Cypherous (EUW)
: > so ur telling me people will int and lose game on perpose to lose 3-4 less lp thats stupid To them the game is already lost, so they may aswell just minimise the damage instead of trying, so yeah its not healthy for the game, and it wasn't for the last 500 times it was suggested and rejected :P
if u actully make it in a way where u lose more if u play bad and get bad grades like b- osing 20 lp the people want to try hard its a 2 way thing idk why people dont want this in the game makes no sense the game is %%%%ed and the systemis flawd anyway what the %%%% does it matter if u reward good players by losing less lp than inters or afk ir bad players
: > [{quoted}](name=saiftashman,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=td9Nz4wF,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-06-10T20:28:47.795+0000) > > and what is that > > to have fun (there is no fun in someone inting and running it down and going afk cause hes bad ) > to play with frinds (not in ranked ) > to what what is the %%%%ing goal of this game Destroy the nexus. Define your subgoals as you want. And if you can't have fun, why don't you leave the game? It takes a lot of stupidity to search for fun in a place you know you can't have fun.
wtf are u even talking about dude like wtf can u pla tell me why are u even talking what made u say what u said i really want to know what u read in my post to get that
Tarolock (EUNE)
: how is it harder? i played singed like 4 times on sr not even a grade, first time in aram s+ there is nothing hard getting good grades in aram
casue u dont get ur main all the time and on some champs its really hard like eve or some other champs 1 game doesnt mean all aram gamess are the same
: This type of thread is a very easy way to know if someone actually understands the goal of the game.
and what is that to have fun (there is no fun in someone inting and running it down and going afk cause hes bad ) to play with frinds (not in ranked ) to what what is the %%%%ing goal of this game
Hansiman (EUW)
: No, no such thing is ingame. You can't measure value of contribution by looking at stats. By doing so, you'll reward people not playing to win, and punish people playing to win.
its called mmr if u have high mmr u lose less gain more so smurfs climb faster becasue of this why should a smurf win 7 gmaes loses 3 and still gets to promos where i have to win 9 and lose 3 to get to promos aslo if we both play well why is a smurf getting more than i do
: my adc mid and jungler died ? let's build tank and afk under tower ! minimal lp loss
so ur telling me people will int and lose game on perpose to lose 3-4 less lp thats stupid what im saying oh a fed lb let me build hixdrinker on jinx so i dont die good playing ashe support and loses the game and feeds bad and nothing will happen and u still will lose the same or even more lp
Hansiman (EUW)
: > getting an s means u have to have high damage high cs high kda all those cant be if u dont play the game in a good way Yes, they can. That's the problem. You can play to pamper your stats without playing to win, which your suggested system will reward.
reward what oh u lost but u played well so u will lose 4 less lp but u will still lose 15 rather than 20 which is already in the game but u cant controller or know
: who is this %%%%ign retarted %%%% that will do so? > a bad player who is unable to carry -edit- Wish there was a way for the system to actually figure out you played well, but it seems unlikely right now. As a friend told me "_It's a team game. You either like team games or you don't. If you don't want to pay for other peoples' mistakes, then find a game you can play on your own instead_". Team games. What can you do.
thats why im saying reduced lp lose not no lp lose im not saying u shouldnt lose lp u should but i sure not lose 20 lp when i go 19/0 i should lose 15 or less what u guys are missingis this reduced lp lose and increas lp gian is already in the game if u have high mmr so if ur %%%%ign smurfing ur getting high lp and losing low lp just like a said in the post but this is bs what if am a good player who doesnt like abusing ir onetricking op champs and plays good then ur %%%%ed im sugesting a better system where if u play good when u lose casue of ur afk teammates u lose less lp when u feed what is the %%%%ing problem in this
: I do not agree, because you can manipulate your K/D/A and overall stats, in order to get S or A, while still being useless. So essentially, a bad player who is unable to carry or have a significant impact would always enter a game expecting his team to win, while minimizing the losses when his team didn't, just by consistently playing a champion in an off meta role (like Ashe support).
