: Unranked to Master : Episode 5 getting placed BABY! (Placements 10/10)
is it a real cam you are using for facecam? :) the quality is insane tho
: Nah i dont watch freebay. The main difference between camille and other bruisers up until now is that cami has a legit keystone. Next patch conqueror is coming so bruisers might jump up a bit finally.
if comet is a legit keystone for a fighter, it is kind of sad
: Lol, you're playing not just playing the only viable bruiser but also a broken one.
for sure, you delete camille from the game, im silver xd and dude, camille is balanced af atm, she still struggles a lot in late, and you say broken because her late game damage? but its the price for having shitty early game
: It actually does, darius and cami are the only ones above 50% winrate top. Cami has been regularly called the last bruiser. +she was broken in season 7 :p
its gbay who called her like this? all bruisers are in the bad spot but below d2 your pick doesnt count and 2 patches after her release and for the entire season she was at like 48%
: Would the champ in question happen to be darius or camille? Only 2 viable bruisers.
camille but it doesnt matter, because i played her in s7 as well. Pretty sure its achievable with any bruiser you main
: Duskblade isnt gonna be first buy anymore hello???? The logic is that the game is boring, toplane is play tank or lose, jungle is camp bot or lose, mid is roam bot or lose. Every %%%%ing role depends on botlane. Once assassins can 1shot them again that changes. God bless riot took you long enough.
i have 61% wr on a bruiser toplaner for 96 games this season, and played like 1 or 2 games as a tank toplane. It's not about pick its about adaptation
: Wanna your life better? Uninstall this game. No more trolls, autists, afks, trollers or stupid patches made by more stupid RITO. No wonder streamers leave League since there are much better game out there. Wish my friends had good pc so they could play another games.
Ryan1672 (EUW)
: may i ask what rank u r in?
Ryan1672 (EUW)
: when i meant g3 material i mean in like i know when to take objectives i know what to do and ive been there before but for the past 2 seasons ive just been hardstuck and idk what to do rlly and its rlly damn hard to farm cuz i have to do a junglers job on roaming since my jungler often farm and gank 1 lane like 3 times a match
but like 2.6 cs per minute means you take 1.3cs per wave roaming is good but you need to roam at right timing, only when you have the priority (you pushed your lane). if you are losing cs/exp your roam isn't worth it. In this elo you just need to be the most farmed up and with the most exp. People fight for no reason, when they fight you farm so you will end up being the fed one.
Ryan1672 (EUW)
: Getting out of silver
first of all you need to change your mentality, i dont know what makes you say "i'm g3 material". We all are at elo we belong to, and league of legends needs a lot of games (at least 150-200) to determine your rank. so, lets jump in 1) you have no main role, you just play random champs you are enjoying what is ok (the game is supposed to be for fun) but that stops you from the actual learning of the game (macro : trading, powerspikes, itemization, warding, roaming etc and micro : combos, match ups). So if you want to get better at the game, you have to pick up one role and 1-2 champs in it. Once you master these champs you can jump to next champs. 2) you seem very inconsistent, you can do a game (a jinx one) with a 9/1/3 kda and 9.9 cs/min and one hour earlier you were 5/15/6 draven with 6.5 cs. You gotta work on it. Play every game at your max. 3) when you play assasins mid (kata, ekko, zed) you seem to struggle to keep up in farm, in one game you managed to have 2.6cs/min as katarina. Lets say cs > objectives > kills in mid silver. Feel free to ask any question you got dude
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: Or maybe I only play about 80 ranked games per season and manage a 65% winrate. Currently plat 4 by the way.
even tho people below d2 cant talk about game knowledge imo
dutty rok (EUW)
: How to get out of Plat 1??
Got to d5 yesterday and things didnt change at all . Just stay consistent, play every game at 100% and you will eventually climb.
Zeedojin (EUW)
: Uninstalling
L2P dude xd
: Nobody mentioned Fiora, she is a broken f#ck yes, but at least she can't kill you only by landing one skillshot, only by going Melee
if fiora is broken, why 48% wr?
