Haesperea (EUW)
: Bronze 3 player looking for people to play ranked with (Bronze - Silver - Gold)
duckarp (EUNE)
: There is. Report them. Nothing else can be done.
you cant report in champ selt
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: Rank team 5v5
IGN: Robsco26 Roles: ADC Main champion: Jinx Secondary champion(s):Jhin, Lucain, vayne, cait, ezreal. Age: 22 Rank: Sliver 5 From: Scotland
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: need 3 people for normal game
: Duo who can Help me to get gold V please :)
hey man, i understand you with the fight out of bronze, im from scotland, i main adc, message me and you can try me out in a normal if you like Age 21 Champs jinx, cait, graves siver kalista, lucain,
Ciwiki (EUW)
: Support lf adc 4 duo ranked
: Not connect to the HTTP server
im getting the same,


Level 36 (EUW)
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