Hyratayle (EUW)
: so, is the problem fixed for you? I'm still stuck at can't play a single game since 8 days
This was fixed for me a few days ago
Exzoe (EUW)
: Will Riot EVER compensate the euw players atleast ONCE?
We really do need a compensation. Riot DOES NOT CARE about EUW. This is not fair whatsoever. They will begin to lose players if stuff like this keeps happening.
: Happened twice so far. First off was for a scrim me and my team organised. Client froze during the last seconds of champ select. couldn't enter the game. therefore we had to cancel the scrim we'd planned for weeks. riot takes multiple hours to even acknowledge there's an issue. Claims to fix it, and not even 2 hours later the problem is back, and i'm stuck unable to play again. this is my first ever post on any game related forum, but for the love of god, and all of the EUW player base, fix your servers. you've had 10 years in the business, utilize that experience. You can't blame people for wondering wtf you're doing. i strongly believe as soon as an issue is raised on here, riot shouild make players aware they've acknowledged it, ALOT SOONER than you currently do. it takes me 2 minutes to load google and type 'Attempt to join queue failed' and find out thousands of other people are also struggling with the same problem. Yet it seems it takes hours for a million dollar company to recognise something i can do in 5 minutes? All we want as players, is acknowledgement, is that as a company you can see the issues, and are doing something to fix them. Because right now, me and the rest of the |EUW player base has no idea if you're working on a fix, or playing with your %%%%s. so please, take this into consideration, not just for me but for your EUW players. thank you
Riot doesn't seem to care about EUW. We always get the bad side of it... like sometimes this happens or the servers just stop working altogether while all the other regions are fine. I dont understand what riot has with EUW but they should take it more seriously.
: [Resolved] [19-12-2019] - Reconnect issues
Riot always picks on EUW. Always, every pre-season the servers just stop working properly. Why??? Riot please try fixing your servers
: riot's server always underperform at preseasons
i totally agree with this. just 2 days ago i had consistent 500 ms, and at one point it went up to **5K ms.** it's unbelievable. i tried leaving the game and rejoining but that didnt seem to fix it. riot, please fix your servers..
: Why does eu west suck
Riot isn't taking EUW seriously.. Like EUW is always the one that's breaking like come on riot.......
: Stuck in prepare for battle
Leave champ select. This happened to me and it never started.
razvan634 (EUW)
: Attempt To Join Queue Failed (EUW)
Also, my brother finished a game and the screen stayed on reconnect even though the game is over.
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PHL Wings (EUW)
: Irish LoL Team - LF Shotcaller ( Jungle )
I am a jungler. IGN: razvan634. Add me if you wish.
: Bronze.Mid looking for a good jg
I am a Jungler. Main: Master Yi, Nocturne. IGN: razvan634 Will add you.
: Bronze duo Mid/Top (EUW)
Sure. Add me. razvan634
: Anyone wanna duo?
Wish I could, I'm Bronze 2, was Silver 5 last season.
Hey, I'll be happy to! Add me, razvan634.


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