: Low Fps on a brand new Mid Tier "Gaming" laptop
1. Drivers up to date? 2. Problems in other games or applications? 3. Most relevant and important I guess: Did you check temperatures? Symptoms kinda imply to me, that you reach a specific temperature and your laptop isn't able to cool down again while you play. Try speedfan or HWinfo64 to take a look at temperatures. 4. Checked if CPU/GPU throttles at one point? If not, download MSI afterburner, set up the overlay for CPU/GPU and take a look what happens to clock rate and temperature.
JuicySoup (EUW)
: GTX 1080 TI, Ryzen 7 1700x, 32gb ram 3200mhz - Low FPS in League
1. Problems in other games? 2. What PSU? 3. Win 10 or Win 7 ? 5. If Win 10, is the XBox Game Bar turned off? (https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/8637-turn-off-game-bar-windows-10-a.html) 6. If Win 10, tried enabling/disabling Gaming Mode? 7. Checked temperatures already? If not, try HWINFO64 or Speedfan to check. 8. Are the GPU or CPU throttling in any way? Might wanna check Ingame with MSI Afterburner. 9. If you manually overclocked, you might want to try default Bios settings.
Bleek (EUW)
: Banned for defending against 3 ppl premade bullies
: Fps/Lag Just Before Death
Sadly, this is a well known issue and is, apparently, caused by the death recap initializing and loading for the first time. It basically tries to process everything in the moment you die, hence causing this hiccup.
CS Primo (EUW)
: Tanks are dead,please rework resolve tree :(
Except the Resolve Tree is pretty overtuned at the moment and tanks still win duels against full damage champions.
Moonpie32 (EUNE)
: How do players actually join LCS?
Pretty much the same process as in other industry: Either by recruitment or application. Esports organisations may try to recruit you by contacting you, if you had enough exposure and you meet the requirement. If teams a have vacant positions, they say so and you have the chance to apply and eventually get tested. Getting to this point though is very, very hard. It's pretty rare, that a simple Challenger Player gets the chance to play in an LCS team. Most of the time these players have already played quite a long time in amateur teams or the second team of the specific org. A little history on how it used to be: The last few years you could technically just create a team and participate in the Challenger Series as a team. If you were good enough (which is already pretty impossible without professional and financial backing), you would play relegations against the LCS teams at the bottom of the League. Simply speaking: The bottom teams of the LCS would compete against the top teams of the Challenger Series to see who would stay or join the LCS. Nowadays, joining the LCS has become a lot harder and more complicated than it used to be. NA introduced a system called [franchising](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franchise). Teams are currently applying for the League and will stay in the LCS because they are the licenced teams. That means, there won't be any relegation anymore and the same teams will always compete with each other. This obviously has positive as well as negative aspects. The system for EU LCS is still in works, apparently it's not going to be franchising. The problem about EU LCS is, that teams can't earn any profit while dumbing millions into their team to stay in the LCS. This has been openly discussed by H2K, Paris St. Germain and others, that refused to participate any longer with bigger funding.
: Question about mortal reminder
It should apply, you can just test it in Sandbox mode.
smokeice (EUNE)
: How to use combo to Zed
You better remove the part in the brackets, because you are straight up admitting, that you're breaking the terms of service. Besides that, google some guides. Watch some videos or streams about Zed players, namely LL Stylish to have one of the best Zed players in NA.
Rattlesz (EUW)
: Have accepted that no matter how much i try i will not climb is this bad?
You should have at least have a slight idea of why it's not working out. You are saying, that you are playing well. So what are the factors you base this on? Your stats? Your damage dealt? Your objectives taken? Let's ask another question: Are you playing well, if you take a huge amount of ressources while not being able to carry your team? I don't know your play style at all, but keeping fancy stats won't win you a game. Again, no idea how you play, but this is what it looks like to me: You take a lot of kills and ressources, but you don't translate the the lead into a winning condition. You should be able to at least 2v1 with these stats. You sometimes have up to 10+ kills before 30 minutes. At this point, you should be the one, that initiates fights and forces the enemy to react. It genuinely looks like, that you play way too safe and let the enemy just come back into the game. Upload some replays to youtube, so we can actually judge this. Be aware of this: If you take a lot or ressources, then the burden of carrying the game falls onto you. Don't take away ressources from your team, if you can't carry with it. Not saying, that it is the case for you, but a lot of lower elo players don't seem to understand their capabilities while taking away every kill they can, eventually blaming their team to "not doing anything". So the general round of generic tips: Watch your replays, look at what you could have done better and write it down. Take a look at your CS at 10 minutes, compare it to your direct opponent to evaluate if you're really doing fine. If you take all the kills, make plays. Get bot as an ADC, rotate mid and pressure, force the enemy to follow your actions, not the other way around. Oh, and don't duo queue with a silver 4 player, that has been stuck there for like 1000 games if you want to climb.
