BWinged (EUW)
: No LP gained
I even won 2 games. Got 8 lp in total...
BexXz (EUW)
: Can we nerf lee sin yet..
Lee sin is the champion with the highest skill cap imo. If he goes in for a insec he has basically no way to get out. He has decent cooldowns but his energy doesn't refill as fast as his cd's. He sucks in the lategame. He gets destroyed by some other junglers like elise if the elise player has brain. I think it requires alot to be a good lee sin player at a high level, and i think he is in a fine spot atm. Sponks Diamond 4 Lee sin - Elise main
: I'm very good at leesin, he isn't hard to use for me at all because his abilities let you think and then play rather than have to play play play like riven or something.
I think you have a completely wrong image about how hard riven actually is lol. if you just spam spells i dont think ur a good riven player like boxbox with fast combos etc. And i like the bigger risk higher reward with champions like lee sin then just playing trynd and nobrain into their team
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Since you're going Ahri top you should build it in a way that you're a bit beefy, so i would suggest droping {{item:3165}} because you don't need any more mana and replace it with some other cdr items like either: {{item:3157}} , {{item:3001}} or even both, consider only 1 of them plus {{item:3158}} Since you're going {{item:3116}} consider geting {{item:3151}}.
I think ur completely wrong on this one imo. lyandrys is nothing good on ahri. why would u even consider that ? and i think the morello is good not because of the mana but the cdr and the healign reduction are good considering the toplane meta that includes healing and shields
: Looking for dia+ jung
what for you need a dia+ jungler? could ur question be any more specific?
: cmon, now you compare Annie with Vayne? The kit of Vayne IS hard to use effectively. Ever watched a high Elo Vayne player? The challenging thing is to make strong plays, not just hit skill shots. With your logic, Xerath or Lux are mechanically hard champs and are much harder to play than Vayne. I totally disagree.
LOL imo vayne is hard but i think xerath and lux are harder considering the low mobility and squishyness. vayne stil has a stealth mechanic. and yes if i have to ad i play vayne i know what i'm talking about
: why ppl like high mechanic champs?
I think pulling off a perfect insec throught the whole team feels way more rewarding then a pentakil when autorightclicking with tryndamere.
: > [{quoted}](name=sander599,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7pzz6ryy,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-11-20T19:06:33.275+0000) > > There is a difference between playing off meta and trolling. While Lee Sin is certainly not usual in the bot lane, it *is* allowed to play Lee Sin support as a roaming support, as long as the off meta player tries to win. Although you are allowed to pick what you want,leaving his adc alone proves that he was trolling.
: Riot should add a 'Mute Yourself' option
just remove the enter key from your keyboard and problem solve. and if you cant control yourself into flaming just dont play this game and look if you have gilles de la tourette.
: Riot should add a 'Mute Yourself' option
if you cannot control your flame you should not be playing this game.
: My placement after recent matchmaking fix...
after placements 5-5 went plat 4. (i was dia4 soloQ). my friend dia5 got plat 1. after extra game i lost got plat 4 stil and he got plat 5 while he won his game. so i think yes this is more accurate.
: I defend toxicity because the people who dislike it are childish, but its funny because the people who over-flame are also childish. Look at it this way, your reporting an anonymous human being you never knew existed for bullying you in a video game through text and after that you'll never seen them again. I just dont get how this can affect anyone at all. mabye its my ASD and my years of experience playing games i have alot more tolerance for "flaming". but it still doesn't change the fact that you actually feel offended. I mean let me just release some inner-tyler1 "stop being a beta-cuck, man up and take it. If words on a screen hurt you, then how can you get by in life without crying everyday"
If people tell me ingame to go die of cancer yes those words on a screen hurt me because i've lost 2 of my best friends at the age of 15 to cancer. so yes words hurt people because you dont know their story. You should NEVER insult anyone imo that goes personal. idc if people call me bad at the game, but people shouldn't say anything in regard to anyones private life
: Worse champion against Jax in 1v1
Why dont you opt for janna? you should also be able to beat a braum or leona or naut
: For everyone off you crying about flex queue matchmaking
the problem is: the bronzies that get matched with my or at my elo actually start flaming us for them getting stomped. my image of a bronze and 99% of the people in bronze are like this: "i never make mistakes, my team holds me back, i cannot improve because i'm held back and i'm always better then my opponent, even tho i got solokilled without any jungle pressure".
