ViaYan (EUNE)
: Permanently Banned For unsportsmanlike behavior in an autofilled game? Chat Logs Inside.
"My supp is inting me" What does that even mean? Do you even know what it means? INTing means INTentionally dying. YOU have to be dying. Intentionally. People can do things that make you die, but nobody can do things that make you intend to die. It's something you do, not something that is done to you.
HedcoHD (EUW)
: Why are Costum Skins banned from LoL ?
They won't do it for at least two reasons. Reason 1: It's a business decision. Riot make money from skins. It's their primary source of income. As such, they don't want free skins available that people courld use instead of buying theirs. Reason 2: It can be used to cheat. Although skins are processed client side as the guy in the video says, they can still be used to cheat. He goes on and on about how it didn't affect anybody and was just an innocent source of magincal joy, but he's a bit short sighted if he thinks they can't be used to cheat. Still not convinced? They can be used to cheat mostly when used to change the skins of other players, not your own. Since it's all handles clientside, the models and the drawing and texturing of those models is done only on your computer and is easy to fiddle with. I'll give you two really solid examples.... You see that "ambulance" soraka skin? You see how it doesn't stick within the model or hit box of soraka? Well, how about I change the skins of every single jungler so they also have an enormous neon yellow halo that surrounds them. No need for wards on botlane, I can see a big yellow ring arriving long before they come to gank me. Great! Or lets say I find getting ganked by invisible champions annoying, so I change the skin for the "camoflage" state or rengar, kha'zix etc to now be bright pink. Advantage me! There are probably so many other ways these can be used to cheat too, mostly around the idea of making invisible or hard to spot things easier to see and avoid.
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=M3GTRDragon,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ceB0NPgO,comment-id=00000001000000000001,timestamp=2019-01-05T23:41:12.239+0000) > > wrongly interpreted analogy. you dont talk on your phone or do makeup while driving a car, you pay attention to the road (lanes), other drivers(allied/enemy teammates), and minimap/pings(traffic lights) TO SAY THE LEAST. You dont text on messenger "hey dude whats up wanna meet me at the club tonight?" while driving on a road 100km/h, end up in an accident or worse case scenario in the hospital because of that. (hint: lose the game because of excessive chatting) do you live in the real word or you speak from movies and internet ? - people talk to phones in cars (not handsfree) - people text in cars while driving - people eat in cars while driving no, they are not main reason for accidents, actually they are very careful and others that drive shared with hands in correct position and stressed like tiny robots sheeps make accidents, or people that drive fast like maniacs in crowded areas, that drive on wet roads and have no clue about driving because they drive "perfect" Life is messy and you brake many rules, except video games tos, tos become in last 5 years the holly book, the most important thing to read, understand and obey, or else, or else what ? EXACTLY - Surgeon joke and talk while operating becuase they are humans not robots and some time operation last many hours do you need to relax because if you are to tense you make more mistakes. Tower control operators make jokes between them in office to relax because staying to focus can make them daydream and lose focus more then if they are abit humans Drivers brake many traffic rules and are not necessary the main cause of accidents if you have a self control, you are smart and not overdo it. Only league players can't joke, can't be ironic, can't use sarcasm to toxic players that curse their all family, they need to be robots, to only play and stfu, mute and play ! because so many dream the dream to be the pro players and you ruined for them!, especially low elo players they are amazing future pro players but they are in low elo because players tell jokes when game start because they are humans in a multiplayer game and get invaded and give fb!
> [{quoted}](name=HitYourHead,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ceB0NPgO,comment-id=000000010000000000010000,timestamp=2019-01-06T04:11:10.471+0000) > > do you live in the real word or you speak from movies and internet ? > > - people talk to phones in cars (not handsfree) > - people text in cars while driving > - people eat in cars while driving > > no, they are not main reason for accidents, Well, hate to burst your bubble, but you can't support your argument with factually inaccurate rubbish. I'm sure you think you are being smart with your "do you live in the real world?" comment, but in reality it seems to be you who doesn't live in the real world. There are **plenty** of _real world_ statistics to support a correlation between motoring accidents and mobile phone use and also plenty of _real world_ countries that have banned this as a result. Even a simple google search could prevent you saying something embarassing like you have. The list of countries which ban hand held phone use is extensive. See here.... It's not that I disagree with your idea, I don't. There's definitely improvements to be had in the in game chat, for instance I hate how hard it is to reply to someone who's messages me from outside the game without typing their full username, I hate how Riot allow usernames using characters that only a limited number of people have on their keyboard.
