sirDarts (EUW)
: Just pick the "don't flame". Where's the problem?
just dont fall in love, just dont lick your lips just dont squint when the sun comes out my point is some things cant be controlled, like when someone trolls you or swears at you in a way that tilts you, some people cant control their reactions so answer is dont spend money or dont flame on man acount
Pyrosen (EUW)
: It's random, there's not a sun-light filter on the hextech crafting system which determine if you're getting something good or bad
actually i did computer programming and all rng is based on a code, furthermore any business with half a brain would program something based on how it can make money in the long run, theres a bunch of stuff i could explain but i feel its pointless given the open mindedness of the current People that have posted
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Mucaa (EUNE)
: so why did i get banned and they didnt?
their are secrets or rules you can follow to not get banned even if you troll or flame sum1
Mucaa (EUNE)
: I did flame but only cuz i had few games where my team literaly troll me and jng refuse to gank me. so someone can be rude to me and i cant be rude back i mean cmon, i spent some money on this account and alot of time in it and now they just perma ban me like that because i got trolled, thats just not fair
yes you have the prize - this game has the concept try to troll someone make them flame you and get them banned - this is called trolling they do it to get you banned if you fall for it riot and most people on the boards will blame you instead answer= either dont spend money on your account or dont flame or make a smurf and level it at same time and flame on that account so if it gets banned you losing nothing but you precious time of wat we call life{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: After 4 years I resign from league of legends..and here are my reasons...
yeah your right their is a problem with the game it has slowed down for most people many patches ago riot ignored this and the problem kept accumulating affecting more and more players until we have come to what is now and riot dont know what to do to fix it - this means more afk's and more people who stop caring{{sticker:cass-cry}}
: i already sent two or three game logs in the previous thread made by a rioter (the one that now is archived) anyway i have windows 10 intel core 17 nvidia geforce gtx 950 i'm fairly sure it's not a GPU problem or a connection problem since overwatch is ok and other games aren't affected this is the thread i used
dude most people wid windows 10 have lag if you go back to previous window version it should lag less
Altiverse (EUNE)
: I just got both the Lunar Guardian Warwick and the Lunar Guardian Nasus on the day of release. (Got Nasus through a shard drop from a Lunar Orb and Warwick through a regular reroll) Lucky me :3
: i got the god fist lee skin the day it came out from a chest lol
ok so on the day of release but i thought u suppose to wait a day because the skin not suppose to be in the hextach system until a day after
: FPS Drops from 70-90 to 30-40 after a while not playing
windows 10 also made my lag worse - try going back to previous windows your lag wont be as bad
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Gabriella (EUNE)
: perma bann? Is that real ??
sorry budy - you didnt know how the report system works - so you made a lot of mistakes - you can say report this person, you cant tell a person they will get banned, and other stuff next time learn how to flame without getting caught
: 14 Day ban recovery
dude listen to me and you will never get banned - simply understand the system - getting banned has nothing to do with being toxic many people are toxic is just know how the system works means not getting banned. 1) dont swear and if you have to do it coz your a moronnnnnnu then do it like this if you type other words then the system cant pick it up e.g i fuxkk you are a dikg 2) dont say the words report this person - the system picks up on that 3) if they are premade dont say anything - premades are dangerous they get many people banned - people say that more reports from premade dont mean anything that is a lie - trust me 4) if someone make you angry laugh when they die that will tilt them - do things to tilt them without flaming e.g steal farm buffs, follow them around, pretend you will help them in a fight then run away 5) watch trollers in yyour game and learn what they doing so you dont fall for their tricks in future i hope your grateful for the knowlegde i impart{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Suspended for saying report to the guy whos flaming me
yeah system is broken, they dont ban the guy saying he want to do things wid your mum they ban they guy asking for a report on the person that says he wants to do things to his mum thats how it is sorry dude, you need to know these things{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Azadí (EUNE)
: Is this enough for a permaban?
