Coxis (EUNE)
: Hey Shinvo, We got a site right here where you can read all about the volunteers: Lemme know if I can help you with any other info. ^.^
Thank you finally i know what does titles mean and where to learn more about volunteers ^^
Coxis (EUNE)
: Hey guys. Just a quick question. :)
Hello there Coxis, first of all let me just say amazing work congrats i never saw anything like this on boards. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} But i have one question that is kinda off topic what are volunteers? Cuz i alawys wondered what "wrenchmen" "senior wrenchmen" meant and i saw a few on the boards including you xD but i still dont know how it works or what they/you do and how you can volunteer (btw im not intrested in volunteering im just curious honestly oh and forgive me for my bad english im from portugal).
Panic (EUW)
: Hey there! You can see below the steps needed to deactivate your account: Before you request for an account deactivation, please note that it's fine to just leave your account active even if you do not plan on using it. Please submit a ticket to Player Support with the following information: TICKET SUBJECT: Account Deactivation Account Name (The Name you log in to the LoL Client with): Summoner Name (The name your friends see in-game): The server you play on: Creation date of the account: Location that you registered the account from (City, Country): The email address used to originally register your account: We recommend that you delete any payment information from your account before we deactivate it. On a side note, I use to have the same issues with games and social life. Whether it was League or other games, I would get way too into the games and not give any attention to my gf / friends / family which in turn ruined a lot of relationships. What helped me to balance this out was to purposely, search out fun things I could focus on doing with my close peeps. The thing is, playing games is a great escape from reality and from all our daily routines, the problem is making it your daily routine and forgetting everything else. As this should be a really important life lesson which will help you also with later on stuff, try to discipline yourself and make time for everything and everyone you love and is important to you. This will teach you how to separate hobbies from important stuff in our life and it will help you, in the future, balance it out when you start to work / start a family / etc. Hope this helps and good luck with everything!
Greetings i have one question when "you" deactivate your account its like it was deleted and that for example that user name would be available or its like suspended for a certain amount of time?
RhoAlias (EUW)
: I'd like a one year ban from league of legends
Aezander (EUW)
: Since this is Eu, I imagine there are a lot of players (me included) with accounts on both sides (EuW and EuNE). Having a logout button to jump between servers, instead of restarting the whole client whenever I want to change servers would be a little more intuitive. Just saying.
its më (EUW)
: yeah two people playing on one pc is the only scenario besides smurfing where it would be helpfull, but how often does that really happen and is it such a pain to close the client...
Trust me if u have a slow computer it is... -.-
: What if there are 2 or more people playing from the same PC? Doesn't necessarily mean you have a smurf. I tried to make a smurf and I wasn't able because takes forever to level up.
Of course i only added the "smurf part" to the post as a joke cuz most of us have more than one account being for smurfing but of course it would be usefull if there are two people playing on the same pc or if a person has a slow pc in general where it would take a while to restart the client
Zaklo (EUW)
: i totally agree with that it takes so much time to close the client then open it again especially when you have a bad computer a log out function will save a lot of wasted time i really want to see that function soon
seems you are one of the few people that understands me xD but maybe only the people who have a bad computer like me will
its më (EUW)
: This is a messege board this is exactly where discussions are held, also riot doesnt condem smurfing even though they dont directly oppose it. They see it hurts the game, however they cant with 100% secrity find a smurf so a bann becomes questionable.
If bans where to become questionable do you rly think that those pros ranking on a smurf acc would be baned?? no because they are popular and offer popularity to the game thus reciving new players and more money to the company eventualy xD so the only ones who would probably be banned would be just the "regular" people non streamers etc
its më (EUW)
: "Cuz sometimes im at my main but i feel like going to my smurf" quote op. The only thing this client funktion would do, is support smurfing. which is why it first has to be discussed if smurfing is good or bad., too agree on if the funktion would have merrit or not
First of all sorry for my english im from portugal but in wich way this would be supporting smurf i rly dont understand if riot added that option does it mean it would be supporting smurfs why do people think only smurfs would benefit from this and i dont see what a big benefit or "support" this would be the only it would be to smurfs is less annoying cuz in my case is annoying to restart the client because i play in a f´ing toaster and it takes a while to log back into other account so it would be usefull i just dont understand in wich way it would be supporting smurfs they are still out there it would make no diference adding this option it would only make it less annoying like i said and usefull -.-
Rípley (EUW)
: Logout of one account and onto another, without having to close and restart the entire client, outside of the OP I'm sure there are many others who would benefit fromt it (Including myself).