Menardy (EUW)
: That is absolutely true! That's why I keep winning... slowly. And if my SOLE purpose in life was to climb in LoL and I'm 100% defined by my E-peen then yes, I wouldn't complain. The thing is... I'm trying to have fun. And it's not fun AT ALL in D5.
Menardy (EUW)
: D5 is so toxic it doesn't matter what you do (including muting) that you won't have fun
good news for you then, if there are a lot of trolls in d5 and you never troll you will end up having fewer trolls than the enemy team so its ez
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: Probably know more about the game than you, though.
that's the reason you have been gold for 2 seasons
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: How do I climb when...
gold 2 talking about game knowledge xd
: Focus and Toughness in Soloque
Finally someone saying good stuff there
Shukr4n (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ExciterD,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=nMWtM9ei,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-01-17T14:13:04.118+0000) > > even if you are challenger you ll get p1 at max i heard someone on some random streams telling that someone got d3 with placements
impossible dude :) even pros gets p1 at max but they have very high mmr tho so they climb it back very fast
Shukr4n (EUW)
: afaik diamond players winning 10-0 can go plaT 1 at max.
even if you are challenger you ll get p1 at max
Krubaver (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ExciterD,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=36neYcnX,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-11T12:28:50.850+0000) > > Dude, it's time to stop lying to yourself about bad teammates and try to really improve. 99.999% of my games are lost because random #7589864 refuses to stop inting. How the hell am I supposed to improve on that? I asked nicely, I yelled, I pinged, I afk'd, I reported... Nothing worked, I keep getting this fkn 3/12 mf who thinks it's a good idea to chase this 8/2 lee and 6/1 yasuo... > Add me IG if you want me to help you. Sure, see for yourself if I lie > If i give you a high gold/plat acc do you think you will win more easily than in low silver high bronze? I'd be curious... I did play with different plat/gold/diamonds... At first they yelled a lot, they taught me the basics, and now they dont see anything wrong...
add me and we will talk about it in private
Krubaver (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ExciterD,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=36neYcnX,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-01-11T10:14:00.522+0000) > > 45% total wr lol thats exactly the problem. Rito imposing me the worst %%%%%%s. It's crazy all the stupidities they do. How much they have zero clue about the game. You tell them to group, to stop chasing, to stop pushing, they dont get it. They feed over, and over, and over again, 1v5. Just because "muh game muh want kills". Those trash cannot be carried, impossible. I'm doing the most crazy plays, I'm peeling 3 guys at a time, my eyes are everywhere on the map, and yet those guys always find a way to trash the game. And it's always the same cycle : win streaks, I climb, then suddenly, I get paired with total %%%%%%s again, and lose again, and again. When my MMR is so trashed it gets to bronze, ohhh suddenly my teams are pgms and we chain stomp until I get s4 again. Annnnd the cycle restarts. I'm quite convinced that's how matchmaking is designed.
Dude, it's time to stop lying to yourself about bad teammates and try to really improve. I've been in this elo two years ago and I got out, so it's not the match making, you just need to got better. Add me IG if you want me to help you. > At this point I dont believe it anymore. My plays are at least gold level, I'm stuck in silver 5. I think this game is just pure luck and broken matchmaker. If i give you a high gold/plat acc do you think you will win more easily than in low silver high bronze?
Krubaver (EUW)
: The only thing this game taught me is to hate fkn everybody. Riot has absolutely 0 problem pairing good players with total trolls and bans people for using the fkn chat??? WTF? Those cancers totally deserve every single bit of flame they get!
Are you speaking about yourself? 45% total wr in silver 5 and do you really think that you are this "good player" losing because of trolls?