dude you dont deserve ban have written way worse then this and i have never been even given a chat restriction i feel sorry for you, you got screwed you just said the guy was bad which your opinion and your entitled to that you were a bit mean but i wouldnt say its toxic enough to deserve a ban{{sticker:garen-swing}}
: Other people have more keys than boxes. And no, they are no "noobs", they just got about 40 boxes last year, which can happen. You can get one box per week and get about 4 keys per month, which is the same amount. You just get more keys. I got about 4 key-shards in the last week. So... still rather easy to get it.^^
wat u said makes no sense - yes they are noobs - to have more keys then boxes is not possible unless you were not able to get all 4 boxes - they never give you enough keys for all the boxes you get otherwise they wont make money
Ayvyh (EUNE)
: Well, look - everyday when i play. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
i feel like to give you my account so you can feel my pain - doesnt matter im gonna stop playing league - i wonder how my life will {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} be without league
Èclair (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=reportmemuda%%%r,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WoYXEEO6,comment-id=0005000000000000,timestamp=2018-02-02T14:18:15.993+0000) > > its so weird whats wrong with you why are you so aggressive i can feel this anger from every one of your posts look man i have nothing against you, why you so angry just calm down and breathe. Angry? Not in the slightest. To be fair I'm not even irritated by your lack of productive responses. As I mentioned earlier, they say much about you and your attitude towards customer support wich is really saddening. And it's not only me pointing this out - below mine posts are countless others saying that you acted bad towards people in customer support. If you think I'm wrong, then prove it. I don't see why you wouldn't want to post screenshots of this conversation unless you're in wrong here. > i honestly would not want to know you in real life if you are like this, if you are normally a nice person that is different but the way you are now What makes you think that I care about making friendship with you? This was not my intention and I honestly want nothing to do with you in personal sense. You don't seem like good person either from what you've posted. I only pointed that out. > anyway just chill ok go get something to eat maybe thats why your so angry But I am not. You're projecting.
no i do not want any kind of friendship with you, you just seem so angry like my girlfriend when its her time of the month ahahaaha so others commented and said that they like you just made assumptions dude. If a person tells you that they werent rude to riot support why cant you accept what they say? i need to post picture for you i dont think so if you were a polite peron and asked me to i would have no problem feel like i have wasted my time responding to you. you seem like a jerk of a guy look at your first comment and how hate filled and angry it is and you made so many assumptions. simply put dude you are angry for no reason your text indicates that. i was negatively impacted my a decision made by riot, i told them how it negatively impacted me and i am unhappy with current fps issues and now they dont even help correct a situation that affected me i think iam ready to leave this game. they choose to say goodbye goodluck see ya which i think is not a good response. which i wanted to post up i could be wrong and thats fine but i dont need a person as aggressive as you trying to portray i was rude to support based on no info and that no one cares if im gone. some people are genuinly nice and care that is obviously not you-{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Èclair (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=reportmemuda%%%r,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WoYXEEO6,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-02-02T13:48:33.506+0000) > > I was never impolite Really? Because _"I won't go to this store ever again!"_ is the typical technique used by angry moms when dealing with customer support in just another alteration and a pathetic one at that. > if a technical issue affects a player negatively it should be addressed - did the person lose something out of it, did it affect them in anyway can we fix the problem. But said issue most likely exist on your end. You provide nothing for customer support to help you with. You only threw out that line probably out of spite as it was irrevelant to your main issue with notifications and you gave them nothing to work with. > My game worked fine before and then after a certain patch the fps issues began a lot of people with powerful rigs are having same problem dont comment if you know nothing Enlighten me then. Because constant fps drop in teamfights is probably caused either with unattended software that wasn't been properly cleaned in ages or lacks in hardware. Feel free to share screenshots from your conversation with CS to prove me wrong. > you are a terrible person who probably is the type to be rude to someone you never met dont assume i am like you No, your attitude towards customer support says more about you than me.
its so weird whats wrong with you why are you so aggressive i can feel this anger from every one of your posts look man i have nothing against you, why you so angry just calm down and breathe. dude i can assure you their is a fps issue that is affecting systems that has nothing to do with wat u mentioned also i am generally a polite guy i was not rude to support since that would make no sense since i am asking them to compensate me for the loss i think i had. i honestly would not want to know you in real life if you are like this, if you are normally a nice person that is different but the way you are now anyway just chill ok go get something to eat maybe thats why your so angry
: i require some help from higher rank players if possible maybe?
i disagree with all these people i play at 15 fps and can still do amazing things, my advise is choose op champs and learn wave management google it in youtube. Zed is good op champ - you just need to roam a lot more but before you roam you need to safely learn how to push the wave fast. simple guide for you - lv2 - 3 look to farm and poke them and maybe all in, after that play safe and learn how to farm and poke them when they try to last hit lv6 - push wave roam - eventually you will get a double kill - if you go bot and you dont think you get kill go back mid immediantly dont stick around you always want to catch the wave before it hits your tower lastly once you get fed dont fight at alllllllll if you think you might die - go in when you 100% know you have a chance at a kill and can get away or let your team mates engage first lastly look for picks this means you hide in bush in their jungle or near a minion wave and wait for squishy to come. also play a lot of ranked - once you get used to playing ranked you will feel less nervous and also if you follow wat i say you have atleast 50% chance to win or more and will climb{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} your welcome
: is it just me or the drop rate of key frags has SIGNIFICANTLY dropped ?