: I highly doubt that ... but i respect your argument and opinion. However, younger people tend to have more fun, so they find different ways to do so. In a recent post I've read that 67% of the people playing League of Legends are acutally teenagers around 12-17 years old. So technically most of the 'instalockers" and "feeders" are kids.
That would also mean, that most well behaved players are teenagers.
: And for normals?
Gold. Source: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/2017-ranked-season-ends-november-7 >Yeah! In case you're wondering about the non-ranked queues, check out the chart below. For example, if you get Gold in Flex, but Silver in Solo/duo, what border shows when you play a Normal SR? Or ARAM? >Normal SR: Shows highest of Solo/Duo or Flex Normal TT: Shows TT Flex reward RGM/ARAM/Custom: Shows highest of any reward Co-op SR: Shows highest of Solo/Duo or Flex reward Co-op TT: Shows TT Flex reward Ranked Solo/Duo: Shows Solo/Duo reward Ranked Flex SR/Flex TT: Shows Flex reward, depending on SR or TT
: Does Gold 5 in ranked flex unlock mastery border next season for all queues?
You will have a gold border in Flex Queue and Silver in Solo.
: Is it appropriate to have an age system in League of Legends
First problem: You would need the information from every player about his age. That's not realistic nor is it guaranteed that every person provides real information. Hence there is no way to actually check for a system if the person is actually as old as he claims to be. Second problem: There is no causal link between age and behavior. Yes, it most likely correlates. I'm very certain, that the majority of bad behaving players are not as young as you think they are. There are far bigger problems than age gap, for example cultural differences, anonymity, the game being free to play etc.
: An engineering question
Not sure what exactly you mean, but if you are searching for problems, that generally require a lot of operations, then you might look at stuff like: - Bruteforcing in general (Passwords, RSA etc) - Everything data mining related (cluster analysis etc) - Similiarity measurements with Distance matrix (Has O(n²) i think, so pretty high computational as well as time complexity) - Travelling salesman problem - Neuronal networks with a lot of layers - Rendering physical phenomena in real time (Water, lighting, surfaces etc)
Zakuza (EUW)
: High latency EUW/UK
Fairly common thing, sadly. Lots of ISP backbones don't handle the load that is created in evenings well. It's basically because everyone is at home and watches/uses his internet, at worst for streams etc. I do observe the same thing here as well. Ping usually around 26, from 8pm to roughly 11pm it's around 80-120 because basically one router shits the bed. And that's all that's needed. The internet is a shared medium, so not much you can do.
: Riven mains
To be fair: Every guy with 700k points on a champion who is still in bronze probably feeds with his respective champion.
Renold (EUNE)
: More trolls/afk/ragequiters in my team then enemy team??
Riot specifically told me, that they don't like you. That's the reason, why they adjusted their whole matchmaking system so you would only get trolls in your team. I'm sorry man.
Yëlm (EUW)
: 14 days ban ??? This is not fair RIOT.
Write a Support ticket if you think your ban is not warranted.
: Season Reward
Taken from here: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115011781068-2017-Ranked-Rewards-Eligibility >In just under three months, the 2017 season will end and you’ll be getting rewards for the ranked tier you’ve reached. We'll have more details on what rewards to expect closer to the end of the season, but for now, we wanted to remind you how to stay eligible for rewards. >There are a few ways to miss out on this season’s rewards: >Players with bans or chat restrictions active when the season ends are ineligible for this year’s rewards. **Players issued a ban of seven days or more from 8/22/2017 are ineligible for this year’s rewards.** Players banned for boosting during the 2017 season remain ineligible for rewards. Players who experience fraud-related or erroneous bans will still be eligible. Keep playing ranked and fight with honor to make sure you earn your 2017 ranked bounty!
: Is it possible to level up from lvl 1 Honor?
Yes, you can level up again. Can take quite some time though. If you are stuck with it till the end of the season? Maybe, who knows? Depends on how much get honored.
: Know your ping before playing ranked
Ping testing doesn't make sense if you don't test if specifically for the league servers. These ping test sites route you to the closest server in their network, which is most likely at a completely different location if you are not from the Netherlands.
Spurious (EUW)
: How should I climb ranked?
The thing is, that you shouldn't try to climb out of Bronze, you should try to improve yourself. The question about this is: What did you try already so far? Did you try to focus on a hand ful of champions and max 2 roles? Did you try to watch replays? Did you to check your performance by given stats? Did you try to develope habits that serve as automatisms? Did you try to play by meta?
kaltzifer (EUNE)
: To RIOT: End of season honor reward.
