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: Can you drop a League
Yes , you can, but to drop from silver V to bronze 1, your MMR needs to be bronze 3. You need to lose alot of games before that happens.
: can you try 1 game with me ? If not idc thx for some tips
Sure. Not now though, was grinding ranked all last night and need a break.
: Well i have a problem that is i play what the fuck i want, i have like 60% adc win rate but i just decided to change to jingle and now i decided to mid/top, anyways i was silver 2, i was 3 times in promos to s1, and now im in silver 4, i was expecting that this was the season i would leave silver since i had 2 seasons in silver and never been bronze but suddenly i get teams that get stomped in everylane and even if im ahead with they team with so much gold advantage like 6-0 at 5 mins adc, is pretty hard to do something, i lost all my games, and meanwhile i play games out of rankeds with golds and i do fine playing with them, but im unable to carry my elo everytime, after a winning streak i get a stomping losing streak, i lost 2 div, and just today i won 2 games that saved me from silver V, that was ahri mid were i roamed alot, and destroyed akali, and their bot lane and other game i went ziggs top vs riven and i won, also i planned alot of tp ganks, roams and some plays with my mid laner that was a malz, but if you dont have a good team i can pretty much say its a lost game
Such an attitude is precisely why you won't ever reach a high division. If your good enough, you'll climb. The sooner you realise that, the better.
: Fair enough but it also helps to be flexible so I can fit into different roles. One tricks tend to not fit into a large variety of comps.
Maining a role isn't one trick ; one trick is playing only one champion, maining a role is playing the role and all the champions within that role.
: I don't think its easier to climb out of silver then bronze. Bronze is literally free elo. You can play pretty much In any lane and carry hard your teammates. Bronze players literally have no idea what they are doing, just pick right champion to carry with, and you will be in silver in no time. From silver to gold there is a bit more complicated, since there is more players ''who know'' what they are doing. And if you have teammate, who perform bad in the game, it's harder to carry game.
Sorry, no , your wrong. Silver players also have no idea what they are doing. They don't run into you and die like bronze players do, and they don't tilt / flame as hard, but they are equally clueless. You might not realise it, but silvers are out of postion CONSTANTLY. On this account, my smurf, I frequently get a first blood double kill, because not only do silvers just posistion awfully, but they never trade properly, rarely attack you back in short trades, and are extremley predictable. Silvers are equally as clueless. My advice is : Learn how to trade and punish people for mis posistioning , you don't need much game knowledge to hard carry silver, only a lead.
: Stuck in division
sorry if your stuck in silver you deserve to be silver Check my match history, silver is arguably easier then bronze to climb out of ( at least in my opinion ). You should start reviewing your mistakes if you want to climb. The only thing that happens in every one of your games is that YOU are in the game, you are the only non-variable in that game, and with 500 games that should tell you something.
: is this vayne build stupid or actually decent?
i'd say pretty bad. BOTRK in general is a pretty trash item right now, and I don't think Deaths Dance is good on vayne. Ontop of that, it has no IE which is pretty bad. You don't need much life steal , you have arguably the best self-peel among ADCs
Boo0o (EUNE)
: banned permenetly
take it from someone with 20+ permas, you're never getting unbanned so don't waste your time.
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: Silver EUW player wanting to join a ranked team
Just a tip, people who join / make teams usually MAIN a role, or want someone who mains a role. You don't main a role.
: So, first things first: 1. The system does **not** automatically act on flamers; they must be reported. Automatics only work for int. feeders and AFK's. 2. I never say "reported" in chat, I just do it. 3. Perma-mutes and chat restricts won't do anything against trolls, if they start trolling like you did in that Ashe game. What should they do? Now, you must be some sort of sado-maso type. Apparently on this account you went 10/0 through the placements, got Bronze1 and then started to troll the last game. In that one Ashe game, you sold your stuff at ~15 minutes and bought 6 tears, having a score of 6/3 if I recall correctly, and having a gold lead. -- Why did you troll then? You could have easily carried this one. -- Why did you take 2 more kills plus one turret after you started trolling? Apprently you did **not** just run down mid, as you say. You seem to have good skill and could be Gold/Plat or whatever. Instead you troll your way through Bronze and Silver. Answer me a question: _Why do you play this game?_ Got nothing else in life? Need to insult people? Are too much of a coward to do that IRL? I don't envy you.
