: Malphite in general has so much potential visually but is kinda ugly... but yeah shamrock was from the dark ages where skin quality was much lower. But just look at enchanted/commando/hextech galio, tandra hunter ww, or emerald taric... all of them where about as bad as shamrock is and now they are really good, some of them even becoming one of their best skins... So based off past examples I'd say there is a lot of hope for shamrock.
best exemple of that, is frozen shen, jumped from a cheap sub zero, to a more badass version of subzero
: Highly unlikely... possible but highly unlikely. Riot have got a team updating splashes but they are focusing on champions who have received VGUs recently and thus malphite isn't on their priority list. But riot have also expressed an interest in giving him a VGU of his own as some point (unlikely to be soon but soon enough that they excluded him from getting changes in the tank update because of it) so when that happens then this splash art (along with the skin itself) will get an update.
I hope, this skin haves so much potencial, instead of being one of the ugliest skins that exists right now
: Hey! I'm not aware of any instances of us removing free skins from accounts.. I'm not in that team though. I'd recommend reaching out to player support to see what they say about it!
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: In what way did you find my post offensive?
I think he is saying for you to report those post you saw with offensive or those players in your games. or he just saw a censured word and forgot to read rest thinking youre being toxic. I guess (I hope) is the first one
: This comment section... what is this f#cking PewDiePie ? Some F#cking Filthy FRANK ????
I guess nowadays is normal for people to confuse jokes with statements. Anyways don't worry about the alien bug, riot already hired a predator to hunt him. plot twist: He wants his head
GLurch (EUW)
: Don't worry, I'll pay you... IN PORO SNAX YOU ANIMAL HAHAHAHAHA {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: Kled is by far the funniest. There is no Champion that is more ridiculous than him.
Going to try him out eventualy more 6000 ip to go XD just kidding going to waste it all on hextech champ random shards and he will eventualy come to me
GLurch (EUW)
: Shaco, because of jukes, Leblanc, because of jukes and Teemo, because I like camping the enemy jungle with my shrooms and then stealing his blue, when he wants to take it.
going to try shaco and leblanc, about teemo, I finaly found you %%%%%, youre going to pay for those blues! :P
: So, most fun or funniest? They are two different things.
I noticed the mistake after I posted, too late :P
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: You %%%%ing stand there. You literally stand there wiping the lane (but missing every cs).
I know right? Its so confusing when your going to last hit a minium with your basics and your star its it first making the miniums kill it or when you just farm with the stars they always survive with 1 hp >_>
Materisna (EUNE)
: You're welcome, tell me if you enjoyed him, also hes free this week i hope you didn't buy him lel
Got him on hextech thats why I was asking in first place :P
Materisna (EUNE)
: For me personally he is enjoyable. Flying through the map while having a ULTRA MEGA GALAXY STUN is awesome. Then again, i hate playing vs assassins like zed, talon and fizz who just one-shot anything. He sometimes feels really annoying to play like versus some really mobile champs like LB. like TITANIUM70 said, try him and then you will know if he fits your playstyle.
Understood, thx ^^
Mabons (EUW)
: I like playing him but he just feels so pitiful sometimes, I'd enjoy him a lot more if his Q got bigger faster so it was easier to trade in lane. As it is you can cast the Q right in peoples faces and it still misses
Yeah it feels shitty also the part everyone can see your stars no matter what
: I'm not entirely sure that is Aurelions problem OR my personal one... But from my experience I either have frustrating C- grade games I just want to dig a hole and hide in afterwards OR god-like S+ games you controll at free will. I can't get a reliable performance on him, its either heaven or hell each time I touch him. And that's not even because of Hardcounters or anything... I stomped LBs and Zeds and got stomped by Annies I should beat sleeping! xD... That'S one of reasons I stopped playing him in ranked... the other the Nerf barrage he got into, that was cruel q.q. Try him - that's all advice I can give you. This champ is entirely different from others if you have the talent he will be TONS OF FUN - If not... well I hope your flamesuit is ready. =P
So basicly, or you for god dont knows how manages to be a god player on aurelion or you are the most unreable player in the world? ^^; what a dragon god XD
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Scrinnid (EUNE)
: its people. not just league commnuity. you should hear the shit that some people complain about. like...discounting way too early xd
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: use attack move when attacking
Thank you, It really feels good when people actualy answer your question isntead of complaing you used "new" in the tittle ^^;
24thDiK (EUW)
: Same goes with good or bad. There is no such a thing as something being good or bad. If your way of kiting is making you feel satisfied, i mean ,what else could you ask for then? Perhaps a more new way of your own kiting? :D
Actualy letting a person personalize their game is a very good feature.
24thDiK (EUW)
: oO lets try this way. There is no new ways of anything in anything. I mean, how can you call something as new If it was already out there? I mean, people are just not smart enough to be aware of the things that are still possible in the game. And when somebody does something that is possible all the time, without anybody else being aware of it, then people start calling it the new new And i mean, that is so sickening, rather than discovering what is already out there and digging deeper into the content and being more aware of the mechanical things that are possible in the game, they start focusing on the new new, they start copying other player's new news rather than becoming aware of what they already know, which is actually new new without even realizing it LOL.
And lets try it this way, I asked, so i didnt said anything was completly new, thats why i used " " because this board was a mix of a question and na idea, because asking is a good way to learn, but someone who prefers picking on a word, dont seem to know that asking is a way to know.