SixthKill (EUW)
: What are your thoughts on adc?
My thoughts are that traditional AA based carries and most AD based carries are dead right now. Ability based champs with AP scaling are where it's at. Lucian, Miss Fortune, Jhin, Kai'sa, Draven and post rework Ezrael are just unstoppable. They have so much early game poke since landing one or two abilities basically does the same damage as 10 AA's and forces your AA based champion out of the lane and stops them farming. They just don't have the HP early game to survive the high damage abilities and keep farming.....
: Hacked account from 4 years ago refusing to respond or give the acc back
> [{quoted}](name=Spectral Bear,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=1XAo4oHg,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-10T01:50:56.636+0000) > > i was dumb enough to buy a league account a online. > i bought the account So, you bought the account. You didn't create the account. It doesn't matter if someone "hacked" it. The hacking occurred after you "bought" the account. From someone else. You are not allowed to "buy" accounts. You did not create the account, It is therefore a "shared" account whether you believe it is or not. And as such they will not return the account.
: ivern xmas tree?
First they need to rework Ivern so he's played by a player. Yet to see an ivern in the wild more than two or three times since his release week.
Arkadaos (EUNE)
: What champion do you permaban guys?
As an adc main, {{champion:53}} usually, but right now {{champion:81}}
Vilkiss (EUNE)
: That's...... Wierd.... i though a jungler needs to gank, get levels, kills if he must, giving kills to the laner is ... not his job, but coming to a lane from time to time when the laner needs is a must.. i suppose, but yes, i did not insult, as i learned from past mistakes, and yes, i did not swear at all either, wich is the reason i belive it's a restriction i do not deserve, especially when i worked for a year only to get honor lvl 1, and right before i had a chance, i got this... it''s just ... frustrating... and wrong.
You seem to be mistaken. Farming is not reportable. Losing is not reportable. Not ganking is not reportable. > [7:37] [All] Lucian: Report this kayn > [15:33] Aatrox: report lee > [15:35] Aatrox: x9 > [26:01] [All] Aatrox: rEPORT LEE SIN > [21:11] Aatrox: go afk > [27:53] [All] Aatrox: Report this dude Also, let me further help you.... Judging from the timestamps, this is three separate games. In all 3 games you have had beef with the jungler because they "didn't gank". Try learning how to play without needing the jungler. Some jungles are pretty useless early game. They have to farm, they can't gank. And once you've given the advantage to the enemy ganking becomes increasingly more risky. It's odd because you say..... > maybe i'll get a good player that can 1v9 the game and say no need for ganks ty, How about YOU become that player who can play without needing a jungler to baby sit. Stop over extending, stop going all in, make better engages, up your vision. It seems like you aren't as good as you think you are and your success in game lives or dies by the jungler.
Kaimetsú (EUW)
: Should riot make a “League App”
The chat app has slowly added more news and notifications. I expect over time it will get more features such as this. I certainly don't think they'd make a separate new app.
Khanzax (EUW)
: Naturally, I understand I could have handled this better by not saying anything at all, but if this is enough of a reason to get you restricted, then what is the point of a chat function altogether. The worst thing I said during this game was 'you are trolling' which referenced to him stealing my lane and then continuing to flame, walk in circles (basically AFK), trashtalking in chat, etc. I don't know about you, but this seems like it is a little far fetched for a chat restriction even if it is just 10 games.