1 - your wrong. Any riot employee or forum moderator will tell you your wrong. Trust me on this, you WILL be punished wether you get reports or not. I am certain your wrong, trust me , I have 20+ permabans, I know what i'm doing lmao. 2 - most people do 3 - The ashe game I wasn't trolling. I sold my build 5 minutes before the game ended because I couild no longer carry. Enemy Ryze was also a smurf and decided to tell his team to stay in my lane so I couldn't kill bot lmao. And yes, permamutes will solve a flaming problem. Many more peopel flame then they do troll, so it's a start. And yes, I do have good skill. Incase you didn't notice my 90% winrate, i'm smurfing. And yes, I did sell my stuff, about 5 minutes before the game ended. No, I couldn't carry. The enemy ryze was also smurfing, and instructed his team to camp me bot so I couldn't do anything. I was getting 5 mnan dove at botlane every 3 or 4 minutes.
: Suggestion: New summoner spell
I mean, it could work, but there wouldn't really be a point.. abuse of minion AI makes up a fair amount of skillgap in the game. EDIT : by this I mean that adding this summoner spell would reduce the skill involved in minions by quite alot.
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: So are they actually moving the story forward in a steady pace now or is it still full of filler episodes?
I know exactly what your referencing - the shitty whole hospital thing, the whole season where all they did was walk around was terrible and that's when I stopped watching. However, I started watching again and if you watch all the episodes leading up to the new season 7 episode - it looks REALLY promising. That episode was really fantastic.
> No escape > Ultimate makes very little sense for an ADC playing in bot to use > Doesn't have a strong point when building AD, no particular power spike ( which makes it generally shit and counter able ) > Q is garbage when building AD, makes no sense. Sure, it " works " because his W and E are autoattacks, but compare it to Caitlyn, Jhin, Ashe, Sivir and Jinx, he means nothing.
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Nar7ia (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=rekopitam,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=0MHeVWpl,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-10-24T03:07:05.296+0000) > > What's wrong with smurfing? It's needed. If Riot wouldn't ban all my accounts I wouldn't need to smurf. > > I'm smurfing now. Here's my match history : http://prntscr.com/cy4o8u > > Salty ? 0 deaths as cait with shaco in enemy team o.O Which elo is that? lol
Well that was a normal, but atm i'm in your elo.
: Hhhhmmmm....... As much I always say that in my Bronze ELO I myself don't have rager issues, we can read here that the AFL/feed/troll problem is **not** different in higher ranks. So I take it that this is your own perception, much like the other one is mine. Now, to get to Gold, it really helps to not have such people in your team. Else it takes you ages to climb unless you play >20 games per day. I have a ~70% winrate in my last 20 games, and look where I stand..... It's really hard when you get +14 LP for a win and get -22 for a loss. On topic: I guess we'll need to live with it. However that should not mean we need to accept it. As we see the report system does decent work. We only need to **report those flamers & trolls**. Not just _move on_ like it is said so often here.
Speaking as a flamer and a troll, no, reporting me makes everything 100x worse. Once someone says " reported " in chat, I decide, okay, fuck it, i'm gettin reported anyway, i'll flame 10x harder and run down mid. Ontop of that, banning my accounts makes me troll a million times harder. Whenever one of my accounts is permad, I get a new account and torll for maybe 10-30 games in ranked. The flaw isn't that people don't report flamers ( because wether anyone reports them or not the automatic system punishes them anyway ), it's the fact that chat restrictions are too weak, and permabans just make people not care anymore. Solution is more 2 week bans, chat restrictions should BAN you from typing in chat at all, and perma-mutes in place of perma-bans for flamers. Again, this is coming from someone with around 20 permenant bans for flaming and trolling, so I know what would stop me flaming. Banning me does the opposite.
: Afk´s - Flamer - Trolls - Feeder? Just take it as it is?
I'm not going to bother reading your thread but all I had to do was lookup your rank to determine why your complaining so much. Get to gold and the flaming will reduce by about half. Until around gold 4, people make the dumbest mistakes that are so ridiculously easy to capitalise on and you can abuse it for 20 minute games. I'm smurfing around your elo now and the amount of flaming is extremley high and people don't care if they lose so they are happy to flame and AFK, but it doesn't matter - it's pretty easy to 4v5 at that rank. Just get to around platinum elo and the AFKs / trolls will be pretty much gone. And yes, accept it. No matter what Riot do there will always be a massive amount of flamers in this game as this game is incredibly frustrating.
HellBlood (EUNE)
: smurfs policy
What's wrong with smurfing? It's needed. If Riot wouldn't ban all my accounts I wouldn't need to smurf. I'm smurfing now. Here's my match history : http://prntscr.com/cy4o8u Salty ?
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Emperor Wyz (EUNE)
: People not getting banned.
Your probably too stupid to see this, but in the last week I have got 6 of my accounts banned. Speaking as someone who has 20-40 permanent bans, Riot's automatic system DOES ban people. It bans people for idiotic reasons and mis-leading methods, but yes, it does ban people.
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