Shamose (EUW)
: Riot is using skins in TFT for origins and classes. Changing the skins for every person would create confusion.
Why though, as appose you'd still see it as inferno / glacial etc etc, just look different
: Changing Infernal Varus to Dark Star will remove his Infernal tag? What about Glacial Warwick? Giving him Firefang won't make sense since he's a glacial. And Deep Sea Thresh? His Ocean tag? What about Atlantean Syndra? You get the point.
I do however they're also just skins. turning teemo into superteemo doesn't not make him a devil.
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: lmao i felt almost the same , i feel like it depends on me to win the game everythime but i dont know what to do if there is at least one negative attitude one troll and one afk + one secret agent who totally dont talk , it is just depressing , my advise is to start playing bot games to highten your ELO then start playing normals again /if you didnt played ranked yet start playing it the best you can , results will be amazing
I gave up on ranked many season ago and decided to properly come back this preseason, which was great, but literally i got put in gv which i was g2 in pre, now i've actually dropped to s1 and it's literally just inter after inter. I mean i got used to expecting a troll in 30+% of games, but this is honestly 80+%. Doesn't matter if i roam, get mid fed etc. i have bot lanes that are 1/7 at 7 mins and then end at like 4/26... that uninstall vibe is coming
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: Play Mundo Like WhiteKnight
Erm what???? "Revitalize: Mundo has a lot of healing in his kit between Adrenaline Rush, Infected Cleaver and Sadism, so this rune will boost your healing from all these sources." Yeah that's not how that rune works lmao, and the write up is incorrect. Mundo has a lot of *REGEN* in his kit not healing. The only heal mundo has is the return from infected cleaver. This rune is only good for a very marginally higher sustain from q farming.
: you better just leave it....some people would agree with you, but you just ruined everything...when you mentioned teemo was involved in your experience!
Teemo will show you da wei, i'm pissing countless people off with him XD
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Ąvalon (EUW)
: The tragic tale of Aatrox, from an Aatrox main: A repost from Reddit.
Just played the new Aatrox, logged into this to make a thread on how they've literally buried him... I loved Aatrox, but this new shit is so bad it's unreal. The health cost reduction was a beautiful buff but the passive change is literally comparable to skydiving onto a ballard without any pants on in the full nelson maneuver... no lube.
Undine (EUW)
: SHHHHHH, riot might hire him.
Perilum (EUW)
: Please never seek a career in game design.
Instead of such a closed response why not add in your thoughts on it o great one.
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Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: Sadly, its not on schedule atm. But I believe he will be very soon. Currently we have 133 champions and Aatrox is 131th pick in EUNE rankeds Bronze-Challenger. Keep checking out this page as he might be in there very soon: But please, let the Urgot go first, he is 133th Pick T_T
Poor Urgot... another champ i actually love XD Still feel he's in a stronger position just picked far far less lol
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blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
a heck of a lot to keep him as is tbf, he's by far one the of squishiest divers, with no real stay ability. Compare his ult to old sion's for example... but definitely more aa range =3, tbh on that i'd like his sword to be swung similar to thresh's aa's but slightly lower range
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
a heck of a lot to keep him as is tbf, he's by far one the of squishiest divers, with no real stay ability. Compare his ult to old sion's for example... but definitely more aa range =3
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xtimigui (EUW)
: 30 Ip for 3 minutes its too much .. If a surrender at 20 its just 70 (for lose) .. It was like 200 Ip for lose .. 10 ip for minute .. Its just my opinion ;)
at 70 ip for 20 mins then 1 min is equal to 3.5ip, thus the 3 min remake should be 10ip =]
: I 100% agree, but also I would like to add that a remake can be a waste of time too. Especially when you wait for a long queue time to find a game and you end up with 0 IP. I know many people don't care about IP, but a lot more still farming IP to unlock things and ending up with 0 IP can be frustrating. A good solution is to give both team a small typical amound of IP after a remake, just for the time they spend! I hope Riot consider this...
Tbh that's a really good shout, 10ip awarded for the time lost would promote more people to /remake and not be thinking o ffs.... here comes another 10 min que XD
Declined (EUNE)
: You wouldn't happen to have a link to the match?
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