Morrhen (EUW)
: Why isn't Azir played at top?
maybe for the same reason as to why he's barely played at all, he's hard to play and kinda struggles as a champion. i also don't think he's got the same potential as ryze or cass in the top lane with how he builds, while he's focused on laying out basic attacks with his soldiers he doesn't benefit from items like rod of ages or seraphs embrace like ryze or cass, making him more of a glass cannon. also don't think he can kite as well as ryze and cass can with their cc and bonus move speed with their skills, but i may be wrong on that one. may be wrong on all of this, maybe he's just not played because nobody cares too much about him
Shamose (EUW)
: Make a new account and try again. You won't be unbanned.
_thank you, come again_
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: > [{quoted}](name=prince of milk,realm=EUW,application-id=XkTi8002,discussion-id=9pQ4mqTA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-12-18T17:18:26.386+0000) > > don't remember you Can't really know me from league name, because we never played league :/
oh no i remember your league name, pretty sure we played. just dont remember what your discord name was
: Y'all banned me doe :D
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: Click on someone's icon = Champion Voice Plays
all i want is for when people to click my profile they hear rammus saying "ok"
Inf7nite (EUW)
: In Europe URF goes live between 28th October 23 p.m. and 29th October 4 a.m. depending on your time zone they ARE waiting until the last moment to drop it? i just joked about it but it's actually true?? not only do they plan to drop it on a monday and end it on a friday, making it only available for ONE weekend, they pull this too? okay then.
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: > [{quoted}](name=prince of milk,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=yXlpMA4R,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-27T21:03:08.918+0000) > > hello team > > we know classic urf is dropping tomorrow (28th november) but do we know at what time/timezone? > > thanks Hello time traveler. How is the world economy in the future?!
ok sorry hardstuck october person but i cant hear you from up here in november thanks for telling tho, editted post.
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: You don't own ashe, she's a strong independant woman who don't need no man
right im sorry, this isnt the 1600's or some places in the present
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: if you had the chest already then the message was for either Thresh or Akali . and for Mastery 7 I believe its only S+
> if you had the chest already then the message was for either Thresh or Akali why would it tell me if they didnt own their own champions? it never does that > and for Mastery 7 I believe its only S+ you get mastery 7 tokens for S or S+, not just S+
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: Launch your task manager beforehead -> look at the league processes -> is stuck, kill league of legend process.exe in task manager (sry, don't remember full name, something like "leagueoflegends_client.exe" which one what appears after launch actual game, not client) -> reconnect button will appear. Sometimes you have to do it few times, hope this helps.
yes, this worked! many thanks
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Conσr (EUW)
: I think you have an anger issue, maybe having a hobby could help that, rather than staying indoors all day creating 16 accounts?
maybe a 17th account will solve it
Ludwick (EUNE)
: names
this may be my 14th summoner name, but im not too sure about this. it'd make them less personal, and people would horde names
: You log in, you see your chatlogs, you take a screenshot, you post it here.
or copy and paste them, easier to read
: Permently ban
hey good on you for reforming and getting unbanned! (: > Also an idea I thought of is, why doesn't Riot implement their detection system to just automatically * "toxic" behavior. about this, i think it's hard due to all the different launguages. there is a chat filter option that'll blur out cursewords but it's hard to make a system that'll detect toxicity since it can come in all forms. toxicity and flaming doesn't have to be curse words. for example in danish, "%%%" means "kiss". another example is "neeko". remove one E and you got cat in japanese, however in arabic the word "neeko" means "%%%% you" or something similar, i forgot exactly. tl;dr it's hard to make a perfect system due to language differences
iaapvper (EUW)
: Guys I get S everygame!
you have a 33% win rate, only play zed and your kda is 1.6 i doubt you even get B every game
: I got banned for someone else inting and going afk
> I got banned for someone else inting and going afk no you got banned for being toxic and flaming case closed
: Another Prestige Skin with no way to acquire without spending £115 are you messing?!
you do know that you can write the poll options in the actual poll instead of making it this needlessly complicated, right?
Foxily (EUNE)
: Maybe it tries to balance out the game? I've experienced this too, about 4 times. Tbh, idk anymore if this is a bug.
why would the game put bots as afk if i choose to play against 5 bots? and it's only for some bot champions, not all. it's weird..
: Just out of curiosity btw, how many banns do you have?
not a single ban, not even a chat restriction. i've never been punished in any way or form. how can you be this oblivious
: I don't understand what part of that is supposed to be upsetting?
the way you think. you're extremely toxic, calling people autistic and saying they have issues and to uninstall, you say some are "inferior" then accuse me of being a racist for not acknowleding it when race has nothing to do with it, unless YOU are refering to race by calling people of other races inferior which is extremely racist of YOU. you're more toxic than chernobyl and you're completely oblivious to the fact. do you not realise your toxic behavior? that's just sad.