getting an s means u have to have high damage high cs high kda all those cant be if u dont play the game in a good way a bad player wont get those a good player will get those always by doing what he should and btw why is every one getting the wrong idea why would anyone go ashe support to lose less lp when he can play good and win like who is this %%%%ign retarted %%%% that will do so
Silent Note (EUNE)
: You still didn't say anything about the comeback part of the game. That's my main point. I've had games where we came back from only having a Nexus. What do you think would've happened if the system you said was live? Everyone in the team would've started farming jungle instead of trying to save the game, because honestly, that game seemed very unwinnable, yet we still came back. I'm certain with a system like yours, it would've been a lost game, because we wouldn't have sacrificed ourselves to save the seemingly impossible game.
ok i agree wiht ur point and some people might take it the other way and say well its lost so at least let me get some farm well no i ff most of my games when im tilted casue i dont want to play the game anymore even wehn im doing good the rare cases of getting a comeback that hard doesnt mean that the system is flawed i lost alot of games casue my team ff when i didnt want too and we couldve won but no so what ever way u look at it the system is flawed and a system that rewards good players is far better than the one that punishes them
Silent Note (EUNE)
: That would be really bad. If the enemy team doesn't like you, they would make sure to camp you and get you a D, losing you 21 LP. I've never lost more than 17LP from one game, so that's really a lot of LP. If you're in a losing state, it would also encourage your team to farm and play for KDA instead of playing to win the game. Like they'd afk farm in the jungle while the enemy team is ending the game to reduce their LP loss. Maybe it was a game that you could've came back from and not have lost a single LP, but your teammate wants to decrease his losses as much as possible (which is understandable), so he doesn't go to teamfight because he would die, and farms while the enemy team is fighting you 5v4. So a system like this would just lead to more "trolls".
btw uget a d or c when u go 1/10 as a mid laner with 100 cs in 30 mints what how u get a c so dont tell me u getting camped or shit then its u fault and no playing for kda and farm is an actull good thing if u make sure not to die and keep farming then u will do better and also u need ot win to gain lp u will still lose lp but u have to play better to lose less
Shamose (EUW)
: Because the system is only tuned to standard 5v5 SR. Not to other maps and modes.
hmmm ok that makes a bit of sense
Rioter Comments
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: Applying your logic, to my main champion that I have nearly 2 million mastery on, {{champion:77}} . > well lets start first diana is very very weak vs mr hixdrinker is the number one counter to diana so is bashies she cant break through that Gets countered by tabi/bramblevest in lane, so hard, that you basically can't do anything. > 2) too many counters every champion wiht a dash counter diana cause it cancles ur r no damage no reset also shes very weak to cc and slows like many carry champion but when other champions like yi have there speed up and q to doge those she doesnt Champs with a dash counter him as well. He can't go through walls, only thing that he has, is a mild speed-buff, that you don't really put points into if you're a lane Udyr, since it's useless. There are a bunch of champs that can outrun or jump/dash/blink away from a 1point in E udyr. > 3) shes hasnt really been changed through out the years so every time the meta items and champions change she still the same and that really really bad if u cant tell , why will i till u why in the mage update when they changed the mage items diana got hit hard cause her build got weaker (roa into nashors ) she cant one shot the back minons so her wave clear is bad and she doesnt deal as much damage so she changed her build to dcap and spell binder now she deals more dmage but she has no %%%%ing mana to do so she got a good item now but u took away abetter one and of course all the changes with tp and other champions being add like sylas mad her even weaker He's one of the most ignored champs in the game. Nuff said. You build the same shit on him, since wriggle's lantern was removed, since more than 5 years now. He's a shitty tank if built that way - since he lacks the %HP damages that characterise tanks, he has no R ability (since putting a point in that pre 16 is actually considered griefing). He has 0 AOE damage, no AOE cc, he just runs mildly fast and punches people in the face. You have no gap closers. You can't build him full damage, since you'd get 2shot before reaching your target in the late-game. > 4) she deals consistent damage but not for along time she deals alot of damge in the late game but she dies so fast that i dont really think its fair If you build tank, you deal 0 damage. If you build damage, you get 2shot in lategame, before you reach the enemy's priority targets. You basically suicide in every team-fight, dealing as much damage as possible to ONE guy, that most of the times is either a more efficient diver than you are, or their frontline, that you caught up to. Getting to the backline with Udyr, if the enemy team has vision control, and good positioning, can only be done with Flash, and then too, with the amounts of peel in the game, you're basically useless. #THAT SAID He's far from bad, and I love playing him, I perform very well on him. **** About Diana, A champ that has an AOE ranged poke, an instant shield that even deals AOE damage, AOE CC, and a point and click instant gapcloser that even resets - with a one shot potential, will never be the worst champ in the game. There are master/grandmaster players with a near 70% win-rate on her. She can't be THAT bad :) Source :
like i said that was my take on it but the thing is there are master players with 70% on almost all champs so u cant take that as an argument but her cc is shit doesnt even count her shiled is low and her r isnt instant can be flashed and doesnt always reset so yes she can be the worst champ in league but there can be as bad champions
: Ashe... purely cause every Ashe I’ve seen in recent memory has fed their asses off and lost their team the game... I’m sure she is strong in the right hands but from what I’ve seen too few players understand her to make her strong ___ Also I hate Diana, can’t stand facing her after 6 I’m constantly fearing for my life in lane if she lands a Q I die instantly (for reference I don’t play ad champions mid to hexdrinker doesn’t work and all my mid laners are immobile mages).