I'm often seeing people saying how they don't see an alternative to being toxic other than not saying anything at all. Then It occured to me that maybe you genuinely don't know how this was toxic. Let me break your chat log down..... > Game 2 > Pre-Game > Khanzax: i want supp > Khanzax: they have lux its fine Sure, sure. No problems so far.... > In-Game > Khanzax: But now he has no supp item wtdf Ah, straight out of the gate with that old passive aggressive "lets tell everyone else to look at stuff and gang up on people". You could have said "Hey Sion, you forgot your support item" or even " Sion, no support item?". So lets clear that up. Addressing Sion directly and asking him why he doesn't have support item = not toxic. Telling everyone "hey, look at this guys mistakes" = toxic. OK, moving on..... > Khanzax: no supp item is loss Is it? Not really. So this is being negative and will affect your team's view of the game before it's even started. This is toxic. Being negative is reportable. Also, sometimes weird things work. I've taken Teleport as an ADC for years. They number of meta slaves who've said to me "no heal on jinx, we lose". Guess what, TP on ADC is now being seen in worlds. Often. > Khanzax: why even of > Khanzax: offer > Khanzax: WTF > Khanzax: Game pls Not even sure what any of this means. It's just spamming crap at the keyboard. Try sentences. I mean, it's not toxic, but if this is really what you say as an alternative to being toxic then maybe you really arebetter off just not using chat. > Khanzax: and why exactly did you take supp?' > Khanzax: No supp item and 3 deaths > Khanzax: what a legend I'd say this is a reasonable question, and it's directed at the pwerson who you want to ask the question of. Not too toxic. > Khanzax: You are trolling A bit on the nose, but probably OK. > Khanzax: I couldve played proper support, because i know the role,. you took it and dont evben take a supp item so no monety nor wards reasonable statement. Not toxic. > Khanzax: report sion stealing supp and then this Oh dear. Proper toxic. Just trying to focus all the other players on Sion. As others have pointed out, report calling is totally pointless anyway. > Khanzax: WTF > Khanzax: HITBOXES RIOT > Khanzax: Sion im a support player and you stole my role You said this already.... getting negative. > Khanzax: silence. > Khanzax: -LP > Khanzax: this sion This isn't directed at Sion, so is just pointing out to everyone else your disapproval. Nobody cares. It's negative. > Khanzax: \He steakls He stole your role. You said this already.... negative. > Khanzax: Aight have fun > Khanzax: Ofcourse? > Khanzax: You steal my role and force me to go mid He stole your role. You said this already.... negative. > Khanzax: Then u blame me for dying 2 times because you are 0.5 Highlighting his score. Why? He knows it, everyone else can see it pretty easy. Nobody needs this. Toxic > Khanzax: have fun > Khanzax: 7/1 Highlighting his score. Why? He knows it, everyone else can see it pretty easy. Nobody needs this. Toxic > Khanzax: ok > Khanzax: wp > Khanzax: 2/11 botlane Highlighting scores again. Why? everyone knows. Nobody needs this. Toxic > Khanzax: Surr > Khanzax: Report sion Proper toxic again. As others have pointed out, report calling is totally pointless anyway. Why bother. And repetitive. Boooooring. Toxic > Khanzax: rep sion You said this already. Toxic > > Post-Game > Khanzax: Report sion You said this already. Toxic > Khanzax: He steals supp You said this already too. Toxic > Khanzax: then does this So, there's plenty of toxic comments there, most of them repetitive and unnecessary. News flash: continually calling out other players scores is really annoying and likely to get you reported, as is calls to surrender too often and report calling. I've played for a long time. I still suck and I'm still in bronze. I still deal with the new players, the smurfs and all that Jazz...... and yet I've never felt the need to repeatedly call out the current losing players score, or spam "report" into the chat every few lines. If this is the only way you can communicate and you see no alternative between this toxic rubbish or no talking at all then you need to learn plenty more about communicating.
new pekka (EUNE)
: champions are too expensive , am i right ?
I don't think they are too expensive, but I do agree with you that they should be available in the practice tool so you can better decide which ones to buy.