: uhm no, that was a honest advice. Some people are just born inferior and you are racist for not acknowledging them
i feel sorry for you. how a person can be like this is geniuenly upsetting
Brokenhz (EUW)
: So when is nasus gonna get Nerf?
teemo is apparently his hardest counter, but even as a teemo main (yes, i said that), i find him extremely hard to play against. once he hits 100 stacks it's almost impossible to beat him in lane unless you got like 3-4 kills early. sure, you can blind him to prevent his stacks but his q has a lower cd than teemos q, and once he hits 6 he can just ult for even less cd on q, slow your movement AND attack speed by what, 80%? it doesnt matter if you blind him at that point, once he gets in your face, and he will, it's 30% of your health each q, if not more. nothing counters nasus i guess
: I may have said that "Why dont you play fortnite instead, its made for autistic kids and people with issues like you, you really should try it out" Guess the auto bot thinks thats toxic
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: i'm gona adres the fact does his ult doesn't make sence from what we hear in the cinematic trailer the ultimate does make sence as we don't know much of his backstory yet it seemed like he was imprisoned why we don't yet know but it seemed like he was a revolutionary in demacia who is very traditional so it didn't sit well with them why i say his ult works is not with his chain motif which yea could be integrated a bit better and imo it is in the pictures they showed on the universe page it seems his whole story was the fact he went against the traditions of demacia and that's why he was imprisoned however he wants to make a communist sort of state where the power is taken from the strong and used for the betterment of all it seemed like his "enlightenment" is what gave him the ability to take that power by force so yea it still fits not greatly but it goes really well with his ideology not as much with his chains motif which is there because he was a prisoner who broke free from his prison using magic (most likely lux as we see in the end) and the gauntlets being petricite means he can't get rid of them since magic doesn't work on petricite so his chains motif comes from him being imprisoned for being a revolutionary and in that sence his ult makes sence
thanks for the insight, must admit i missed that part of his story. i still feel as though that whole backstory thing is just an excuse to justify his uninspired ultimate. but again, this is just my personal opinion
: sylas - the uninspired champ
post been out for a minute and already 2 downvotes, do people even read or just downvote everytime someone tries to criticize riots design?
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Hyderos (EUW)
: Crash by pinging Neeko Items
> Neeko's Level and Items doesn't get updated too when you try to Tab and see what items she has etc. i second this. played against a neeko whose stats didnt update in the scoreboard until she was like level 11, so the entire game until that point we didnt know what items she had at all
: Platinum, the True Elohell.
with that title i thought it'd be yet another predictable and boring player-made champion concept. for real tho, yes try and get a duo it really helps, also just mute the chat, can't get flamed if you can't read their flame. you don't need the chat for strategy, pings are enough. if you do feel the need for the chat then just try and ignore when you get flamed. there's always going to be flamers and toxic players, so do what you can
: Igor, Overseer of The Shallow Chambers
looks like kayn and karthus' love child got dropped in a blender filled with jack blacks aftershave then thrown on a plate and served to homeless people. you clearly have a passion for creating champion concepts though, keep it up
Dianosaur (EUNE)
: PROJECT: Diana skin
diana just got a new skin, the bilgewater one. when you say galactic/project/star/winter/summer i assume you mean themed skins, which she already has 2 of. infernal and blood moon. she has plenty of skins and isn't popular enough of a champion for riot to give her yet another one, i think you'll have to wait 1 or 2 years before she gets another one
Shamose (EUW)
: > tho i have to ask, and i'm not accusing you of anything, i'm just curious but did you find this out by randomly trying if this one specific google search would crash your game, or were you actually going to install a cheat engine? I cheat when I complete some single player games and I needed a new version. Having infinite ammo and health in just cause 4 is pretty neat.
i thought it was a league specific cheat engine, forgot that cheat engine is a general cheat program.. my bad lol
Shamose (EUW)
: Riot sees your browser tabs.
this is messed up and beyond unacceptable tho i have to ask, and i'm not accusing you of anything, i'm just curious but did you find this out by randomly trying if this one specific google search would crash your game, or were you actually going to install a cheat engine?
it's really just a green version of her lunar wraith skin wouldnt call it soulstealer the bullet in her ult is still blue/purple, so it's not even thoroughly recolored
VN0lt (EUNE)
: Randomly got banned
how dare you use a frowny face? that is negative! jokes aside this is utter bs and you should request a human and get real help
: Do I really have to continue?
if you're getting flamed just mute them, it's never okay to leave a game
Mìmo (EUNE)
: Time to say goodbye
Trias000 (EUNE)
: When you're on a horse so high you can get hit by a plane
this is something i would do ironically to my silver friends. im gold 5 again, ironically, to friends, as a joke
Yιkes (EUW)
: %%%% riot for allowing funnle
anyone care to explain what funnle is?
: Fix your game
tried launching a full repair? tried it in a custom game?
: "[Champion Name] sell skin" should be bannable
literally never seen anyone say that but yeah that can be frustrating i guess
: How long since we had Ascension game mode?
ascension and hexakill havent been up for over a year, if not even 2 years. heard one of riots excuses were that they havent made them compatible with the new client yet. but boy am i happy for odyssey and all the other limited time event maps with their entirely new gameplay concepts that nobody asked for that'll probably never come back
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