then buy banshies and i agree but there are other champs like it for me its yasou i had 100% lose rate vs or with a yasou on my team for 90 games but i still think hes one of the best champs in league i think ashe kinda weak but there are worse champs for sure
Zanador (EUNE)
: So you think she is weak at her job and there are too many bad match ups for her, or her kit is just too weak or similar to stronger champions?
xd ya liek shes one of the strongest champs in lol
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: What I don't want to play? Soraka. The champ is boring beyond belief.
shes boring but not bad is there any champion u say i wont play it becasue i think its shit
Zanador (EUNE)
: I have 3 nominees that i personally consider to be on the rock bottom: Ivern, Singed and Shaco. Let's go through them: {{champion:427}} He is a counter jungling support jungler. So when the jungle is weak, there is no reason to pick him, since instead of counter jungling, you want to gank. If the jungle is strong, then you probably want to pick someone who has better scaling than a support. So to begin with, he is only viable in a very specific meta. And then comes his support status: he is good when single carries are dominating and supports are strong enough to give them a major advantage. That was season 7 and Riot did everything in their power ever since then to make sure that the same conditions never happen again at the same time. So without something big changing, Ivern will probably never be worth picking. Better alternatives: almost any jungler. {{champion:27}} Ever since he has been nerfed so he can't safely proxy farm at the enemy Nexus anymore, he has been struggling to find a place for himself. He has to main roles: either proxy farm/side push, or run around in teamfights CCing some key targets and generally causing some mayhem. Unfortunately, there are way more consistent side pushers now and he is just not the teamfight monster he used to be anymore. In the current meta you can't just tank a full team without a full tank build and even then you might melt quickly if the ADC can focus you, and Singed's damage is generally not threatening enough without some damage items. So unless the meta changes drastically or he gets a major buff, he either can't dive in fights or he can't deal enough damage to make picking him worth the effort. Better alternatives: Sion, Ornn, Swain, Rakan, Nautilus, Maokai, etc. {{champion:35}} I know that he is a fan favorite and has a cult following, but he has been not worth the effort for at least 3-4 years now, maybe more. He has two possible attack patterns: First, he can try to bait you into chasing him into a trap. The solution is simple: don't chase him without a scanner and you win the game. That's it. You can look up any Shaco main on youtube and twitch: their whole plan is to annoy the enemy until they take the bait and die in a trap. Shaco loses the game if you don't bite. The second one is to jump on to you and burst/dps you down with auto attacks, using the built in power of AD items. The problem is: every assassin has the same item options and they don't only have a single damage skill (that has been nerfed several times over the years). Yes, Shaco can get fed and kill squishies instantly, but that is literally what every other assassin and mage can do. Even most bruisers are capable of that. And among all of them, Shaco requires the most advantage to become strong, Better alternatives: LB, Rengar, Ahri, Pyke, Vayne, Wukong, Kayn, Fizz, etc.