: Nunu and Willump has slain the Infernal Drake
I think it's ridiculous in the first place. What was wrong with just "Nunu". There are loads of champions who are "technically" a pair. How long before it's "Kled and Skaarl", "Kayn and Rhaast" or "Sejuani and Bristle" or Kindred is changed to "Wolf and Lamb". I mean it's not even like you play with one or the other sepearately like with Kayn/Rhaast. It's still just one champ who plays as one champ. The name is just a pointless vanity project with many stupid little things that now appear broken as a result.
: There is also fiddlesticks candy skin. And i think lulu has one where she turns people to muffins.
Yes, bittersweet lulu. Good memory. Fiddlesticks one is a bit Xmas themed, like candy cane miss fortune. Still counts if you really want candy tho!
: Yeah same here. Another bug with these missions. > [{quoted}](name=Noleen,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=eujPZlpd,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-08-27T07:54:44.790+0000) > > Maybe it will be given to eligible people at the end of the event. They said there wasn't a mission for the second chest, that it was "hidden". Stop this nonsense. It has nothing to do with being hidden and everyone is eligible as long as they completed the requirements.
And that's the sticker.... "as long as they completed the requirements". All quest lines so far have had linear progression. Quest 3 is shown after quest 2. Quest 2 is shown after quest 1..... In this case it's different. The "quest" for the completing all six..... do you put it after daily number 6? but then people who only logged in today and **only** completed quest 6 would see it. They could never complete that. I'm not sure they have a mechanism right now for "show quest X after condition A&B&C&D&E&F are met", only "show quest X after condition Y has been met". Now, Riot _**did**_ say it would be hidden, and they **_did_** say the reason was that they didn't want it to show for people who could not complete it. We know there's definately special "hidden mission" factors in play because riot said this.... > Q: Why isn’t the mission to complete all 6 daily “Luck Of The Draw” missions showing up in my mission log? > A: Since we didn’t want people logging in after the first day to see a mission that is impossible for them to complete, we decided to make the second mission a hidden bonus for anybody who feels like going full tryhard." And they said it here... So regardless of whether _you_ think it's nonsense or not, all the information at the moment suggests it **_isn't_** nonsense and they'll do a database trawl after the event ends to send the rewards. We shall see.
: Suggestion: Candy Shop Skin Theme
You know there is a lollipoppy skin exactly as you described, right?
: Aram-Arama 6 missions luck of the draw completed but no chess
There was a mission which gave you a chest for completing the first three but they have said that the "hidden" mission for the last three wouldn't be shown for those who would no longer be able to complete it.... basically anyone who missed any day of the event. The problem is I don't think they have a mechanism to display to display the "hidden" event to _only_ those who did every single one so far. It must be coming to us through other means.
: Riot: getting chests
Premade groups in TT are the easiest way to get chests. There is 90% of the time at least one bot on the opposing team, and sometimes 3. If you go premade then you can guarantee that all the bots will be on the other team and then farm kills. Be careful not to push turrets too fast.
BloopyLad (EUW)
: Nexus Blitz First Impression (shhh but this opinion will probs change in future xD )
For me right now the release of this game mode signals the end of me spending any more real money on the game until I see how it all pans out. I see people are enjoying the mode, I had a go and it seemed ok. For me though it doesn't warrant being a permanent game mode though and the fact that before it had even had this Alpha test riot is insinuating that it would worries me for a number of reasons.... Mainly, it's too much like HOTS. The map design, the random events.... it's got "Ex Blizzard employee Ghostcrawler" written all over it. If I wanted to play HOTS I would have. URF/ARURF are insanely popular with tiny queues when on rotation and yet Riot have never suggested they would become permanent. The fact that riot have already indicated that this HOTS clone map might become permanent already makes me think that Riot -or someone within Riot- has decided that League should be like HOTS and that being more like HOTS is going to be the new direction f the game. Riot have announced the league is now down from it's peak player levels. Thing is, that's always the case with an older, established game. Some people always just move on to the next big thing, while the core player base remain. Look at MMO's. Two big MMO's which still charge monthly subscriptions. Wow and eve online. Eve online had smaller number of players but is holding those players by doubling down on what makes Eve good for those players. Wow on the other hand dumbed everything down for the "casual" market, no longer really appeals to it's core player base so well either and it's subscriber numbers are crashing -- hard. Please Riot, keep the detail in League, keep the complexity -- keep the strategy. Stay the game that keeps the core player base here, don't change into some dumbed down HOTS clone. The fortnite style "map gets smaller" event just makes me sick too. Is there any popular game right now that you aren't going to rip off and shoehorn into this new game mode. I hope league stays league. I fear this may be the beginning of a very long end though.....
