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: Little bit too overloaded descres the damage lower the knockup and rethink that stun maybe too roted or something so they make counter play Much easier remove some CC he is a tank not a Sejuani its a really good idea Thoe but just a 1.25 knockup 1.5 stun or something and slows try to balance IT a bit more pls check out My Talon Rework;) and ffs lower his base HP -_-
okay, i'll cut the AD from his Q, lower the stun time on E and cut dwon the base health. I'm keeping the knockup duration the same, he needs 3 uninterupted seconds to pull it off. Seems fair to have such a high cc duration on such an easily interuptable skill.
: Champion concept Kal'mar titan of the abyss
update log reduced damage scaling of Q while increaseing slow intensity and knock up duration Changed W to be ult's DoT and added a passive to increase all healing Increased AP scaling of both parts and added decayong slow to throw
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: update log altered solstice: direction of swing now corresponds to the sword used for it. Attacks made with dawn always go right to left will attacks with dusk alwasys go left to right Altered king's guard: reduced shield duration to 2.5 from 4 seconds while increaseing health scaling to 5/6/7/8/9% from 5/5.5/6/6.5/7%
altered solstice with a light stacking mechanic, widened the normal attack, and added a short ranged flip to the final cast
: Oberon the twilight king
update log altered solstice: direction of swing now corresponds to the sword used for it. Attacks made with dawn always go right to left will attacks with dusk alwasys go left to right Altered king's guard: reduced shield duration to 2.5 from 4 seconds while increaseing health scaling to 5/6/7/8/9% from 5/5.5/6/6.5/7%
Derifrest (EUNE)
: So basically this concept was inspired by Lich King, wan't it?
: kayle, jax, corgi, shyvana, any jungler who takes bloodrazor, and laner who takes guinsoos, warwick, kog'maw, nida can, eve can, some tanks. your not appealing to an area where there are few champions by giving him too much hybrid damage. The need is more than filled because hybrid damage is very powerful and hard to balance.
There are also a crap ton of physical damage champs, so switching him to physical wouldn't make him any more unique. His whole kit revolves around changing between his swords so making him deal completely physical damage would make both swords the same, and makes his whole kit pointless.
: He seems like a decent idea for a champion, but he has far to much hybrid damage. I suggest making the damage mostly physical with magical inclinations, since he can build items like guinsoos or wits end and deal hella fucking damage.
Dealing heavy hybrid damage is the point, his entire kit is based around dealing hybrid damage. There are very few hybrid damag dealers in LoL, (jax, kalye, corki and shyvanna are litterally the only ones I can name). If you want me to lower the damage ratios, then say so.
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: More Junglers for 1v1 the dragon
To create champions able to duel the dragon at low level you must make them either unstoppable in the early game, or like malzahar, give them otherwise useless interactions
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: :< Zigmunt Molotch: Arch nemesis of Inquisitor Gideon Ravenor (WH40k) He's an evil genius aligned with Chaos, and the abilities and stuff you listed sounded like they could pass off as something Chaos-affiliated.
I don't know 40K so that is wasted on me. This was all a complete coincidence.
: Is his first name Zigmunt, by any chance?