dude its true, you dont get any key frags, im just like you before we would get a steady rate of key frags now they implemented it so no matter how much you play you wont get keys. its based on how much you fake smile and brown nose your team mates and say positive crap you dont mean. i used to carry so hard and still get no honur the system is bad riot makes bad decisions all the time
Èclair (EUNE)
: I don't have the best opinion about RG support, but there are people working there and you acted like total jackass towards them. First of all, it's not their fault that the notifications were broken and I doubt they can do much about it. I'm not even sure if there's an option to send notifications retroactively, not to mention that they would have to check if all these transactions really did happen. Plus, it would be confusing for someone to get notification out of blue when recieving nothing at all since the gift has already been recieved. > [{quoted}](name=reportmemuda%%%r,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WoYXEEO6,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-01T16:44:20.580+0000) > > because of the fps issues i get like 30 fps that drops to 6 - 15 fps in team fights - yet still riot dont do anything It seems like technical issue. When reporting said problem you are often expected to post details about your PC and Internet connection so they can investigate. It looks like you're just begging for compensation when the problem is most likely on your end. Are your specs at least matching the recommended ones? > i said i'm gonna stop playing league then the support said good luck to you byeeeeeeeee And what did you expect for them to do? To bargain with you like somebody would do with spoiled kid that didn't get the lolipop? They have other tickets to attend to, you aren't the belly button of the world. When working in CS you're supposed to keep the smiley face and treat the customer with respect no matter how bad he behaves. From what you wrote they did just that. They didn't tell you to piss off, they just said that they cannot do much and wished you good luck even though you came from position of disrespect towards them.
hahahaha you make me laugh you just making assumptions after assumptions. I was never impolite - if a technical issue affects a player negatively it should be addressed - did the person lose something out of it, did it affect them in anyway can we fix the problem. They disabled the notifications and did not tell the player base until it was after people had sent their emporium gifts. My game worked fine before and then after a certain patch the fps issues began a lot of people with powerful rigs are having same problem dont comment if you know nothing you are a terrible person who probably is the type to be rude to someone you never met dont assume i am like you{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: So I got banned...
dude i tell you right now if a person is playing bad i just tell them you are bad, but i dont swear at them or say report this person i just let them know in a polite way how much they suck. and i have never been banned. Also if you spend money on a account you should be smart enough to make a smurf and level that at same time and flame on the smurf but not on the main. So you can get your frustrations out. lastly you should learn to troll a little on purpose - why - becoz you can understand the mind of a troll so if some one trolls you, you know why they do it and that is to get you angry and get you to flame so they ca report you and get you banned.{{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: banned?
make a ticket ask riot why you were banned maybe someone hack you and you didnt know, did you buy any rp?
: i hate this season
i agree with you a lot of changes riot has made are just plain bad and making the game go downhill in my opinion, dont expect to get a true view of what people think on the boards, you get a lot of people who just like to counter argue
: Nah hes right nobody cares. Youre 1 player in 35million european players. Like a grain of sand.
i half agree riot might not care which is why they will lose their playerbase eventually . the game hasnt been fun for a while and fps issues they ignored for so long has now come back and bitten them in the ass. They have bad customer support and dont even make up or fix changes that affect players negatively and you cared enough to comment
: Why would they... It's your decision to leave and they aren't exactly going to try to trap you here... Plus your one of millions of players who they have never met and never will... It's really not a big deal to them if anyone leaves, even faker. It's also the exact same reaction we give people here when they make a post saying they are leaving, we don't care, riot doesn't care... So if your leaving just do so, don't try to slam the door on the way out cause no one here really cares.
dude not every one is like you, sorry but just a few of us out there want better and expect better
: In my opinion the customer service should be able to check if any of these person received the gift you sent. If you have a log or remember any of the gifts and to whom they should be able to help you better. What you could do is to contact at random a few of your friends to check with them if they have received their gift,if this happened to all you can be sure all other people received them. Either way,try expressing your concern with another person at riot support and that you were dissatisfied of the previous interaction with Riot support. BUT TRY TO KEEP IT CLEAN AND PROFESSIONAL,and I speak as a person with experience with customer assistance : nothing sucks more than a rude customer with an attitude who won't even listen to you and only wants to hear themself talk. You could be lucky and find someone who is simply better at their job! Expressing your feelings here is good to find sympathy but none here is able to help you beyond that! Go try that again :)
thanks for taking the time to reply, you are a good man not many left of them in this world. i will give it a shot but i dont expect it will be different
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, and what exactly did you want to hear? "Please don't leave, we'll do whatever you want" ? Issue with gifting notifications is well known and will be fixed eventually, it's just not the priority as system itself is working fine. Fps problem is also known and they are working on the fix. Compensation is obviously out of question, they don't do any good in the long run.