i agree but at least 2 of them are junglers so u can get away witht he match up most of the time and second they are kinda unique so u dont really have other champs that do what they do and better so its actully unfair to say these are the worst champions in leauge yes they are bad and yes they need changes to help them but i think there are worse champion like voli in top and voli in jg xd but ya i agree on ur points
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Kit-wise? Volibruh. He is just an inferior Singed. Visual-wise? Malphite. Anti-fun to play against? Many. Heimer top, Yi if your comp lacks easy to apply hard CC, Zoe, Akali, Irelia. Honorable mention goes to Zyra.
oh hmm but what is the worst one in sense so bad u dont even want to play or something like that
: pretty much has to be quinn She is designed to be a lane bully that doesn't scale well into the late game but with the current mobility and damage creep most champions are capable of 1 shotting her from 1 mistake and current meta junglers are really strong into her hecarim and reksai are hard counters most tanks win lane against her most bruisers can easily outplay her so she is currently only played by really die hard quinn fans and even they refrain from picking her exclusively because she has so many complete aids matchups so she is a champion that works only in really experienced hands and still has so many insanely hard matchups
that was one of my top lane picks of the worst in each lane but i think shes kinda playable more than dian at least in my opnion
: > [{quoted}](name=saiftashman,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Xw8Ew8aU,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-02T00:11:16.951+0000) > > ??? > what the %%%% do mean thats not my ideas and u dont own ideas > > i said it first my idea my idea means i came up with it that mean i own it thats what copyright syestem is May i ask u something? Are u dumb ? Everyone here is 100% sure Rito never saw any of ur Ideas. Heck even if they saw them why should they listen 2 some Random. U are gold rn. What makes u think u have any clue how balance in this game works? If u had any clue u would be Dia+
hmmm i like how u went for the rank card there i play on a shity laptop with 120 ping thats why im g2 not dimond ls is dimond so u think that a chalnger one trick knows more than him i dont think so and btw why is every one so %%%%ing butthirt from this post i said it 10 times im trolling wiht it and the sarcasim in the post is so high it went up my ass the hole idea of this post came up when someone said one my last post that riot saw ur idea and made a worse one
Rioter Comments
qko pate (EUNE)
: Diana is one of those champs that should not be complained about bcs everyone can google diana oneshot and see 3000 videos of unbalanced creature running around without any counterplay since its all point and click BUT if you saying it as in general champions i agree even thought there are barely any of those champs left its just that there are some champs that dominate the meta way too hard.. Mordekaiser finnaly gets his VGU and would be playable again.. HOPEFULLY..if they dont overnerf him again and totally forget about it..
did any one had hixdrinker or banshis u have no idea how that items counter diana and im trying to change that with my ideas of changes also why doesnt riot change that if its so unbalnced
: Because giving the title of > riot stole my ideas but not for the right champs to a post, then having 0 follow up on said claims, will automatically render the post spam/incoherent, basically of low quality - hence the down-votes. Votes mean nothing, you shouldn't feel frustrated about them. About the commenting, you don't need to comment to disagree with something. If I post 3+3=8, you can automatically down-vote me, since I am obviously wrong, and any further explanation is not needed.
that one im trolling but i mostly im trying my best to come up wiht new and good ideas
: Because that’s the point of the voting system... not everyone wants to comment or can put their thoughts into words, or perhaps what they would say has already been said... hence the votes, you downvote if you disagree with something and upvote if you agree, that allows you to quickly get a feel for how the community feels on the topic without having to sift through comments, as well as letting the quiet majority remain hidden (people who talk are a minority, roughly 2% of the community, if you want the views of the community you need ways for people to show their opinion without having to comment). So don’t get stressed because someone left a downvote without commenting, it just means someone disagreed... and if you are getting a lot of downvotes you have an unpopular opinion on something (plus your last post wasn’t well worded, doesn’t help the votes).
it doesnt help that im arabic and yes i agree but its kinda sad that everysingle post gets alot of downvotes when im trying my best to balance or try give ideas
: Because whatever you write on this forum if someone doesn't agree (even if it's prooven facts) they will hit that downvote button because they don't want to face the truth mostly
: That doesn’t correlate at all with what I said. Yes those two champions have been reworked multiple times, but that’s because they caused issues multiple times... that does not mean riot should rush reworks for other champions or release poor reworks which everybody left poor feedback on.