and myself xD
its më (EUW)
: wut why, if you play a ranked game would you like the enemy to have a smurf, would you like the game to be unfair?
i was just kidding about the smurfing of course i smurf but the logout option would benefit alot trust me come on even pros smurf even NB3 xD do you think he plays on the challenger acc all the time, but jokes aside it would not benefit smurfs also two people on same pc but mostly smurfs but thats the reason most of us have two acc in the first place its to smurf or to level up an acc for a friend
: Riot doesn't approve of smurfs though, I don't see why they would add a mechanic that only benefits them
it also benefits two people on the same computer in fact i made this post thinking about one the "smurf part" it was just joking of course it would be stupid adding that option only to benefit smurfs but everyone or almost everyone have more than one acc even pros and other players when they do those series unraked to diamond etc
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Moody Jazz (EUNE)
: Ah I miss Season 4. I miss the old Summoner's Rift, I miss old champions, I miss old items and icons, I miss the old game. The current League is so much different.
man how i feel you...
zxwmaxPTz (EUW)
: I only started to play in 2015 but i miss season 5 , feels like the keystone masteries and some reworks made the game less fun in some parts (humm humm {{champion:78}} ) also R.I.P. Zephyr and Sword of the Ocult. I saw lots of videos about the old map and kinda understand why people miss it.
yes also one thing that kinda bothers me is how fast paced the releasing of new camps is they release one and days later they already tease another i think this doesnt keep the game intrest because u get to play new champions very fast isntead of wondering what the next one will be and taking your time learning the most recent one
Syntrix33 (EUW)
: I miss ap master yi {{champion:32}}
i miss that and so many things more my friend
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: The game kept changing to benefit spectators of professional leagues like LCS, OGN, etc. They removed all passive auras, removed stacking items like Sword of the Occult and basically made as many actives as possible to make the games more interesting and not too passive, which sucks. It sucks when you don't know how to deal with an item that is beloved, so you just remove it altogether.
i used to stack sword of the occult on rengar top hhhh ;( and 3 dorans blade rengar too haha
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Declined (EUNE)
: No problem, just one question though. Did it work?
I already tried that option xD but i apreciate the help still im going to reinstall the game and folow the steps again on the video and go to the game.cfg and lower even more the graphics etc
MacDeath (EUW)
: Closing active or semiactive programs in the background
Also Thank you :D
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings Shinvo, Please follow the steps in this video. I would also like you to activate the 'low spec mode' as well as ticking off the 'close client' which can be done through the client.
Thanks for helping :D
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: Probably at valentines day
Babydoll (EUW)
: the quin and valor one are so cute omgg (*¯ ³¯*)♡
: racism at its finest :D
Ahahah no he doesn´t take serious and im not posting this to threat or ofend any black people let´s not take it the wrong as a matter of fact the main topic wasn´t even that it was about the realease time of the icons xD
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Najns (EUW)
: Well, I got my info from [here]( and everyone on NA said it they didn't get it and it was Brazil exclusive. [This]( is the link to the BR event (I think? Can't really understand anything xD)
I guess i was wrong xD but that doesnt really matter at all what it matters is that we couldn´t get it ;(
: Telling people they should stop feeding or start warding or anything in that area no matter how polite is pointless. It's not about communication people know these things already they forgot to do them and they just died because of it telling them they should ward is only going to annoy them because it seems obvious to them since they're the one who just got punished for not doing it.
Trust me from personal experience it is not pointless i had games won in the past thanks to good communication and that that you are saying
: The thing is people are going to already be fustraited they are losing lane and build up pressure in their own head. A simple "dude stop overextending" can push some people over the edge or just add pressure. Read the situation and work on your communication skills. explain calmly and provide actionable feedback. IE: * STOP DYING = BAD * Try not to push your lane so far out, their jungler is camping you and its too hard for our jungler to help you. Hang back under tower and wait for a gank. NOT SO BAD
But that takes alot of time to write and you cannot loose time in league of legends if you want to win jk its time well spent if its helping and communicating with your teamates.