DompK1NG (EUW)
: Rankeds 10 January
: 6 games
lol i just killed plat 1 player, ezezezeze boosted plat and why i'm b1, i deserve at least plat cuz i solokilled this boosted plat thx rito zezez
LazySlav (EUNE)
: Best thing is when i (plat3) get matches in team with diamond 4... Which means he is or on losing streak or suck and should not be in diamond. Funny.
it was a flex ranked game and this guy was in his placement games.
2Seeds (EUNE)
: Gold 3 matched with bronze 5 midlaner?
unlucky, you got a guy who was in his placement games and he is b5 in 3v3, not in 5v5 flex
187 SMR (EUNE)
: Wow, what an honor to talk to the grandmaster of ranked. Well. OP obviously isn't a ranked God as you are. We all have games were we fail. The point of this whole topic was people being matched with better opponents and bad teammates. It happens in 8 out of 10 games. Those 2... we fail sometimes, sorry. Even your beloved Faker fails in a game now and then. They guy is complaining about others causing him to lose too often and you use his winrate as an argument? Wtf logic? If he had an above average winrate, why would he even complain then? Gosh I don't know why I ever get dragged into discussions like this because these boards turn a blind eye to every discussion that doesn't say "GJ RITO, You guys are the best ever" Please add a board rule, so you can perma ban us all who think that this game has it's flaws Funny thing is that we are all SUSPICIOUS. Nobody said that this is definitely a thing. NOBODY! We are just discussing and shooting arguments. Only you guys who defend Riot, especially Shiwah with his weak arguments and forced defending (which makes the thing even more suspicious), are dismissing everything as if there was ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE something like this was true. You are trying to tell me that there isn't even one player who is stuck low, but deserves to play in a higher division? There's no way that something like that exists? That's the image of this community: - Post criticizing champion balance - quick downvote and dismiss - Post criticizing poor matchmaking - quick downvote and dismiss - Post about RIOT releasing skins for cancer champs that already have a ton of skins just to make a few extra bucks - quick downvote and dismiss - Random conspiracies about riot - quick downvote and dismiss - Post about somebody getting a nice skin and thanking RIOT - YAY VOTE UP, RIOT BEST! I mean sorry. I didn't know I had the honor to play the most perfect game ever created. They say nothing is perfect... Well, middle finger to those guys, right? I came here to discuss normally with mature people and I end up discussing with people with who continuously shoot me with identical arguments, irrelevant statistics and straight dismissal. I was hoping I could do normal discussions with fellow League players but it obviously isn't possible here. I'm done with this discussion and these boards. enjoy your discussions about how everything's milk, bread and butter
it happens to everyone to be matched with teammates playing worse than the other team. but the most important point its not to get tilted and playing consistently, that's all. matchmaking is random and it's pretty coin-flip that's why we all are around 50-52% wr. I dont defend riot, i just want people to understand that we should focus on ourselves instead of talking about matchmaking flaws.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
like no reason to do these long talks with OP. just get a look on his op gg and things become more clearer. Hardstuck people tend to blame their teammates or riot instead of actually trying to learn the game and become better at it. I'm d5 atm, started s1 this season after the placement games. I can do 50 new accs and I'll get out of silver with 95% wr. So if you are better than players in your elo you will climb, no magic just skill and consistency. And people are inconsistent af in this elo. OP may have lost a 15/1 game that he will remember the rest of his life because of 0/18 yasuo. But he will never talk about a game he did bad. For example, a month ago : 0/7/0 pantheon top vs yorick. Was it his team's fault? dont think so Another point, in silver pantheon (OP's main) has 53.06 WR after 100 games played. OP has 48%. Again riot's fault boys
: Dear Riot please do something to take out smurfs from ranked.
why can't i have multiple accounts? smurfing is alright your mmr is too low for your current rank. so basically you shouldnt lose that much on this mmr otherwise you will lose ranks. If you do so it means you dont deserve your current rank
Zekutsu (EUW)
: I lost a game... And I don't know what I could have done differently
I cant watch your game but no reason to be sad about one game. It doesnt meant you are bad at this game. Sometimes we all have these games where we could do nothing :) But generally as adc in late game, your job is to stay alive as long as possible. Wait them to blow all their cds and wait the perfect moment to dps.