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
You can also get banned if any program could give you an unfair advantage over other players. So lets say Wooxy _could_ be used to make all players have a bright neon yellow skin. You can now spot them coming and target them in a crowd of minions even easier than you might otherwise. Even if _you_ didn't use this feature, because the program _could_ be used to cheat it gets banned along with anyone who was using the program.
Rhaios (EUW)
: How about a "Legacy Skin Store"?
You can the sales every month also happen to bring back legacy skins, and some events such as Christmas also bring them back. Your "my store" they have at least twice a year also contains legacy skins. This is all true with the exception of Firefighter Tristana which hasn't seen a sale for over two years. Sad face :-(
PoroSnacc (EUW)
: Ping Issues (UK specific)
What area of the UK are you in?
Log Dog (EUNE)
: When will Angler Jax be available?
I wouldn't count on the rotation. It's been 2 years since Firefighter Tris was in a sale rotation, some things have been on sale twice in the same time!
: The free Dreadknight Garen and Riot Girl Tristana Skins codes don't work.
These skins are retiring soon! (It's a shame riot can't publicize this more, or put it as a sticky forum post. Even more of a shame that they can't get their shit in order to remove all the previous, now incorrect info, such as this...
Carrimi (EUW)
: If you think Garen is some good guy and not a Tyrant then you dont understand. It's a choice between an anarchic madman (Darius) who will let you be free as long as you're not a burden and a tyrannical narcissist (Garen) who will let you be protected so long as you are totally subservient. Sparrow is far more Darius and Barbossa is far more Garen.
Again, none of these qualities were adeqately displayed on PoTC to really support your very tenuous link. Certainly nothing strong enough to form, as you say a "crystal clear analogy". Jack sparrow may be anarchic, and mad (none of which are qualities which Darius is supposed to have btw) but the films don't show enough of him as a leader to see how much freedom he gives people, or what they do if they are a burden. In fact, he seems to get involved with and even go back for people who frequently "were a burden". Very un-darius like. The same is true of Geoffery Rush's Barbossa character. You simply don't have enough data to infer how much protection he offers people or what he demands for that protection. It doesn't matter whether you are talking personality traits or lore, this is still a really poor link between these characters.
: I am disgusted by Riot
> "I cant get out of this hell because my teammates hold me back" Then form/join a team. It's a team game. I'll never understand people who play nothing but soloQ against random people and wonder why they don't get where they want. It's the same with any sport. If I join a football team, I'll join a proper league, proper team play and practice. There is a better chance of climbing through the leagues. If I go outside and kick the ball around in the street with a bunch of kids, I'm not left wondering why I'm not climbing through the local leagues on my way to the premiership yet.
Carrimi (EUW)
: Pirates of the Caribbean Fans, anyone agree? Garen vs Darius Analogy.
No, I find your analogy terribly stretched and ill fitting. Garen's lore and default appearance portray him as a champion of justice and light..... which is nothing like the Barbosa at all. Darius on the other hand is a feared general who believes in never retreating. Compare this to the comical, rarely feared Jack sparrow character who spends half the films running away from things! I think this is a "crystal clear analogy" you _**want**_ to see, rather than one which is actually there.
: Can someone say me the code for Riot girl tristana?
These skins are retiring soon! (It's a shame riot can't publicize this more, or put it as a sticky forum post. Even more of a shame that they can't get their shit in order to remove all the previous, now incorrect info, such as this...
KING6619 (EUW)
: ***
I didn't understand that, it reads like you may have had some kind of neurological episode at your keyboard. You should seek medical assistance for this, you could be at risk of a stroke or something. I'm genuinely concerned for you.