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Will you be able to be in 2 elos? One in Flex and different in Solo?
: Update us on your final games of Season 2016
We did it boys right before season ends 2 hours before platinum in ranked team with rewards :p and soloQ been diamond forever since i quit for 4 months basically so no masters for me :'(
Dakreas (EUW)
: Gold series promos on deadline end
oh that is sad :p Me and my ranked team got just in time to get the platinum. and then our support realises at 9 we didn't win 10 games with him for the reward. so we had to steamroll through 2 games. luckily for him we won both in 25 minutes so we made it :p
LA Losty (EUW)
: Good job! Good luck getting diamond next season, i might aim for master teir myself, though it will be quite a challenge.
Going for masters too. Maxed dia3 60 lp'ish but then had to quit for 4 months due to studying. Knowing a friend if mine that was same level as me hit top 50 challenger it makes me upset that i didn't keep playing :p So next season masters it is :p
Kilinerium (EUNE)
: Trolls in Silver/Gold elo and no prevented games
you also said, you were raging. so yes you deserve to lose lp you toxic person, stay in low elo.
Smoevuh (EUW)
: Auto ordered lanes when TAB'ing
Wow are you so lazy? aswel what in champ select when people switch roles or hybrid champions that can take on multiple roles? you are just lazy, do it urself.
: Early game snowball junglers
usually any jungler snowballs. mostly elise, nidalee, kha, rengar.
Realznk (EUW)
: Because I'm honest, and what I say makes sense, you just seem very butthurt, m8...
you just dont know how to play and whine because you cant reach gold and you want a free boost.
: Nope. Everyone can get banner zz rot.
if you just want to ignore the thing that is going to happen dude go talk to a wall with ur idea and create ur own game.
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: How do you recover from tilt?
i usually watch a youtube video and go again. Basically you should be able to untilt in around 5-10 minutes. i've tilted so much in the past that i just reset my mindset after every game if it was bad. treat every game as different game different people.
Phyrz (EUW)
: Should I buy Zac or Rek Sai' for jungle ?
Personally zac is more fun to play then rek'sai. but zac i kinda permabanned (at least in my elo (dia4))
: What is special about heimer?
Heimer, banner, zz rot, this summoner spell, dont you see it?
: Suggestion: New summoner spell
oh boy looking at heimer with this shit, no thanks
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sponks,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=IHvEGI2B,comment-id=00050001,timestamp=2016-10-25T09:45:31.138+0000) > > yes wow a oneshot build at 6 items, and you are useless before, such good build, because many games go to full items right. the 2-3 shot vayne build with static and IE and PD has a faster dmg spike and never falls of so ur build is useless. and yes it also oneshots squishies if equal so ur build is useless compared to this Dude, I didnt say it's a good build.
you said wont share it to save the nightmares so that kinda implies it :p
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: What bothers me is that it takes 3 shots to die with certain build on vayne, 1 shot if you are squishy.(YES! ONE). Not many know it yet, but my brother discovered it. Wont share it to keep the nightmare away. Downside of that build is that before getting all items you are pretty much nothing. %maxHP true damage is too much once it exeeds 5-6%. At 7 its barely bearable, at 12, it's just stupid. Fortunately only 2 champions have that much damage and only 1 is stupidly hard to deal with unless shut down early
yes wow a oneshot build at 6 items, and you are useless before, such good build, because many games go to full items right. the 2-3 shot vayne build with static and IE and PD has a faster dmg spike and never falls of so ur build is useless. and yes it also oneshots squishies if equal so ur build is useless compared to this
Realznk (EUW)
: ***
How its done? easy: be a good support player. Win ur lane, play good carry supports that can carry like leona and win. at ur elo no one dodges a blitz hook if you have some skill to press Q. But i just see this post as someone that cant beat his elo ask for a free boost to get the victorious skin, and i have no clue why this post isn't flagged yet for that.
Realznk (EUW)
: ***
well in the time that i just started this game completely inexperienced i carried my way from bronze to platinum by playing support only. So dont call me retarded and play better. Now have my report on the forum for calling me that and i hope you stay in silver.