i wanted to hear yes what happened to you is unfair, 1)we can either give your ip back, 2)we will send the people notifications once we made fixes 3)we will allow you to send a gift mystery skin to the people you originally sent the gifts too and got no notfication. compensation is not out of the question if you have spent hundreds of hours on a game to save up ip and then told tough luck. i feel like i should have never put time into this game i feel betrayed. what i wanted to hear is seriously we screwed up and i can see how a mistake on our behalf has affected you, we wish for you to stay playing our game but in light of what happened we understand if you want to leave not goodluck later bit xch p.s the fps issues are critical problem yet they have time to do a million other things they only just addressed the issue even though people were having problems wayyyy back
: I know that they had a problem with gift notifications some time back. There probably isn't much that they can do retrospectively. Sure, it is annoying but I don't think that it is worth leaving for, is it?
: Calling asshole an asshole
yes you can call him wateva you feel is justified but you must word it like this you ban my champ your such a as shole%
: >None of them got any notifications of the gifts i sent them!! Did they get the gifts? Or is it that they just didn't get the notifications?
notifications - but just imagine you sent gifts to 30 people, are you going to go contact every person and say hey i sent you a gift, then even if you did they would be like "meh" if they had got a nice shiny notification saying you sent them a gift they would have been awww thnx so its just sucks that they did that and they really dont care that you spent all our hard earned ip
: Calling for reports is considered high level toxicty. When will ppl learn that...
pl report tulkas for talking crap
: as far as i know saying "reported" isn't bannable.
if that is the case the last 1000 people i played with should have all been banned, i have had 5 people type k y s to me and they are still playing the report system is really bad end of discussion
: Should this be bannable?
i swear down i have been 100 times more toxic then this and i have a trolled a few times but i have never been banned coz i dont do it consistently only when someone pisses me off i think that's the difference. Do you deserve a ban no, 100% no but you dont understand that others will influence people to report you and if that happens many times in a row your screwed you should have done what i did i made a smurf which i always play one game a day that way if get banned on one account i dont care
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Ayvyh (EUNE)
: Strange... i get every day 1 key fragment. Now i have 19 keys and 0 hextech boxes. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
no that is not true have never got 4 keys in a month more like 2 if im lucky
: Keys are so damn hard to get...
simply the game sucks, i have 16 chests and i rarely get key frags now they changed the system for getting key frags its got even worse...!!! fyi the people that have a lot of key and no chest are noobs who play the same champs again and again who cant get s.{{sticker:sg-janna}}
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i was bronze 5 s7 i won 7 out 0f 10 games and i got unranked hopefully next time i get wood 5
: Looking to find a way to get victorious J4 i am a J4 1 trick
suck off a riot employee{{sticker:fiora-cool}}
: i don't think so, because as they stated " you need to play (doesn't matter if you lose or win) alot to get your keys) the only problem is that they drop randomly and of course not everyone is playing for keys.{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
dude your cute, no what i said is legit it was on surrender @ 20 they asked a rioter and that was the reason they are a business you know they need to think of best way to make m oney
: How do you get key fragments anyway?
the system is stupid, on my main account i have 23 chests maybe more i never get keys and i play hundreds of games on this account i play little and i got a hell of a lot more keys i think{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} i only have 5 -6 chests on this account unopened coz i got more keys both accounts same honor level
: Key Fragments
yeah they wont do that coz it myt lead to people playing less riot are a ss ssss sssss hh oolleos
wahedw (EUW)
: my account is banned for no reason
you said something i didnt like so i banned you
: A small tip to make your games more enjoyable!
: I don't like when people throw lag and fps drops into one pot. You shoud be able to tell the diffrence. I thought this thread was about fps so your internet doesn't matter at all.
blah blah do i care wat you like, i explained i wasnt sure what the problem was if it was just a lag problem or fps so i wanted to be sure so i upgraded my internet but trolls like you say stuff like that to get rise out of people who cares wat you dot like
Muttsmutt (EUW)
: loading screen flair for OG grey warwick and medieval twitch owners
to be honest even if they did give a flair i still wud be pissed they let people get the skin so easily now
Dªy (EUW)
: This FPS bug many players have been suffering with is making me want to quit the game.
i know wat u mean i used to suffer no lag or fps spikes and now thats all i get so thought maybe its my internet so i ncreased that x3 but still same problems i just give up on playing champs like gp, i know i will quit lol soon so it doesnt bother me so much if lose because of it
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
hey smart alec - i never abused nothng, i referred people normally, just when i heard they are shutting it down i made smurfs so i can get the exclusive rewards b4 the raf was shut down.
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