: yeah but i'm fairly sure tristana doesn't XD
I think you are probably correct. They have said that Yordles are quite varied though. Some have larger teeth, bordering on fangs, they come in a number of colours and furriness is varied too with some being rather hairy (rumbele) and others being more humanlike in appearance (poppy, tris)
: do Yordles have tails?
Fizz and gnar certainly have tails so it's safe to say they did have tails and likely that some still have tails or proto-tails.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: They aren't going to reverse IE because it's what allows the current diversity at bot lane.
They aren't going to allow the current "diversity" in botlane. Something is going to get buffed or reversed at some point. Thank about it. It makes no business sense. 1. Why would they spend huge amount of development resources over the years making a crap load of marksmen only to have them not get used. Kai'sa, Xayah, these guys aren't even that old. 2. If Yasuo can stomp top, mid AND bot, why would players need to buy other champions. Or skins? If only a few OP champs can play almost every lane, the potential for skin sales goes down as the need for players to have different champs for different positions goes down. Riot will _**want**_ bot lane to be dominated by marksmen so that players have a reason to buy marksmen and their associated skins.
Kinshira (EUNE)
: i didnt flame back, i simply said in all chat "Please report "champion name" because he is wishing people cancer", how is that toxic? I am not hurting anyone other than making sure the root of the problem gets dealt with, and dont forget.. he never got punished.. the dude literally wished cancer on 4 people MULTIPLE times and NEVER got punished. I didnt get a message that he got penalized and the support.riot never actually commented on this, they kept dodging the question.
You repeated his comment. The automated system isn't going to easily work out that you were just repeating. You called for other players to report, rather than just muting and reporting. Also, many "banned" players come to moan on the forums about how they were just "defending themselves" and that 100% means they flamed back. Without chatlogs from a year ago I'm inclined to believe you flamed too. You wouldn't get a perma-ban for just report calling one time either so you were either really toxing in your "defending yourself" or you are a repeat offender.
StPaulus (EUNE)
: Master Yi and Yashuo... a problem for LoL
I would agree a bit. Especially Yasuo. I hate the constant rhetoric that it's ok to have these all powerful, overloaded champs because they are "high skill cap champs". There are plenty of players who are mechanically very good at playing games. Yasuo makes a player who is good at pressing buttons in the right way all powerful. The player then doesn't need to care about strategy or teamwork. They start farming other lanes, kill stealing...... and then sometimes lose the game because they start trying to all-in 1v5. There are too many champs where the only answer too them is hard CC, but there are waaaaaaay too many champs who aren't equipped with CC which is why we end up with things like the tank meta. If there were some items which gave CC abilities which might give a mage or ADC a fighting chance against Yasuo that would be one thing, but there aren't. Basically if you pick tanks you can deal with yas or Yi. if you don't.... well, die. My opinion, there should never be champs who can only be taken down by abilities which cannot be gotten from items. Items should allow you to react, to change to the game as it unfolds. If the enemy has alot of AD you build armour, AP you build MR. Speed, you turret hug. If they are slow you build speed and kite them. Right now if your team is lacking hard CC there is no build path to help, no item selection, there is almost nothing you can do vs Yi or Yas other than ff@15.
: Unpopular opinion: this meta is fun!
I usually play ADC but recently have been playing jungle as I have more success. Not these days though, at the moment I'm finding ADC to be far stronger than ever before. Maybe I've just gotten better, maybe I'm just playing the "right" adc's for the meta. I don't know. What I do know is I'm winning more early game trades and picking up more kills.
Kinshira (EUNE)
: but they did look it up, i actually asked support riot why i got banned, and they said that it is because of the report and that they wont revert it. I got banned because someone else wished cancer on me and i simply defended myself.
