: You need to check the meaning of "wish" and "threat" on the lexicon ... he did however flame him, on this you are correct.
Just wanted to make the title noticable. "he will overdose on coke and all will be gucci". Seems like a wish to me. The threat part was abit off, pardon me on that.
: While I do agree that tyler1 is a toxic piece of garbage that deserved all 20+ of his permabans, wishing him cancer, etc. goes way too far, especially for a Rioter. I hope this doesn't escalate further, and I'm pretty sure that such behaviour will get talked about (inside of Riot) in a sense of "don't do that again". However, I feel like it was said in the heat of the moment, and that the Rioter **may **have already regretted his/her words about a(n) hour/day/etc. later. IMO the way phreak talks about tyler1 should be acceptable (he clearly shows he doesn't like him, but that's it), whereas something like this, no matter what things tyler1 may have done to you, should not be tolerated. After all, we are being banned when we say that someone deserves to get cancer, so why should it be acceptable for a Rioter to say it? --- tl;dr. Yes you may show that you don't like someone. No, wishing someone cancer, etc. goes too far. A warning (not in-game, just a 'word' inside of Riot) should suffice though, and I suspect it was just something said in the heat of the moment.
A "talk"? I would get my account perma banned in-game for saying that. Why not apply the tribunal to the employees aswell? I am sure he will get fired, maybe even sued. Representing such a big brand and bashing individuals who are the reasont their company is succesful aint no joke. I know I would get fired if I messaged my working buddy how the people I do bussiness with look like homunculus.
: Verified? You're not in the official EU Discord in those screenshots. It has the League logo, not the double fisted Riot logo.
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: so a lead Riot employee starts typing like a 14 year old high on cheap weed and openly bash on a dude in a public place where everyone can see it and take screenshots, yea that's totally a Rioter
So just because he is a Rioter, he can not act in a childish way? Take a look at a recent rioter making fun of Tylers stuttering on-stream. People at regular jobs are sometimes %%%%s and get fired, why can not Rioters be?
: Are you 100% sure this isn't someone using Riot in their name while not being a Rioter, or even an imposter?
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