but if a champs is bad they should do something diana hasnt been buffed since season 3 btw
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: That's just called balancing Those aren't YOUR ideas You don't own the ideas I'm 99% sure the rioters haven't even seen your posts 'cause rioters don't use boards that much (especially eune) So yeah.... Not stealing Nice try tho
??? what the %%%% do mean thats not my ideas and u dont own ideas i said it first my idea my idea means i came up with it that mean i own it thats what copyright syestem is
Rioter Comments
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Uhhhh........ So how did riot steal **your** ideas?
will if u go to my posts i said many things should be done to diana and they did it to other champs like i said they should change diana to ad scaling rather than ap some changes to diana that they did i posted them and they didnt do them they did a shitter verison i said they should lower her ap ratio in her passive and and the cooldown on her e but i said other stuff to compensate not to %%%%in nerf her only damaging ability and main dmage source and alot more
Rioter Comments
: yes because champions are more important than skins and far less profitable than skins
but u can get champs for free but skins u cant anyother way
: it's plenty
whats plenty with disenchating 3 legendery skins to get 1 epic and 7 low tear skins to get an 1 epic skin
Shamose (EUW)
: VFX == Visual Effects. You want her to have a Gameplay Update.
no i want the way her spells look to be changed i said it in the ps dude wtf
Rioter Comments
Ulula (EUNE)
: I think RIot's team actually saw your post and decided to make shittier changes
: disenchant epics or above that you don't like rest you don't like reroll
it doesnt give enough
Vulpine (EUW)
: no talking on this board.
its not talk its more i give my opinion on how u change a champ
: Sorry but thats like a buff rework Theres never need to buff absolute all abilities and stats
im not saying all of that should be changed but they can change these things and btw what diffrence doesnt it make that they do it all at once or on 3 patches like they did for nut orrn or other champs where they kepp buffing them
Rioter Comments
: Neat! but i don't see a comeback to an insult, like , for example: Friend: your PP is like a tic-tac You, comin' in with a comeback: no wonder why your mom's mouth is so fresh xd
: What is the most funniest comeback to an insult you have ever seen in-game?
one game i fed my ass on kassadin went 0/6 in lane and the ememy mid pyke and support vel koz kept typing ( ???) every time i died at around 30 mints they took all inhebs and towers and we they were ending they kept saying (gg ez noobs losers ez game ez life u %%%%ing suck and all that shit) but oir kayn got a triple kill and then we kept killing them with a late game kassadin and we won i finished 9/10
needoDesu (EUW)
: ADC Main smurf looking for a long-term support/jungle main to DuoQ to climb fast
i can start playing in 6 days im g2 at the moment ign : saiftashman if u want to play
: Should Ezreal's Q reduce CD's to 2 seconds instead of 1.5 seconds?
no it will make him way to strong casue ur not just addign .5 sec its per q which he will shoot a ton more
Metharius (EUW)
: Is there any plan to rework Battlecast xerath's skin?
chiça (EUW)
: Unfair ban
u said kkk 3 times that means u support the kkk that means ur a racist that what it is probably{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} maybe not idk
: Did my friend deserve this perma ban?
this will be ether other games or other reson for getting banned
Rioter Comments
: She needs a rework more than anything. She has a combination kit of both an assasin and a fighter... but the weaknesses of both. Her kit doesn’t support either playstyle meaning she either has to be broken or struggling. Right now she needs to loose either her bruiser or assasin qualities and get the tools to use the other ones strenghs right So: A) loose her burst, in exchange for better defensive, dps and AoE tools... allowing her to get into the middle of a fight and stay there influencing it throughout. Or: B) loose her attack speed, E and maybe even shield, in exchange for a way to disengage from a fight... allowing her to get in, kill a target, and get out. ___ Riot have tried making an assasin/fighter hybrid twice now and both her and nocturn are in need of reworks, the combo conflicts with each other too much and creates massive issues.
and riot wont do that so im mean time just make her more playable and do what i say most of what i say is making her ezier to play and to exist nothing about damage
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