: Couple months ago riot tested that(for a second time) ,no idea what was the conclusion they end up with,the experiment ended . You can find RiotWookieeCookie respond other that experiment: https://old.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/9356yc/why_are_people_in_na_having_their_permabanned/e3bbx8j/ Imo i would say it depends and the "unban" is pointless .Riot can test giving back to the player some of the champions/(bought ) skins he/she owned instead of the account.
I think there are a lot of completionists and people attached to the accounts itself. This is one of the reasons i think will maybe inspire some older players to come back to the game, since the sheer nostalgic value of old accounts could be enough. You could even say the accounts have sentimental value to some people.
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