: are you a furry too like rakan?
LOL im not furry, thats my luxurious coat ;p
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q8Arendi (EUW)
: Problems When Reaching Series in Gold V
it just happened again :) :) :) :) :) i dont really know whats the reason!
Gorre LFT (EUNE)
: Ranked is either winning streak or losing streak.
I just posted about this thing, but not technically the same, for me is whenever i reach series i get with the worst players i mean like sometimes i feel its a riot agent trying to make my team lose , or maybe im the only one with 4 RIOTERS! ah u know what i mean right? see i reached this far lol its funny sometimes yet might be right
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JennaA (EUW)
: Hi My Name IS Jenna (JennaA EU WEST)
well i really like watching you, specially that you play differently{{summoner:2}}
Kuryaku (EUW)
: Add a Title offline mode? probably a good idea
yea offline mode can be awesome so much , even in Cafe's we can arrange a 5v5 ( LAN ) i think this is how riot will be disadvantaged because the game is free and if u pay it offline whats the point?
Zaκ (EUW)
: Virgin Media Issues
Ah there is a post about the same exact problem, could of replied there to have more people around haha anyways +1 on this post, but im still not sure if its virgin and riot or from riot servers
: Riot Support and the help they give
i was with you the whole time i am reading, till the point that you copied what member of staff said to you, Member of support team say this: "As what I have said, we have ways of how to determine things here on our end and the account clearly violated our terms and used. Also, the account has already been hacked for a couple of times and a fair warning was given before." First , a member of staff will not have a typo ( tems and used. ) Second , you didnt explain what are the problems that you had with you're account? Third and last i think that you caused your account to be banned and you are not honest with us Bye{{summoner:4}}
Arigato (EUW)
: Are you gonna fix euw or what???
do you expect an admin/staff to reply with this rude/cursing /{{summoner:14}} Post?
: Umm what is Virgin?
Its the Broadband(Internet) Company in UK Called " Virginmedia "
kitablue (EUW)
: Virgin disconnects
Hi, i have Virginmedia internet too, and i got disconnected from TWO ranked games in a row just now, as soon as i get D/C'd i usually check my internet , internet was working fine so im sure it was from the game only, but im not sure if its about virgin or not, ill leave it to your Experts to diagnose the problems :) PS. dc from 2 ranked games, just saying {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:4}}
q8Arendi (EUW)
: Just Started Streaming
is it legal to bump here ? XD{{summoner:6}}
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