Someone already picked up the feedback on the NA forums, so we can hope: https://i.imgur.com/93XVBdZ.png Also agree, that Lvl 5 should get all skins, otherwise it doesn't make much sense
: Players Opinion
>hardys77: when you he gets banned he gonna cry on boards asking what he did wrong xd That's somewhat ironic, couldn't leave that alone, sorry. Besides that: Yeah, think it's deserved. You are not a flamer per se, but pretty condescending and annoying. Besides that, you seem to report call a lot.
: Best Way To Get Honor Level
Play the game, don't be a %%%%, get honors. There is no secret to it.
: Vsync is off , yes 60 fps is pretty easy for my pc to run , i even tried it in very low doesnt change a thing. Haven't tried the 3rd option. I don't play any other games atm , but i dont think so...
Sounds like a driver specific thing then. Make sure to unistall Nvidia Experience since it can mess with settings outside of the game.
: Was this a bad follow up to a gank by me?
Don't really know your and Victors stats but i go with the assumption that he wasn't insanly ahead. Not necessarily bad, but badly executed. I personally think, the choice to commit was the right one, but you walked up to him before he used his ult and while he still had ignite up. He probably anticipated, that you would walk up since he saved his stuff. Better thing would have been to just stay present. Presence is worth a lot in a sicutation like that. Slowly walking up to the situation, but not getting yourself in danger. Put him in a situation where he has to think and rapidly has to make a decision. That's what triggers mistakes. While he thinks, Wukong can do some damage and you can walk up eventually when he decides to use his spells. Wukong still had enough health left imo. So yeah, what you can take away from it is, how important it is to keep cooldowns in mind. But again: I think it was just kind of unlucky and poorly executed, but not necessarily a bad decision.
: I have 60 fps capped in normal games and 200+ in practice mode?!
1. Vsync on? 2. Do your frames are stable at 60 FPS regardless of the action thats going on? 3. Tried restoring default settings and put on benchmark to check if it raises the FPS? 4. Tried using both, VGA and HDMI cable? 5. Do you have a similiar problem in another game?
CS Primo (EUW)
: But there are games that due to duo premade teams ,you can find yourself in games where teams have significant mmr differences.I have played a game in solo queue in the past and I had a teammate silver 5 premade with a gold 5.The difference of MMR between the 2 teams was 150 mmr,I think I was silver 2 then.So enemy team was 150 mmr above mine!
Again, Gold 5 doesn't mean that his MMR is higher than that of a Silver 1 or Silver 2 player. That's why i said, that you lose MMR a lot faster than you lose ranks. So if you were Silver 2 and you got mixed with Gold players, then that can either mean, that your MMR is relativly high or theirs is relativly low. I bet you can check their MMR (even though it's not offical on op.gg) and it will say something like Silver 1 or Silver 2 even though they are gold.
CS Primo (EUW)
: Thank you for your reply.But thats not what I am asking.I specifically ask what will happen in LP and MMR if a team of lower MMR beat a team of higher mmr and the opposite,if a team of higher mmr beats a team of less mmr. I am asking cause I read somewhere that if you beat a team with higher mmr,the system finds it unacceptable so it wont give you much mmr and lp.And that if you beat a lower mmr team it will give you more.
No, you were specifically asking for 2 players and I answered you, that this is not a scenario that will or should occure. It is not supposed to happen, that you play games with very big MMR discrepancy, because that's what the MMR of the division is for. To be clear here: This isn't Counter Strike. Your are not not measured by your direct opponent but by the average MMR of the players in your division, which the matchmaking is based on. That's what i meant with different hierachy. Again, if you have an MMR of 1850 and you are in Gold 4-5 and you play a game, then you'll most likely end up in a game with teams that are close to your MMR with some slight fluctuations. If you win, you prove, that you are capable of playing on this level while being a lot lower in terms of rank than the game you played (measured based on the average MMR of your rank), hence your will gain more LP and your MMR will rise. It doesn't matter if you beat a team with 1878 MMR or 1800, the gain based and compared to what you have and what the average of your rank is. Maybe there is a difference of like 1-2 LP, who knows? But the system is not supposed to make matches, that are completely uneven, at least not in a populated ranked queue. So I doubt, that the system actually targets these slight differences with different MMR gains.