What does "defended myself" mean? "Defending yourself" is an action to protect yourself. In League of legends you can "defend" yourself by muting the other player. That is all. Any other action, including replying to the troll or flamer does nothing to "defend" or protect yourself from further offensive comments. All you needed to do was click "report" at the end of the game. That's the only action necessary. Asking other people to report someone does _**not**_ increase the chance of the report being looked at _or_ the chance of punishment, so it's pointless and may get **_you_** banned. Flaming them back is pointless and may get **_you_** banned. Repeating what they said in /All is pointless and may get **_you_** banned.
: exactly, so if you AA then enemy stopwatches and imedietly dies to turret after, you should get the kill, although u don't with this bugg. that's not a very long window of time btw
I get what your saying. Activating stopwatch appears to reset the "who hit the champion last and when" data. That does sound like a bug if it's behaving as you describe, but should be pretty easy to replicate to confirm. Does this happen in practice tool if you try to repeat it?
: HIGHLY abuseable stopwatch bug!
It's not a bug, that's normal. A player has to be the last champions to have have damaged an enemy champ in the last few seconds to "get the kill", even if they ultimately die to a turret or minion. If you wait too long between damaging them and them dying, then you don't "get the kill". All that's happening here is that stopwatch prevents the enemy dying during that window you need them to die in.
: BUG Loading
Right now this issue is happening alot, to a bunch of people repeatedly over the last few days. It appears to be if someone drops out of the game while it's loading. It doesn't have to be you and I'm not even sure the team is remaking. I think the game is just crapping out when someone quits mid loading screen and then makes everyone wait ages before bouncing you back to the main screen as if nothing ever happened. Restarting your computer will do nothing, and you will probably find that every other aspect of your internet works fine, including chatting with friends in the client etc. There is nothing wrong with your connection, the issue is most likely that there is no game to connect to!
: Fake lost connection issue
I'm having this happen right now as I type it. Had it yesterday too. Blind pick. Only thing similar between the two games is that someone picked a duplicate of a role because they didn't want to support. In this case, that guy stopped on 60% loading before the error came up and the whole thing crapped out. I don't have a leaver or afk penalty and the game doesn't appear in the match history at all.
SdG ct (EUW)
: Disconnect at game start - Impossible to reconnect
Interestingly, I've also just started getting this. I've played all afternoon, this would be game number 6 or something. I can quit and re-log into the client, my friends list is all still there, I'm on the internet..... just the actual "game" part of the game gives me this error.
ADC Yuumi (EUW)
: Welp, it doesn't matter how you play. Join if you'd like. Nothing serious.
: Riot Stop Working On Champions and on Skins !
Let me school you a bit on how diagnostics processes work, and how IT support works. You only acknowledge problems and fix issues you know are yours to fix. Let me give you an example. My ping when playing league is 28. It's always 28. Except when it's 21. It has increased **once** in the 3 years I've been back playing league. This means Riot's servers for the game are working fine. It doesn't matter what _your_ own experience is, the first thing you _have_ to accept is that since I have a low ping that the servers themselves are working fine and are capable of smooth connections with low pings to at least one other player. If there was an issue with Riot's servers it would likely affect **all** players of the game, including me. Which it clearly doesn't. If the problem isn't affecting all players and only affecting some players then you have to look for something which is common to only those players that are experiencing issues. That means you rule out the servers. Are common between players with and without the problem so they get discounted. And at that point it's not Riot's problem. The problem could be so many things. Your regional infrastructure, your router configuration, your ISP, your own PC..... but what it almost certainly **isn't** is the Riot server. You have to be sensible; Riot aren't going to spend vast amounts of money investigating and fixing issues with other people's kit just so you have a better ping. I'm also not getting fps drops down to 30fps. Again, if the vast majority of players are playing without these fps drops on laptops, desktops, AMD cards, nVidia cards..... then the issue is something which is only common to players with the problem. And since there are players out there not experiencing these issues on perfectly standard PC's then Riot can safely assume that on an average PC the game works fine. "The game" is not the factor which is common to players with the issue since the same game, the same client is used by people without the issue too. So again, you are back to stuff which isn't "the game" which the differential lets us rule out diagnostically. Your PC, the temperatures, the PSU, the gfx card, your specification, the amount of RAM, the latency, your Windows updates, the number of apps you have, any extensions, hardware drivers, other apps...... Riot aren't investigating all this stuff. Simple fact is I've seen too may people over the years who couldn't run some application or were unable to connect to this or that service and wanted "support"..... and when you really investigate you find the issue is somewhere in the 300+ bits of shareware, cracked apps, virtual CD drives, DVD ripping software, browser toolbars, themes, animated desktops, multiple registry cleaners, uninstallers and antivirus products, the "ping booster" software, their game overlays, chat clients and their CPU overclocking tools and the drivers and photo management software still installed for the 30+ digital cameras, scanners and phones which they've installed over the years and never removed. Riot know that from a clean copy of windows and a minimum spec PC with an ISP that offers low latency between them and the player, the game works good. And if they know the game works good, they aren't going to fix it. If your ISP is worse than the one they test, you fix it or you change it. Mine works fine. If your PC doesn't perform as well as their benchmark machines, then you fix it, you change it. My old Athlon fx machine with a 750ti works fine.