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: Reduced passive sheilds generated by ability casts and made it so shields get an immediate boost and then a slower regen over 3 seconds from damaging enemies while also reducing overal generation agaisnt non-champions removed AS slow from E
modified sheild to stop all gradual regeneration if it is destroyed and greatly increased regen delay if it broken
: update log reduced range of basic attacks and changed W attack speed to scale with level
Reduced passive sheilds generated by ability casts and made it so shields get an immediate boost and then a slower regen over 3 seconds from damaging enemies while also reducing overal generation agaisnt non-champions removed AS slow from E
xDree (EUNE)
: Hello dear python 159 ! Everything said from now on is my personal criticism of your creation in no means of offending and insulting your creation. So you've made a pretty awesome champion, based on well-armed soldier, with quite a futuristic style. I liked the idea of creating a high risk ADC with short range attacks, same as graves. I usually write long comments, but this is just perfect so all I can do is flatter and complement. Great playstyle and a good expanded information page, gives me alot of intel about who Mercer really is. Perfect lore, short and sweet imbues me with the right amount of information introducing Mercer to the readers. I liked the way youve included the Piltover - Zaun rivalry. Good job on the appearance paragraph, very detailed giving us the exact form of his looks mainly to those who hardened picturing him. Cool weapons, we have never encountered those in League before. Just one thing about your E ability: It seems to be too op since it has both debuffs slow and attack speed reduction, making a 1v1 fight against Mercer quite unfair due to his high damage on Q + shield + furious dash. I would recommend you to remove the slow. This champion doesnt deserve to have any "moving cc" on his kit for he has 2 gap closers (E and R) and heavy damage. I know you want to comfort his playstyle by giving him all the bonuses as a short-ranged champion, but he already has enough. 25% shield (even if he's ADC) is pretty high, and the scaling on the Q are high too (mostly he would successfuly hit 2 spikes because he attacks attached to his enemy). So thats my advice. All good besides that! It feels like 8/10 for me. Im always here if you need any help with your champions! Have a great day! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
thanks for the feedback, i usually have to go to special places to get it so it means a lot you've taken the time to do it. I will certainly look at nerfing the E. For the sheild i think you may be confused by it. It's not like malphite's where he has his all his health then a sheild on top of it, effectivly giving him 110% health. It actually replaces his health, so compaired to a lucian with 1000 health he would have 750 health plus a 250 sheild. the idea was to give him a bit of crutch to help with trades agasint longer range opponents so its not a big deal if he takes a few hits.
: champion concept mercer the furture soldier
update log reduced range of basic attacks and changed W attack speed to scale with level
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: Primordial Maw and Craving text (fan made AP items)
Craving text and primordial maw now grant their movment speed buff when simply near wounded targets and grant twice as much when moving toward them. Increased based damage, AP scaling and missing health scaling of primordial ravage
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: Sona portrait
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: reduced based damage on Q and its cooldown
changed apperance to intergrate ranged weapons directly into his suit: plasma rifle becomes two shoulder cannons and flechette launcher is now mounted to his right arm altered W to fire two shots with higher overall damage but one less on-hit effect
istenszek (EUW)
: That would be cool, but i sort of disagree about the fading away turrets. I'm thinking of something different.
well the fading turrets was just an idea to keep the pace of the match controlled in the early game and make it fair for late game champs like {{champion:67}} and {{champion:157}} going up agaisnt early bullies like {{champion:122}} and {{champion:92}} as they need items before going toe to toe with the bullies and generally work better in 1v1s than 5v5s.
istenszek (EUW)
: Game Modality: Arena
a nice idea but a lot of what makes league good is that its not just straight up duels and massive fights. what could work however is a deathmatch type mode. where the odjective is to score a set number of kills as a team. it would still have to same laning phase and neutral buffs but the lane turrets would be invulnerable and would instead work on a timer to fade away over the course of the game, opening up the map to the team fight phase of the game around 20 mins. this would be a more action packed game that would force more decisive play in teamfights and force people to group up more to avoid getting jumped by enemy kill squads.
Chirika (EUNE)
: Since Ahri is so popular we will do our best and will try to make our best figures so we won’t disappoint Ahri’s fans as well all people who are interested in our project. The main problem with her are Ahri’s tails (if you remember there are nine of them) and it is pretty hard to complete this task. Probably Ahri’s figure will take a little more time than other figures before.
Well I'm sure you'll find a way and it will be great^^.
Chirika (EUNE)
: Thanks. Guqin Sona was our first figure but because of her dress with all details and Etwahl (musical instrument) it became a real challenge. Also her hair was pretty hard to make because of the length but the worst problem were tapes on Sona’s dress, this detail really cause us a lot of problem. We were trying to make different shapes of those tapes but it could not survive process and broke down so we finished it the way you can see. By the way i added one more photo of Sona's figure.
very nice. I hope ahri is going to be made, I love her <3!
LIG Gaara (EUW)
: draft pick has ban and pick order, so no.
Then don't play league. If DoTA is so much better go play DoTA and stop complaining about it like changing it is this only course of action.
LIG Gaara (EUW)
: Idea: Remove blind pick or make another mode
Draft pick. you're describing draft pick. if you don't like blind pick then don't play it. I like blind pick as it generally removes counters and you just focus on what champs you are best at or what works best with your allies, it becomes more about individual skill, teamwork and synergy than just a mish-mash of counter picks.
