: I did not get my Summoner's Crown-capsule
There was an error linking your account. Please try again. This is for EUW, I already linked my account from Twitch.tv profile with the verification code to League's client. But I cannot link on the webpage even though I have tried to change the page it takes me to euw by editing url. I have logged out and back in, and have done various other things and it simply doesn't work. I would understand if I didn't also work for NA and other regions where it's available because of the transfer limitations due to end of season rewards. Unless they messed up something regarding EUW only. It should fix itself, don't worry. But I could see it being worth to send a support ticket. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: Can we talk about how they have turned the game we all used to love to a oneshot simulator????
Weren't you here when DFG combos were a thing? Also Kayle had 100% AP scaling on her Q and there was even clips of her Q-basicing someone aka one-shotting if you thought it would appear in only soloq. Everything did more damage, but those damages have been cut over the years slowly..


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