CS Primo (EUW)
: Need help with MMR matchmaking system
You can't straight up compare the MMR of just two players, since matchmaking relies on team MMR, which is probably the arithmetic mean, and your personal MMR is only compared to the average of the rank you are in. Hence the hierarchy is different like this: Let's assume you have a MMR of 1850 which is (or was) very close to plat. Let's assume though, that your rank is Gold 4-5. It is assumed, that you will play with high gold/low plat players because of your MMR. If you win, you will gain more than the average LP because your MMR is way higher than your rank suggests. Therefore the system tries to push you faster to plat because everything indicates (your MMR compared to the average MMR of your rank/League), that you should be higher. The other way around is, that your MMR is lower than the average MMR of your rank/league. This can be because you got placed pretty high because of your previous season rank, but you suddenly lost a lot of games in a row. You usually fall down devisions a lot slower than your MMR decreases. Therefore, being in a league/rank which has higher average MMR than your personal MMR will lead to you losing more LP than you gain.
: Riot member threatening tyler1/flaming him/wishing death on him.
This is just a straight up dumb statement given in a really dumb context. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but if you wear a Riot tag on an offical League discord, you better be aware, that you speak publicly for the company unless you disclaim yourself. And even if, the way he worded this was very derogatory. Again, no one cares what he says to his buddies on a private chat or while they sit with him on the couch at home, but you can't bust out something like this in this context. It's pretty much the same, as if a Rioter would have said this on a Riot event while wearing his Riot T-Shirt to some random dudes without disclaiming himself. Well, might cost him his job now.
: The concept of counter - build. How does it work?
You are not supposed to be able to build something that counters builds in the situation you describe. That is what it means to have an advantage and how you actually move in a winning position. If someone gets fed, it means, he has more ressource than you have. If you don't have close to the same amount of gold, then you won't be able to actually counter it. What you are asking for is, what to do best to **mitigate** the potential damage. What do you build is obviously highly situational. Let's take your examples into account. If a Zed gets ahead and builds lots of lethality, it will be on you to decide what is still possible and what your game plan is. You have a champion, that will be able to catch up with his damage in a sense of, that you can kill him if you play it right, then go damage and hope for the outplay potential. Maybe you see roaming potential, probably also good to take damage to take kills from something else then. If you think, you will not be able to keep up with him or burst him down fast enough and you just want to survive all ins while being able to keep farming, build something like Zhonyas/Haunting guise/Rylai's. Don't completely itemize against one threat, itemize in a way, that lets you do stuff in the overall game. Fed draven is pretty much the same. You could technically rush Randuins/Thronmail/Whatever Armor item you want. It would probably do the job. But you usually don't want to do this because: Mages and AD-based champions Assassins primarly want to do the same: Deal damage. So they are also in very similar situations when it comes to itemization while being at a disadvantage. Imagine you are Ahri and you play against Zed and you get fed. The Zed could ask the exact same question as you do now. What to build to not completely strife off from builds, that serve your purpose and your actual role in the game? Mages usually have Seeker's Armguard while Assassins have Hexdrinker. Having to build items to mitigate is always something, that creates a disadvantage and puts you in a spot, where you have to decide what's better for the overall game. That's why i think, that asking about "counter" builds when someone is super fed is kinda strange. You are not supposed to be able to counter it without investing a lot of time and ressources. Eventually, if you make it to the end of the game, things will equalize itself again, obviously taken into consideration the overall team comps and itemizations.
: Player flames me for ending laning phase. Someone please constructive criticism I don't know how to
Both of you are not exactly write nor wrong because you are stating general concepts that you try to follow, IF the situation makes it possible. He is not wrong by saying, that Anivia generally benefits a lot from a good and long laning phase because she relies on her really decent mid game and very, very strong late game. Extending her laning phase gives her time to scale, especially since she usually uses items like Tear or RoA that are, again, scaling items. Your are not wrong by trying to get objectives faster than your opponent. What you seem to disregard or not understand is the reason, why you want that. League is a constant trade of ressources based on decisions you make. You generally want to make decisions that lead to you having more ressources, that the enemy. Getting objectives is one of these ways. Getting kills as well though. Especially as a midlaner you have the second highest impact on the map, since you can roam around without losing to much if your lane is pushed out. Do i think he was right with what he said? Honestly yes. Looking at the game, Lux had 14 kills and did 3 times as much damage as you did. What i assume happend is the following: You kept pushing her in and took the tower as soon as possible while other lanes were still pretty much in their laning phase. If other lanes are not doing well, then taking first tower is very risky, because it forces you to go pretty deep into the enemies side while none of your team can really help you. Apparently you created 0 pressure through taking the tower because Lux didn't fall behind at all. Besides that she had more farm than you and more kills. First blood tower might be nice, but it's not worth anything if a) you don't create pressure with it and 2) if you don't snowball from that or extend the lead from it. Lets assume you got first tower mid, if Lux gets 2 kills bot while her bot lane gets 2 assists as well, then it's not worth much because it will backfire on your whole team eventually. It's not always about direct benefit but about the returns that you get from certain things later on. What i'm saying is, that you can't also pull of what you think is the best thing to do. If looks is roaming bot the whole time and your bot lane dies even if you ping, then you have to adapt to that and try to 1) go even or 2) prevent that from happening. Either you get something in return while your bot lane gets destroyed that will make up for it or you try to help them out in any way through vision/rotating/whatever. Not blaming the game on you though, your whole team got destroyed, judging by the stats. You want to take the tower when you know, that you can extend that lead to something else and when it's actually bad for them that you can roam now. Trying to get the tower after the first kills nonsense because you deny yourself the chance to kill the enemy in lane again and apply pressure so that the jungler has to spend time in your lane to shut you down. This enables your other lanes as well as your jungler to do well, because you keep 2 pretty important ressources of the team busy.