: Star Wars Champion Skin Set
Grevious azir. Summons magna guards, the thin robots in the cloaks with the shock staffs for episode 3. summons the destroyer droids to roll forward and stand with his ult. (just brainstorming here)
Chirika (EUNE)
: League of Legends's champion's figures
really like the sona one, but they're all great
: altered W to widen its AoE with each recast
made bonus armour and magic resist granted by passive scale with total armour and magic resist instead of bonus armour and magic resist.
StickHack (EUNE)
: Darius Ult indicator
that would be nice, cho'gath is the only champ with an execute indicator. why can daruis and other champs with an execute ability get one?
: needs some work but still 100 times better than "Kindred"
What kind of work would you say it needs? Is it just simple as nerfing some numbers or are am i going to have replace a skill or two? plan for this guy is close range disruptor and destroyer.
: altered W to widen its AoE with each recast
reduced range of Q and made E knockup scale with harbinger's bonus movement speed at the time of impact
Mantra (EUW)
: Right, true. I didn't even think about the Academy skin xD By that logic {{champion:38}} wouldn't/shouldn't get a skin either since he has one in PBE right now. Oh well, too bad. I woulda really liked me some metal 9-tails skin :P
you're chanting to the cheiftan buddy. I want ahri skins as much as the next guy, i was just being realistic with my choices
Mantra (EUW)
: Personally I'd like to see: {{champion:103}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:38}} as Wardens {{champion:30}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:112}} as Marauders
Well i'm no going to say no to {{champion:103}}, though riot probably will since she was one of the academy skins. I simply said those champs because they haven't recived skins recently so it makes sense for them to get one soon.
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: altered W to widen its AoE with each recast
nerfed health scaling, health costs and increased hatred costs of abilites
: increased health cost and scaing on W while also increasing scaling on W and E.
altered W to widen its AoE with each recast
Forden1 (EUNE)
: rito when will kinderd relase to live?
i'd say the next patch after worlds is finished. seems stupid to add a new champion and change the game half way through the world series.
: Prometheus the ancient flame
removed AD scaling on E and reduced the AD and AP granted by ult
MrVört (EUW)
: the concerns was more for how I like to go if I just want to wreck people.. like I do with Kayle. Pure Hybrid build and unstoppable xD Like: {{item:3146}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3153}} or {{item:3078}} (depends on my situation with sustain vs damage ^^) {{item:3124}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3135}} I know this kind of build isn't strong in Higher ELO Ranks... but in Bronze/Silver, people cannot do shit about it xD But seeing as this character kinda got a mix of both AP and AD ratios, my main concern was the possibility of this type(s) of build(s) ^^
well that was my plan, not too many hybrid killers coming out recently so i though it would be fun to add another one to the mix. that kind of build makes him very vulnerable to hard CC and burst as all his durability relies on attacking like a Jax or kayle so a good stun and nuke combo will wipe him out. just need to keep away from him and you'll be fine.
: Prometheus the ancient flame
reduced base damage on E
MrVört (EUW)
: [Champion Idea] Rebecca, The Harbinger of Hate.
hey there overall this champion seems not very well designed, she has very little mobility to actually out manuver her enemies and some of her kit doesn't fit with quick overpowering bursts to enemies. Passive: maybe change it from a DoT to dealing a reduced amount of damage at once so she can more easily burst. i'd also change it so it only applies to champions so her last hitting isn't too absurd. also maybe have it so agaisnt enemies under hard CC like a stun or root she deals this extra true damage with every attack, fitting in with overpowering weakened enemies quickly Q:looks fine, i assume the damage for this skill is added onto the basic attack? W:this is simply too overloaded with passives and the bonus magic damage every fourth hit favours sustained damage over burst so you might want to change this E: this is just fine R: this just seems like a mix of garen and darius' ults as it deals miss HP damage with no AD scaling and grants her bonus stats upon killing with it. nothing wrong with a execute but it should be something not done before. sorry if this seems harsh but it can't get better without honestly feel free to have a look at my lastest concept when you have the time
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