: Greetings Zekutsu, just from looking at your stats, I can't see any glaring mistakes, you seem to know Xayah (and adcs) quite well. I _do_ question two of your item choices though: {{item:3139}} I don't think Mercurial Scimitar was quite necessary this game, the enemy didn't have incredibly strong cc, you have enough range to keep Tahm and Nasus away from you, Lux's Q was the only reason to buy this. Maybe a Rapid Firecannon {{item:3094}} would've been the better choice. --- {{item:3033}} I don't think you really needed the Grievious wounds passive of Mortal Reminder, I would've chosen Lord Dominik's Regards {{item:3036}} instead. ----- Honestly, these two items aren't a huge deal though, and chances are, you didn't lose just because of some items. Much more important is how you played the game! Your calls, your trades and your game knowledge. Positioning and movement are especially important when playing adc. Your match history sadly tells us absolutely nothing about that, only a replay can :/
Vonyalo (EUW)
: There are much more wrong shit with this game than little nexus health tbh.
: eu west toxic kids
since when toxicity prevents you from climbing? just mute all and play the game, stop finding excuses for you instead of tryharding and getting good at the game
: Me bragging about how Onetricking is so efficient but sucks in the longrun Esports (Joke)
Like learning a champ is relatively easy in comparison to learning the game. So why some higher elo players/coachs advice playing simple 1-2 champs in order to get good at league? Because on some point, when you know your champs, your brain no longer focuses on micro aspect of the game and becomes more available for the macro one. So if you get challenger as a one trick, you can just spam 100 games and learn a new champ since you already know how the game works. Just wanted to add my two cents :)
: is this toxic?
I consider toxic every person who overuses the chat.
Greatatemi (EUNE)
: A blue bar randomly appears in the bottom right corner of the screen, what does it mean?
Rondö (EUW)
: Stop this genocide
You should watch on games like this as an opportunity to improve imo
: That really depends on player
I dont agree but i respect your opinion :)
: Mastery rank 6, about 50k mastery points, my 2nd most played champ. 43% winrate .. in normals. Am I incompetent? While {{champion:157}} is strong he still requires a team to win games I don't quite sure he needs a buff, but from my observation his late game Q dealt less damage than AA, or i'm blind
like 50k mastery on yas is very low imo, you start to have a clue about a hard champ when you hit like 150k
: Look at the text below there i listed so many counterplay abilities U can also counter her with shen or something like that without problems
Like these changes would make her permabanned by all these whiny adc's. I consider myself like an pretty decent camille player and believe me she is in very good state atm. No changes needed.
: Camille Ult change idea
I think its a bad idea, cuz her ult would have no counterplay. Camille is in a very good state atm and no changes required.
: Just get Gold 5 for the rewards, then play normals. A lot of anger, stress, and such spared. This is what I do anyway, but ranks are not *that* worth.
Ranked is worth it if you want to improve on the game.
: Well if you want really in depth information about top lane then its better to talk. I already explained top and jungle a few times on the forums, and it took me about 1-1.5hour to type ^^.
: Well if u dont want help then don't ask for it X). I wish you good luck on the rift.
I'm not the OP but just wanted to point out that your comments are more about abusing some game techniques in order to climb rather than the actual learning of the game no offense dude, just was giving my opinion
Pyrosen (EUW)
: I'm not exactly a one trick because I can play other champions but I'll primarily look to lock Pantheon unless they have a Malphite or something but I'll check him out thanks!
Sure, you can play other champs but while looking at your op gg, I felt that you are gold 3 at panth but your level with other champs seems to be lower (I can be wrong, I'm not that good at this game, I'm just d5). So now you have 2 options : 1) Master other champs, so you will not improve on fundamentals and on the game but you will have bigger champ pool. I listed ones of these fundamentals in one of my comments bellow. > Trading Warding Map awarness Spacing CSing Damage foresight Teamfighting 2) Just continue to play pantheon and actually learn the game. Since you already know the basics of your champ, it's easier to focus on macro game.