: It's still unnecessary, like why not just focus on playing yourself and not comment at all.
Because lol is a team game and communication is important of course if someone is extremmely annoying and toxic you mute thats why there is the mute button
Kuym (EUW)
: Hm...i simply mute and focus on my game...from time to time i can meet awesome people
There is only one problem its not "your game" its a team game so communication is very important its a 5v5 game not a one person game
: speaking of suicide- i just got dumped
: My problem with this is why do you need to comment on it in the first place? Like you must realise your comment isn't going to change anything in anyway that will help you. Telling someone to ward isn't going suddenly make them realise that yes wards give vision and they can be used to spot enemies, they already know all of that they already know most of the stuff you can tell them so what's the point in commenting when the only outcome is either nothing or making things worse?
Still its better than insulting people that yes makes things worst and you might even get reported
Najns (EUW)
: I think they were exclusive for an even in Brazil D: I really wanted that duck.
Na i belive but ye that duck icon is pretty cool
: Most regions have had a region exclusive event... it's not riot treating regions differently they are just getting different opportunities at different times. We will also likely get an EU exclusive event at some point.
Even tho we haven´t got one so far but i hope they made an exclusive one for the EUW region
: yep, I read wayy back that these icons where only for a region only.. Shame how NA get priority "we treat every player equally" RITO KAPPA
Ye totally xD i like that frog icon alot i wish i could have it
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: [Everything you need to know about Snowdown] Seven years of Snowdown on The Summer´s Rift
i love the season 1 song its so i dont know it realy gets me back to the old days of league
Fidda (EUNE)
: Keep an eye on the [News](, if they are going to do it - they will announce it.
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: Jhin's Q only gives 2 shots
I also play jhin most of the times, and it happens sometimes only bounces 2 times even with more than 2 enemies near {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: 18 minutes of queue i give up... rito pls fix this broken queue...
My record was 45 minutes. I went lunch left queue open when I returned still in queue then i said **** league of legends new queue system.. I came here cause my actual queue is again in the 20 minutes of waiting..
: Queue
My max was 45 minutes, just left it there went lunch when I returned still in queue. Then I just logged out and went to play other game. I'm at forums cause my waiting time is at my queue is at 20 minutes. Can't you Riot fix this?
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi guys, To give you a quick rundown and answer some of the questions you've posed: We'll continue to investigate, but it looks like a cable cut caused network connectivity issues outside our network. We have redundancy in place that should detect this sort of issue and reroute it, but this didn't kick in. Our network engineers saw this, and had to manually make the switch. We'll be looking further into why the automated switch did not happen, but unfortunately cable cuts like this are outside our control - the internet is an extremely fragile place at times. We are unable to change the outcome of any games, or remove leaverbuster's - our loss prevention system can only impact games going forward, but it also impacts the entire server, and not just the people having issues. I know this is not a perfect situation, but I can only provide you with the information I have right now :-( I'm glad to hear you guys are back online - we'll be keeping an eye out so this doesn't relapse/repeat over the coming hours, but thanks once again for your info which helped track down where the issue lay much quicker.
We don't want you to change the outcome of previous games, we just want either LP back or free win in the next promotion. Just that. It has already affected community either ways, for the good of some and for the bad of others, but we do prefer to affect in a good way for all since the bad way we already have tasted it few minutes ago by {{item:3073}} this thing that happened.
Eambo (EUW)
: [Resolved] [21-01-16] Disconnection/unable to log in - EUW
Well, I can login now, but that loss cost me a Defeat and 23 LP. Anything you can do about this? A reroll or something like that?{{summoner:3}} +{{summoner:14}} + {{item:3034}} on {{champion:36}} = gg WE DEMAND A REROLL... RITO PLZ Thanks, and please reply
: Portuguese people got dc'ed
Guys, lool I was watching my on disconected game online, that shit is even worst. Be the only person that is disconected and can't do a thing about it is pretty much fustrating. even when your team almost won 4vs5.
: Portuguese people got dc'ed
Second time this happen today, 1 at placements wich got me 8-2 win/loss. Then now again, funny thing I saw my game online going on while I couldnt connect. PIN this sht up so it wont pass unoticed..


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