: Apparently these Chat Logs are extremely Toxic
toxic, calling people noobs enough of the time,
: Is it even still possible to win ranked?
first game: hardly any kill participation, did you afk? second game: negative kda and 100 farm down against ezreal, look at urself instead of blaming? third game: negative kda, 100 farm less then ur opponent jungler. fourth game: 70 cs down, negative kda. I dont know about you but you also need to play good yourself to win the game.
proliarides (EUNE)
: 33% win rate Gold V
well if you can't carry a player in Gold V, stay low elo. Also you look like a flamer, work on that. Otherwise u'll never get past gold V wich is far from the real elo hell.
: So i finaly got Silver 5!
every "5" rank is worse then the "1" rank in the previour tier. especially if you look at diamond ;)
: H2K Obliterate ANX in Quarters
: my new punishing funny chat log :) this drama? :)
Realznk (EUW)
: I need help getting back to my original elo (Gold) due to trolls and nerd rage afk'ers in silver.
Basically you are someone that belongs in silver if you can't carry urself out of that.
Realznk (EUW)
: LF Top/Mid/Jungle Plat-Dia with Silver smurf
basically ur just looking for a booster
HellDraK (EUNE)
yeah diamond 5 is kinda crappy i know. just put the team on ur back and carry through bud
: LF D3+ Jungler
Well i just failed to get my diamond 3 promos but have been diamond on multiple occasions in the past, does that count ;) ?
: It seems i can't improve and I might need some serious help
A lot is about experience. Basically knowing limits is a thing. knowing what you can do, and knowing what others need to do. Communicate to the team what you want to do. Basically when equal or behind it's all about vision, this game in general is all about vision. When behind you have 2 options: waiting for them to make a mistake, or make a play yourself that you know is safe or safe enough to go for. catching out an adc with vision control is a must. knowing where the jungler is to force a baron is a must. Knowing tp cooldowns is a thing to keep track of. What people in low elo usually do is go full aram style after 20 minutes. NO! never do that. instead control sidelanes, make them (slow)pushing but with appropriate timing/wards/setup so u dont get caught out. this way they will be forced into sidelanes and you can go with team to force a 5v4 and win.
NCP Jiang (EUW)
: Need some basic advice, Willing to improve as a new player.
alot of those questions are just experience. Watch some streams and see how they do rotations. a rule that helped me alot is check ur mini map at least once per 2-3 seconds, just a little flash in laning phase, to check.
Phasma (EUW)
: Diamond Top and Mid searching for a Ranked Team
Well I'm a diamond jungler main that is currently in diamond 4 so if we find a botlane we could form a team ;) IGN: sponks
: Silver players & Jungle
Even tho i'm diamond now i jngled my way through silver various times, on my main and on a couple of smurfs. I honestly love the jungle role. It gives me the power to influence all the lanes, have alot of map prescense, and have good duelling power. It gives so much possibility to starve the opposing jungler by efficiënt jungle pathing and good invading methods, without even having to fight him if you dont want to. Jungling to me is being the director of the game, giving me the power to pull anyone ahead and put anyone behind.
: yeah its good when u know ur champion, u really can do a good game even in a bad matchup, but what happens when 2 good players who know their champion equal and ur enemy is playing ur counter? u loose hard. simple logic
Calling a good player in bronze? no thanks. and no offence to bronze players but its kinda the simple truth. I had the perfect example a year ago in bronze. me playing akali on a smurf against a guy playing lee sin and he was decent at it. they had both lee sin and brand hard counters to me. and i just stomped it, going 6-0 in lane. so no, bronze counterpicks dont matter, skil does.
: or ap
not going to do anything at all. what ap is jarvan going t get even? triforce has no ap included and usually doesn't go gunblade...
D1me (EUNE)
: Thats true but when you know a lot about the laning psahe and mid late game strategy then the division doesnt really matter.
Alright you have no clue what you are talking about. The biggest difference between elos is mechanics in lane, and strategy and decision making. The higher elo you are the better people get at decision making. I can bet you put a team of golds against a team of diamond with equal scaling comps and i can assure you diamond is going to win because of decision making and shotcalling 99% of the time.
if you are gold, dont try to go pro. Unless you are top 30 challenger, dont try to go pro
: Dpes this deserve permanent ban?
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