vikinator (EUW)
: Is ban for flaming justified?
I have kind of mixed feeling on what you say. Don't get me wrong, i definitely see where you are coming from and i personally think, that it is generally not a wrong point of view. Without trying to sound condescending, but i do think your approach is a bit to short-sighted in the sense of how property usually is governed by the respective owner. I'll elaborate a bit on that. Let's adress the ban situation first. I'm not sure if it was justified and you already said, that you don't want to discuss it anyways. What i do agree with you on is, that you shouldn't get banned but chat restricted first. Getting banned immediately usually implicates, that you did enough to deserve it, but for the same of this conversation i would like to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume, that you are generally a normal player who doesn't actually mean to flame, especially if you haven't received any punishement after 7 years. The thing is, that not everyone perceives your banter and joke as such, simply because you are on neutral terms. People, especially when it comes to written communication, can get offended fairly easily if someone says something offending who's not affiliated to them in any way. Even though you think it'sa good joke, you and the enemy teams are not exactly friends. You see this kind of friendly meant behaviour in quite a few situations in Real Life. A good example that comes to my mind is football. There are a lot of situations, where players foul each other or have some kind of confrontation. One of the players attempts to pet the other guy on the head as a friendly gesture. But in a lot of cases, the other player actually slaps away the hand because he takes this gesture as a condescending gesture towards him while it might be meant in a friendly way. The reception is always somewhat unknown in these situations, where you are not "on the same side". People in your team, especially in winning situations, will have a lot easier time to distinguish between jokes and actual flame, because you guys are, given by the system, already "on the same side". That's what leads me to the next point. It might be true, that you are on really good terms with your team, but that is not exactly something that equalizes other behaviour. You can't really balance out, potentially, offensive behaviour with a good deed. A hyperbolic example would be to say, that you spend money every month on certain charity. On the other hand you are a thief. So are you, for our western standards, a morally good person? Hard to say, but i'd say that most people would judge you based on your morally bad actions. So yeah, what i ultimately want to say with this is, that being a nice dude to your team while provoking the other team to the point of reporting doesn't make you a nice person at all. And i'm not saying, that applies to you now, this is just a general statement. And all this is coupled to the fact, that the enemy team doen't even get to see your team chat, so they don't even know your "good" side. It's somewhat like a guy who makes questionable jokes in public, but is the nicest guy at home, The thing is, that not everyone sees you at home and knows that. I hope you can kind of see where i'm coming from. Context just matters so much when it comes to communication without nonverbal communication. It's always good to establish a stance and make your intent very clear. Instead of simply calling someone fat (based on his username), you could say: "Damn, fatty. That was pretty good, i'll give you that". It's pretty clear, that you are targeting his name with this while actually complementing him for what he did. It usually implies, that you mean no harm and that the banter is just the way you wanted to give him a compliment. --------- Second point is about being chat restricted permanently instead of getting banned and i think, that this is really a question of principles. Punishment in League obviously has the same overall function that punishment has everywhere: It tells you, that you broke the rules or that you did something wrong and tries to scare you enough to not do it again. When we see this in the context of having strong principles, then banning someone eventually makes a lot of sense. The kind of specific punishement you propose is very, very rare in Real Life as well. I personally believe, that you will have a hard time finding a case, where someone gets a really specific punishment like the one you are asking for. Let's make up a few situations: Let's assume you are in a convenient store and you keep verbally harassing people. First time you get a warning, pretty common. But you will eventually get to the point, where you get banned from the store. They are not going to say: Hey dude, it's fine. You can keep buying stuff here, just make sure to have your muzzle on so that you can't talk. That is not a thing, that is not going to happen - never. Someone, who is prone to harassment will find ways again to harass, even without his previous way. Another example. You are in a bar where you can sit around and do some crossword puzzles. But since you are a bad boy, you keep painting the walls with your pen. Over and over again. What will happen? Yes, you will eventually get banned from the bar. They are not going to say, that you can still drink here, only restriction you have is, that you won't get a pen anymore. Other example in the same context: You always order but never pay. They are not going to make the effort to always check, if you have money on you before they let you in. There are countless of over occasions we could find. These are just a few examples of enforcing your rules and princples and that it's unlikely or strange to have very specific punishments for cases like toxic chat behaviour. I personally think, that it's the right stance to enforce your rules like that. I don't see, why someone who can't even follow simple rules after several chances should be allowed to play the game. The damage is done beforehand and it damages the reputation of the game. Only chat banning people would give them a free pass to just be a huge %%%% while they still get to play the game. That's not a consequent stance imo and i guess Riot thinks the same. So the logic behind this all is, that you stick to your principles that apply to the enviroment you've created and make sure, that only people get to be in there, that share the same principles or can at least arrange themselve with them. So the punishment is really not targeted to the specific rule you broke or what could be done to mitigate the punishment on the players side. If the player doesn't care about the rules at all, then why should Riot care about him? It's not like anyone has more privileges as anyone else.