: The way to improve for you is that you need to learn some more lane control and lane knowledge. So say you've played Pantheon. He is pretty good against tanks because he builds lethality to counter the armor his opponents are buying. Imo he is best against bruissr that build health or AD: Darius, Renekton, Riven etc. So about lane knowledge, it has been tank meta and i'll explain to you how to counter it. There's 4 ways here: 1) You pick a better scaling tank. 2) You pick a splitpusher (Camille, Jax, Tryndamere, Yorick). 3) You pick a champion that builds crit/lethality (Tryndamere, Yasuo) 4) Fiora/Trundle. 1) All you do here is pick another tank that scales better. Of they have a Cho you pick Shen. If they have a Maokai you pick Nautilus. If they pick 0rnn you pick Garen. 2) You just have to farm here because your powerspike lays in the future mid/lategame which is the same as the tank. And when he leaves lane, you just take his turrets. And when he stays, you ignore him and take his turrets. 3) So how you shred tanks all game long is that juicy lethality, armor pen or crit. Tryndamere will shred tanks, same goes for Yasuo. Another fun thing is to go adc top lane, like Vayne or Lucian. I think Jayce is an option hers but im not sure. 4) Fiora is just a shredder since she does %health with her vitals and true damage with her ult, enough said. Trundle is my personal favorite since you heal for huge amounts with his ult. His lv3 ult steals 35% of someones health. Lv3 ult means at least lv16 so tanka have build quite some items, lets say you play against a Maokai which has 4k HP and you have the same amount. You run into their team and you get low, you ult Maokai and you heal 700HP immediatly plus another 700 over the next 4 seconds (175 per sec). You should also review your own games to see what mistakes you've made. Know when junglers come: around 3:00-3:20. Care about lv2 or even lv1 cheeses like Twitch or Graves. Know how to use teleport. Lategame when baron is up you go botlane and your team goes mid or top so there's always 4 people near Baron and you can easily opt in. Learn about wave management, how to freeze, how to push, when to back and not miss 1 minion without using teleport. If you have any more questions about top lane or jungle then you can ask them.
mate like dont advice something if you dont know what are you talking about :') 1) naut scales better than mao? shen has better scaling than cho? garen outscales ornn? OMEGALUL mao, cho and ornn are the best scaling tanks in the game 2) you just advice playing some champs, that wont make him improve at all, improving is an understanding the game and its fundamentals These are : Trading Warding Map awarness Spacing CSing Damage foresight Teamfighting
: The new season is very caothic and unballanced now, so i would wait 2-3 patch to take it serious. Now the only thing that counts 80% in the games which team has more broken champs. 1) Shen is not good now, there are soo much 1 hit champs 2) Pantheon also very low against most champs. My experience in current top meta, that you should only pick an undying monster like Maokai, Mundo, Orn, Vlad etc... or an extreme wave pusher with zz'rot if possible like teemo, Yoric, Heim, etc... The only reason behind it that junglers too broken if they get ahead, Most of the games better jungler wins and makes totally usless the enemy jungler. Its because the new runes gives a lot burst dmg, and good ganks puts behind the lanes better. And there is a high snowball potential in bot lanes too. So the top laner job is to win more than 50% of the games to be ungankable not to give advantage to the enemy jungler and/or put a high preassure to the top lane to waste the jungler time on top.
he didnt ask for climbing but about improving, saying "play X champion" wont make someone improve and he is higher elo than you
Pyrosen (EUW)
: What can I do to improve myself from Gold 2 to Diamond 5?
Are you basically a panth one trick. check out Keegun, he has a lot of guides, videos and he streams often. He is a THE best pantheon in the world from far, being top 50 chall consistently for few seasons with pantheon is pretty insane. Just do the same thing he does and you will climb/improve.
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