: Thoughts on Permanently muting players instead of Permanently banning them?
Thank you for all the comments, I've read them all and I now understand that there is no way any of these changes will be implemented soon nor will I be given another chance to redeem my account back. As regrettable as it might be for me i'll have to give up on this game for now as I my account and the memories and friends I made on it was all on that account and I will wait however long that may be until an appeal system is put into place or something similar. Thank you.
: RioT tried that back in the days when a flamer could get hundreds of permamuted games. What happened was quite simple: being unable to vent their frustration through the chat, the flamers resorted to trolling. This is why, now, the chat ban it's a temporary measure that works as a warning. If the flamer does not change his ways, sooner or later he gets the boot permanently. I personally agree with this. There's no reason to keep a flamer in the game the moment it becomes clear that he can't get an hold on himself when it comes to treat his team like s@@t. I would not want to play with such type, no matter if it's permamuted or not. So i'm ok with flamers being kicked out, as it raises my chances to get better teammates.
But isn't it pointless since the players can just create new accounts anyway and get right back to where they were? I think toxic players like I was should just receive a permanent mute and if they resort to inting then give them an ip ban perhaps?
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