: Joey "YoungBuck" Steltenpool makes the move to Excel Esports
Good, now I might not suffer of sever anguish when bwipo plays {{champion:107}} Jokes aside, good luck in XL!
Hreef (EUW)
: very sad and unfortunate that Riot still spoilers people who didn't manage to watch it live and want to see it a few hours later from the start. First in the vod section and also here with headlines like this one. Now I don't need to watch the games and you have less views on the vods but a negative feeling of "stolen" anticipation and hype stays.
Google spoilerfree lol vods reddit next time, riot spoilng ever single game is not exactly fresh news :/
: Worlds semifinal recap: League of Legends enters a new era
: The EU pros with Worlds on their shoulders
That Vizicsacsi Cho'Gath sure was something extra
: Making of “Phoenix”
Congratulations to all involved in this music project, another awesome worlds anthem!
: > _**Louis Vuitton**_ and Riot Games Partner starting for the 2019 League of Legends World Championship. "Small Indie Company with no resources for keeping alive game modes like Twisted Treeline or Dominion, having Rotating Gamemodes such as Ascension, Blood Moon, Project Hunt, Nexus Blitz, One for All" {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Does anyone seriously believe that? It's a choice they made, not a necessity.
A company that wants to earn money and pay their employees. How wierd. The world does not revolve around you and you needs. Riot has brought tons of hours of fun gameplay and iconic E-sport moments. What have you achieved?
: Broxah shares his thoughts after the first week of the LEC
Stop putting nemesis on baby-sitting duty (galio) and give him some carry champs, he looked infinitly much stronger on Akali in the remake against SK. Put him on some craycray like cassio or kassadin and we are all set to go.
: Cant connect to Server
same exact issue here, also aram. Looks like clash is back on the menu, boys!
: so, Clash destroyed again the riot server?
That awkward moment when riot pushes dev branch to production :D
: Worlds Pro Mini-Comics
Loved the last one. Now that TSM is not participating I can root for NA. (Eu love #1 ofc)
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: I got 7 skins already this year, so getting them is not really that hard. Also, why to complain over cosmetic things? They are not needed to play, and are one of the main source of income for Riot. It is not that weird, that they don't want to give too much of them, as it would limit their possibility to make the game working.
Yeah, game works just fine, no imbalances or anything. great point.
: Can we all acknowledge for a second that you're genuinely complaining about not getting enough free stuff in a game that's completely free and not p2w to begin with?! I mean... Perspective, people! ---- Getting champion capsules for leveling up is new this season, before that, players could not go beyond level 30 and would receive a small amount of Influence Points after every game. This is exactly like many other games do it. This season, the system got changed so you now earn champion capsules for a level up which gives you BE and champion shards you can use for discounts on champs. You earn more currency than you previously did, why is that a problem?
Why have a reward system if its just a facade? Just remove it in its entirity instead of pretending to be mr.goodguy
Rioter Comments
: How Patch 8.11 will affect EU LCS
Lets face it. This patch is nothing short of a pure clown fiesta. Riot has failed misserably once again.
: Here comes the EU vs. NA. Who will be victorious on the second day of the 2018 MSI group stage?
Honestly, NA should be considered a wildcard region and do qualifying before major international events.
: Competitive Ruling: Origen
What a great year for origen.
Infernape (EUW)
: > Riot stop trying to make so much money from skins and focus 5-10 minutes on gamebalance, you allways fuck shit up and never seem to really test what you release Because the Rioters that create skins are totally the same people who work on champions! >furthermore reds never answer any posts concerning balance and gameplay, only bullshit threads about "if you where a char irl, who would you be?" Why should they? It's not like on the boards 24/7 to answer the millionth "THIS NEEDS NERFING" post. [Here is Meddler's (one of the Lead gameplay designers) boards history](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/player/NA/Meddler). If you look at it, you will notice that he actively answers questions on the game in general and nerfs/buffs champions may or may not receive.
But perhaps they could communicate trough mass channels?
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: Preseason Imbalance
I dont know if u noticed this but riot destroyed this game with new items and tanks building nothing but tank-item and still deals tons of damage. As usual they dont communicate and dont fix shit. I hope ffs they dont plan on playing this poor-ass-trash-patch on lcs coming in 10 days. Just look at tahmkench, builds full tank with absolute 0 damage items and still make shitloads of damage ontop of his cc and immortality. I dont know wtf riot is doing atm, The realease a bigass patch and then refuse to fix all the shit that went south along with it.
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: morde "nerf"? Rito plz!
Forgot to mention how they run shit trough PBE and still let it pass on to live servers when clearly indicated broken on PBE. GG WP, rito wins again!
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ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: getting promoted is actually much easier than getting demoted...
How is winning 3/4 games easy? And my point was not that ranking up is harder than ranking down, I just dont see the fairness in getting demoted by playing 4v5 matches. Clearly there should be some kind of afk scanner that adjust mmr/ranking/whatever so that the losing 4 player team dont get so heavily punished by the one afker.
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: ****Spoiler**** Elements so Far.
Strikes me as well. They seem to play really solo-q-ish when they need to just play "protect" the hyper carry. Get rekkless in a bit of a snowball position and protect him and g_G. But true is it allso that their decisionmaking leaves alot to wish for.
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