bluefirenb (EUNE)
: I got banned, okey : )
Update us again after you are permabanned.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: A message for perma banned players who are annoyed about the money they invested in the account
: All I simply wanted was them to apologise and to stop flaming, neither happened. In addition I actually didn't intentionally feed the enemy, I only died mostly to Jarvan as he hunted me everywhere on the map and I couldn't escape him.
Yeah, of course. That is, why you have 15 deaths and why the topic of apologising is brought up over and over again. Because you simple played the game without any ill intend and surely nothing happend that would animate your team to argue with you. That also obviously happened while you played osrs next to it, which doesn't influence your gameplay at all and which is totally fine. Totally believe that you are not lying here.
: Chat restricted????
Actually seems deserved, looking at the games + logs. Judging your stats from game 1, i'm pretty sure that you did exactly what the chat logs imply. Imo you deserve even more of a punishement for holding your team hostage like that.
Phrase (EUW)
: wtf is myshop
Discounted Skin offers based on your prefered champions or champions, that Riot thinks you would be interested in a skin for.
: i reported her and i got no pop up with thank you for your support and we continue relying on you to make notice of toxic players . which ive gotten like 10 to 15 times before
You don't always get feedback when someone gets reported though, you know that, right? So you actually have no idea if he got punished or not.
: i pressed copy text because it was only that bit . i dont understand how 3 sentences can get chat ban while that karma got nothing and she was flaming me alll game like 50 sentences because i didnt trade her/him veigar in select. i said stupid silver karma because she was calling me bronze and boosted and everything and said "your build is %%%%%%ed veigar u suck" on which i responded stupid which is way less offensive
How do you know, that she didn't get punished?
: support and thresh tips
Apparently you have the answer for your struggles already. You said it yourself: You make a lot of bad engages. If you realize, that you make bad engages, why can't you track down the reasons of why it is a bad engage? Do you watch your replays? If not, do that first. There is always a reason why you would call something "bad". So to prevent something bad from happening again, you track down the cause and try to not do this exact thing again. That is what learning is. There is no one here, that can give you a generic engage recipe for every matchup with every single state of lane against players of all skill levels. That's not something that exists, everything in this game is situational. So if you have specific question about engages, ask them. If you have questions about a specific engage you did and it failed and you don't understand why, upload it, so people can watch it.
Marvals (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=rèV,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=dvyey3Nv,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-09-18T22:42:44.913+0000) > > Second idea: > > * It's simply not possible to skip promos in plat anymore. I only skipped promos up till platinum as well, so i personally can't give proper information about it. > > These are just my assumptions on how the system works. Going with your very high LP gain and your previous ranks, i'd almost assume that you can't skip promotions in plat anymore, but still divisions. i skipped plat 5 to plat 3 winning my promo.
But you still had to play the promo games to skip divisions, right? Because that's what i meant to say. Having to play promos, but still being able to skip whole divisions.