ADC Yuumi (EUW)
: Clash EUW: Yordles...
I could be tempted. Tristana main, also have Rumble, Poppy, Ammumu, Veigar, Teemo and Corki Really only any good with maybe 2 of those though.
: > [{quoted}](name=DutchPro1,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=MrwHRi2K,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-11T10:55:41.315+0000) > > In ARAM you get a cookie which you can feed to poro's Yes you said that. So what?
The joke is simple wordplay. What you _think_ he means when you click on the link based on the title is that he's moaning about bad players feeding the enemy, but when you read further he's _actually_ complaining about people feeding cookies to poros. Usually, feeder means someone who dies to the enemy lots and lots. The humour lies in the fact that what the OP is doing here is correctly, but misleadingly applying the term "feeder" to someone who feeds the cookies to the poros in ARAM.
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I hadn't, but just looked and it doesn't go back further than a month ago. I only just noticed Quinn friday and investigated more today.
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: But sjws are actually rampant.
And so are toxic people who love being offensive and think the rules don't apply to them. I would rather not interact with either in any aspect of my life.
: Why does everyone hate Yasuo?
Here's why I hate playing against Yasuo. I can have a great game, really strategic, deny him kills and farm. I can be 2 levels above him. He will then leave lane, somehow get a kill or two despite the chronic lack of farm, and then when he returns to the lane is hitting so hard I'm destroyed in mere moments. Basically, he isn't punished for losing the lane. It's too easy for him to come back. And I've seen him just hit 3 minions and lifesteal all the way back up to full health. It just seems waaaaaay too effective on him. He doesn't need a great laning phase. He needs only 2 items to become a hard hitting, lifestealing crit monster with crazy sustain. Oh, and the hitbox on his whirlwind doesn't seem to cover the base of the tornado, but the entire graphic. You want to dodge it, go down under it, not up over it. That's dumb.
: I still don't think it is fair, because I wasn't insulting him, the person behind the desk. I was saying his playstyle was idiotic. What should I have said? Nothing, what is the use of a chat then? You can't say anything positive about that, or can you? I have completly changed my attitude, but in this case I wasn't offensive to the person. I wasn't being racist, or discriminating, tellling someone to die or anything else. I was mad, because he was being a douche the whole game. What is there so toxic about that? Last time I got banned for one game, which I didn't think was that offensive either. This time I get banned for yet another single game. And in this game, the guy was trolling, which means I get banned for saying he did bad stuff or his attitude wasn't correct. That's not fair at all...
You say "because I wasn't insulting him, the person behind the desk.". Hmmm, intesting. Cause I thought I read..... > ElementAlix: youre bad for this community, go play another game > ElementAlix: youre a awful player, ruining every players game > ElementAlix: brand is being a douchebag Seems like insulting the Brand player to me. Very little about his playstyle there. What kind of playstyle is "douchebag" then? What kind of build to you take to play douchbag? Can you play douchebag in all lanes or just bot? How about "bad" or "afwul"? You even say player. Not playstyle. An "awful player". Your own chatlog contradicts your own imaginary excuses.
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