24thDiK (EUW)
: Like what, killed a person, made him absolutely rich or what. I mean, mate, you pressed that report button, perhaps he will get even more reports from others games if he ain't adapting, and he will get held accountable for the actions he has made. Anyways, why would you ever hang on to somebody that you will never meet again, who has ruined your game once, for so long? I mean, press that report button and move on with your life !!!! Quit thinking and being butt hurt by a person of absolute no importance to you ! Focus on the things that are important better
im asking persons things and not realy care if you think my english is bad, so im foolwing with my life, since reporting takes 0.1 second and sends a out of context message of yours away.
24thDiK (EUW)
: There is no "new" ways of anything in anything. I mean, how can you call something as "new" If it was already out there? I mean, people are just not smart enough to be aware of the things that are still possible in the game. And when somebody does something that is possible all the time, without anybody else being aware of it, then people start calling it the new "new" And i mean, that is so sickening, rather that discovering what is already out there and digging deeper into the content and being more aware of the mechanical things that are possible in the game, they start focusing on the new "new", they start copying other player's new "news" rather than becoming aware of what they already know, which is actually new "new" without even realizing it LOL.
im not english native, I used the word closed to what I wanted to say, and if you wasnt noticed, this was both a question and na idea, asking if my way o kitting is wrong and saying na idea that could be good or bad. Now instead of complaing of someones english if you helped that person with their question, you would be a better person.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I dont know, nowadays with the lol fórum being this good they could had an tab for Reports sent or something like that then there wouldnt be any notification spam since the person would go see if he wanted. I dont know, nowadays it also seems the system notices everything unsportsman like, but yes if was found a way of not getting punished for being unsportmans like (spamming pings all game non stop) would be bad.
gravity016 (EUNE)
: Very good idea, I really like your point of using needle in this case.
Thank you, I also like your concept this game really needs a needle using champ, they are so cool
: You should use A to atack. LIke for instance when you ere kitig just when you start mooving whatever direcktion you wana press A in your enemys lockasin the moment you are ready to dish out your next AA.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
thx for the info ^^
: Tanks are fine they just need all their unique identity. An idea for one of the tanks for example is that they start with decent base damage & tankness but will low cc. However the higher level they are the stronger their cc becomes.
that wouldnt be bad, actualy in my view would be good for laning fase since you cant just sudently be 1 sec or more stun taunt etc etc and have the enemy jungler slowly kill you, and yes they do need a unique identity since most of the time I play tanks (90% of the times) I feel I already played that champ that was my first time playing thounsand times before
drymonkey (EUW)
: no bad idea mate verry bad idea a 5 sec stun landed by lets say a {{champion:113}} ult wuld mean your team lost the fight hands down no debate your "nerf" wuld make tanks so dam op that they wuld ruin the game soo dam hard and about {{champion:36}} he has to have damage ... he in not a conventional tank ... he plays more like a bruzer why ? he has low cc and he is supposed to walk to the cary's and just go you wanna atak my carry get past me first the point being that tanks right now dont have to mutch damage a tank can olmost never solo ennyone and if they do its not by the damage they do its more like they just live to long witch is how it shuld be what they can do however is keep you in place and make it so you cant get away wile they slowly drop your health bar to 0 if i ever see a tank bursting someone i wuld agree but i have NEVER seen that (apart from full ap {{champion:54}} ) but that doesn't realy count now does it
I did saw tanks burst and as a tank main I also burst some people down, they do need a reduce base dmg, but if they only get reduced dmg most tanks would be just useless, because champs with full CC in their kits would be used and champs with only 1 médium CC kinda would suck, I used the example of the previous mundo where was build full tank, I didnt counted with most vanguards since they are getting rework and who knows if they will get more dmg and reduced CC or more CC or reduced dmg, or more of both for everyones sake >_>
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: We need more items in LOL but it will require a lot of testing and this is possible only during pre season. Most items we have right now have been tested for many years. Since items costs depend on the stats they give and the unique passives or actives, adding more items doesn't sound bad at first. But giving access to every core item in a 'cost effective' way against your laner would create a ton of problems.
yes this would sound much op at first, but the whole point is the passive and all items being cost effective no matter what (in terms of stats passivesalways depends) I do feel kinda "bad" when im forced to buy an armor item vs a full ap team or QSS vs full ad etc etc im using the extreme examples, but getting all items cost effective would make the game more fun indirectly since you dont think you just screw up and should have bought other item even thou you need its passive, about the testing idk the items are pretty much done, the only difference would be the stats, of course wouldnt be the exact numbers since that would make certain items way to effective, like if one item is 10 gold effective the variant should be -10 gold effective or maybe the passive should be slightly nerfed in the variants to somewhat "punish" buying them, its like buying zhoyas vs any actual mage, feels "bad" but would feel better if zhoyas was with mr or a lot asked for na ad zhoays would be also likely to exist, to what extend it would change things idk, in my view would make dead items come back and make builds more diverse and gold effective
: i understand your point but i disagree on giving even more item diversity for tanks , its already a pain to deal with them, I would gladly agree to see more ap + armor , mana + magic pen , ap hexdrinker (to counter ad champs) , ap qss ...etc. , tank items are diverse enough already with their cheap price .
Im more for a tank player so I dont realy know that much how it goes for other roles so used them as na exemple, but think right now tanks are strong but when they stop being the meta, would be a nice add to them and everyone
gravity016 (EUNE)
: New adc champion concept: Simon (the master of needle)
I think is R should be more needle like, since is a ult and is passive is based on burning someones mana/energy, maybe something like burns more mana or all or making is abilities and basics deal more dmg or more mana burn or if you want CC something like sends a storm of needles that paralises a champ for x secs, since needles are a lot of times used like a way to stop someone power sorce and moviment by hiting certain points
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