: > [{quoted}](name=rèV,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=IEjMchZq,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2017-09-18T22:22:11.005+0000) > > What do you mean by common mistake? You want to tell me, that there is absolutely no correlation between bad stats and bans for intentional feeding? Read what I have already wrote, is all explained there. Yes, a VERY bad score can be a valid sign of inting but u can int with EVERY kind of score, providing u have died at least one time during the game. >What you are saying is, that someone rages and dies 2 times, he should be held accountable for intentionally feeding If he did it on purpose OFC he must be punished for it, doesn't matter if he did it 2 times or 20. >I took a very specific look at this game and concluded this not only by his stats, but also by the stats of his teammates, the enemies, the damage dealt, the wards placed, the items bought and the minions farmed. I also took other games into consideration to see, if he is prone to inting. ...all things that mean nothing. U can snap at ANY point in the game, what your teamates did has 0 relevance, and so forth. Sure: if u go 0/20 in every game u are surely a troll. But u can have perfectly normal stats and still be a inter, like this case proved. And let me repeat: Riot "inters buster" DON'T ban innocent guys, is made to only punish when is 157% clear they deserve it, even if it means that 4398348943 actual inters can walk free. In short: if Riot ban someone for inting...that player is guilty, period.
I really like how you purposely dodged my question of how to find out the intend of a player while connecting a death in the game and his emotional state. You haven't given me an answer on how it's done while you clearly claim, that the system actually banned a 100% guilty player here. You only adressed things i actually agreed on with. Sweet irony. This case hasn't proven anything at all. You might want to look up what "proofing something" means. I hope you realize as well, that your whole post is a huge contradictions to your conclusion. You are telling me, that neither personal stats nor perspective to others matters, so how does this unfailable system of Riot work and find intentional feeders while not looking at stats? Blindly relying on a group report by 4 premades? Or do we actually have a chip implemented, that this system constantly monitors to see, if our emotional state matches the outcomes in this very specific game? Or does it maybe read chat logs and scans for the wort "inting" or "intentional feeding" and bans everyone that wrote this word because it assumes that he did it? So far you have given me zero ways of connecting emotional instability and dying in the game to clearly proof, that a player is intentionally feeding without him explicitly stating it. At this point, for this specific case, we have 0 indication, that he intentionally fed and you can't prove shit while i gave you several indications why it's unlikely that he did. And i'm pretty sure it will stay this way. So i'm not going to bother with you anymore. You would probably not even ackknowledge the possibility of him not feeding even if he uploaded the replay.
Kaluchii (EUW)
: Skipping Divisions Explained?
I can't tell you how well the system works, but the general idea is, that you skip promotions if your MMR is way above your current rank. I think the system was never explained in public. Since you've been diamond several seasons, it's somewhat likely that your MMR is a lot higher at that point than it should have been, hence you skipped. 31+/-6 indicates an MMR way, way higher than it should be. There are two different cases i could think of, why it didn't happen for you in the plat case. These are merely speculations though: First idea: - Either MMR difference had to be higher or average MMR is higher. For example (completely made up numbers to illustrate): Let's assume you had an MMR of 2200 at that point, and you need to have a difference of at least 500 MMR to skip promos. Let's say the average assumed MMR for gold 1 is 1600. Hence you would have been over the 500 MMR threshold and skip the promo. - For plat there either might be a higher average MMR or a bigger MMR difference needed. - For the first case we assume, that you still had roughly 2200, but the average plat 5 MMR is 1750. Hence you would not have the 500 MMR difference to skip. - Second case could be that you need 650 MMR difference to skip promos in plat, hence you wouldn't skip under the above stated circumstances as well, even if the average MMR is a bit lower than assumed. Second idea: * It's simply not possible to skip promos in plat anymore. I only skipped promos up till platinum as well, so i personally can't give proper information about it. These are just my assumptions on how the system works. Going with your very high LP gain and your previous ranks, i'd almost assume that you can't skip promotions in plat anymore, but still divisions.
: > [{quoted}](name=rèV,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=IEjMchZq,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-09-18T21:44:53.751+0000) > >stats overall indicate to me that you genuinely tried to participate as good as you can in the game That's a really common mistake, to judge a possible intentional feeders by stats. True: if u are 0/30/0 u are almost surely a troll but the opposite is not true at all: u can be 12/2/20 and actually deserve a ban for inting if u started raging for some reason and died on purpose those two times. Is NEVER about the score, is simple about if a player snapped during a game and started to die on purpose, doesn't matter how many times, doesn't matter how he was doing before it.
