: you calculated in tft the damage you take so you know it's so close that it was 1hp under ? :D
The damage I take shows under the character
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: When you lose a round you take amount of damage depending on amount and stars of surviving champions + 2 damage. That bonus damage is usually a bit delayed, so it may look like you randomly died after taking damage and surviving. It's not really a bug, just a strange timing
I am aware of what you said, and it happened regardless. The last bit of damage pops, boom! 13 damage in total, since I had 14 health means I'm out of the game!
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: another discussion about "ez"
ironically youre trying to put down people who flame in-game Also there is no option "yes, it is still psychological warfare even if the game is basically over" so guess my voice is not heard on this one. Regarding the matter, all I, as a player, am seeing in you is a target ;) In the same way I remember Zven spamming mastery emote in a competitive game against Uzi, who is said to have a short temper. I really don't get riot saying/having ever sayed it is a bannable offense. But then again, a guy in the lead was posting D picks to girls, I heard. PS. Banter that I use: Game over -emote on first blood. Works like a charm.
: >Can someone explain why there are always people like this defending obvious trols? Is it likely they don't understand or trol themself's? It's mostly just the people that have never played the game competitively themselves. The extreme casuals that do not understand how things like these actually work. Everyone is allowed to tell their opinion, but it doesn't mean they have to be taken seriously when they do so. It's just better to disregard certain opinions no matter the topic.
ill go all out disregarding riots opinions because they are fresh out from the sh*t factory

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