Gothrak (EUW)
: buff? LOL everytime i see someone playing pantheon for the first time they end 20/3 pls stop{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
bronze/silver elo ?
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TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Try to laneswap mid. I usually do it when i play bully and i am stopped. Then our mid afkfarms who scales and thebully can do it
no , dosent solve this .
: Learn to play your champion in this state of the game first
lol , very helpful . nerf pantheon xd
Ddoghusky (EUW)
: panth is good in low elo only. when ive played in bronze. I stomp lane and it makes opponents gg out cause they are bronze and dont have a good enough mental capacity. People in low elo dont respect panth so dont take heals. I played kled and panth on my smurf and im only silver 3 but in b5 to bronze 1 i %%%%ed on them cause they all fed cause they dont understand the champ.
yeah but the higher u go the harded it becames , players knows how to counter him easly and the probleme is that all chmapsions can counter him , that dosent make any sens , all the passive healings , shields , knocks , not forgetting the stopwatch all that denies pantheon . the number of good matchups that panth has is 0 .!!
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