What do you mean by common mistake? You want to tell me, that there is absolutely no correlation between bad stats and bans for intentional feeding? You seriously want to tell me, that in this specific instance, he was banned because of purposely dying at a specific time to throw a 45 minute game? Why would someone extend the game longer than it has to be? Because that is, what intentionally feeding tries to archive: making games end fast. And why would his team keep playing, especially in a normal game, if they could just surrender? It's absurd to say, that it's NEVER about the score. A strong indicator for intentionally feeding is having an overproportional amount of deaths compared to the average player in the game and, if you want to extend it to the general case, having these amounts of deaths in a huge amount of your games overall. So no, i don't agree with your "common mistake" statement at all. I took a very specific look at this game and concluded this not only by his stats, but also by the stats of his teammates, the enemies, the damage dealt, the wards placed, the items bought and the minions farmed. I also took other games into consideration to see, if he is prone to inting. If we go by your logic, we could never pinpoint intentionally feeding at all. What you are saying is, that someone rages and dies 2 times, he should be held accountable for intentionally feeding. So what if he says, that he lagged or that he actually didn't do it on purpose? What judgement do you make then? You would probably say, that he is lying because you noticed that he raged and that the deaths happened shortly after, which is not an necessarly an unjustified claim at that point. A bit strong, but there is ground to believe so. But where is your proof? Same applies to scripters. If someone dodges 95% of skillshots and he says he is not scripting, how do make a judgement if you don't look at numbers? I go by quantifiable numbers and compare them to the players, that definitely weren't feeding, which was established by the situation. I go with the assumption that none of the enemy team nor his own team was feeding (because the enemy team won and his team reported him for inting, hence the assumption that they weren't inting themselve), yet you still find high death numbers on both sides, which implies (yes, it does imply something) that it was a high kill game in general. I don't disagree, that inting is probably caused by emotional outburst most of the times, but that doesn't matter at all. We are not searching for the cause, we are searching for indications, that clearly point out, in conjuction with other factors, that he was purposely feeding the enemy team to make his team lose. And i see none at all in this case.
Ląst (EUW)
: 14 days ban? Da%%%%
I would actually write a ticket to Riot Support. Your damage seems a bit low for playing Aurelion Sol, but stats overall indicate to me that you genuinely tried to participate as good as you can in the game, since you have a few kills and a bunch of assists and having the second highest score in placed wards. Not sure who even played support in your game, seemed like a pretty big fiesta in general. Just seems like an unlucky game - a normal game on top of it. But yeah, i'd ask Riot to look into it. It doesn't seem fair considering all your other games. I just go with the assumption, that you usually don't flame and you are not chart restricted or that you haven't received any other punishments. For me there is no indication for intentional feeding, not in general in your games and not in this one either.
: https://imgur.com/a/63sCw "cough" "cough" seems like the Chinese alphabet to me :D.. I didn't research enough? No you need to stop supporting cucks, your wife will cheat on you too.
I hope you are not serious with what you are posting here and in your last respones. You can't be that stupid, can you? Not only you don't adress anything i wrote in general. You also think, that posting one game, which is not even really imbalanced (we go over this later), proofs something. So let's assume this game is actually imbalanced, what kind of value has this game compared to all of your other games? If one game is imbalanced out of 20, is that a proof for a broken system? Learn what sample size means and how statistics work. Second thing: Why do you screenshot it and don't link it so we can actually all take a look at these players instead of showing us their current (as well as) meaningless rank? I wentover the idea of divisions already, yet you try to prove something WITH divisions. Stop being ignorant. But well, let's take a look at these teams: Bronze 2 vs. Bronze 3 -> Balanced, literally no difference between them in the average case. Gold 4 vs Gold 4 -> Assumption is, that they are close in MMR considering the idea of correlating divisions and MMR Gold 1 vs Plat 5 -> Again, literally the same. Only thing that separates them is likely to be 3 promo games. Plat 4 vs Plat 2 -> Might be a difference, which can be cause by either high MMR, the unranked player or the Bronze 2 vs Bronze 3 player (which i don't assume) Unranked vs Unranked -> Literally can't say because both players are wildcards. Your unranked player could have been gold/plat last season and not played any ranked this season while the enemy unranked player could have been lower in previous seasons, which would explain the difference between Plat 2 and Plat 4. So yes, i not only think that you didn't do enough research, i also think you don't seem to understand the idea of the system. I'm not going to bother with you anymore though, since i think a dude that throws around random stats and lies is not worth to talk to. You don't even defend yourself against my points. And no, i'm not going to "Forget the MMR for a second :D" because that's how the system works.
: Permabanned for THIS CHAT? (rly?)
GL with the lawsuit man, you might want to read the ToS before you do that. Will save you the money for the lawsuit as well as the money for your lawyer. Aside from that, i assume that you already had 2 strikes before this? I don't think you randomly got punished, so i think it's better not to pretend, that this was a surprise. Not sure if i actually find these specific chat logs permaban worthy, but i think we can be sure, that these weren't the only cases, that you behaved in a very annoying way, that led to you getting reported. You just seem to like to talk a lot of useless stuff. GL with your next account.
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