: Qiyana
: Why didn't girls play Esport in the 2019?
is nothing about be a girl the real problem is: there are no girls that wanna play competitive and has the skill to play competitive right now. girls played competitive esports in 2019, u are just to lazy to check it. they formed a team of girls this year(Vaevictis eSports) if u wanna check it was just painfull to even think about watch 1 game VEG got able to perform the world record faster game(in competitive scene) vs them with the timing of 12 min and 59 seconds u know why there were no girls? their teams are not performing, that's all. when u will find 5 ladys playing multiple champs in a competitive way u can try to form a team and try to see if they can be better of the actual ones. right now there isn't 1 single girl team that perfomed well but till when u will act with ur attitude idk where u will go. u didn't even check if exist some pro team....
LynnkB (EUW)
: anyone else this bug,..?
(everyone as that problem)
: We should have a Dodge Vote during Champion Select...
who as a bad match up will instantly vote for a free dodge game.....that is so abusable that i'm pretty sure u will start 20 games or even more before play a game even in normal, because noone wanna play a bad match up (in particular in solo lane) idk why everyone right now is like that... season 2/3 u just called ur role in soloq and noone would %%%%% out even if he was forced in a role he didn't like
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Can't you "stack" games in grandmaster? Like: play 5 games and therefore have a demoting protection? I think it was the thing in the past seasons (in masters and challengers).
: I guess because there are so few people in that ELO, to ensure matchmaking is faster - but still seems a little too harsh to me. A week maybe, but a day? (even a week would be bad, as what if you go on holiday or something?). They could just change the rank distribution slightly to increase the number of players in that ELO, since it is petty much arbitrary as far as I can tell.
: To bad you couldn't be serious in your post. As i said, i played from start, there was no guides then. And if you played TFT you cant relay on a guide because you never know which champions you will get. You can't re-roll and hope to get same build every time. Sad you didn't had more facts or we could have had a nice chat. Come again when you actually know more about the subject you are responding to.
u played for real tft or what? ofc u could force build as brawlers+jiinx, brawlers void, knight+dragons u could force this builds just by losing in early in the begininng was only brawlers everywhere and nobles, nothing more (hypererolling) the meta never really changed. yordles never worked (and never will) aurelio draven top tier since alpha wild assassin with akali half of the season finally something changed, i'm so hyped of find new build that works, and i'm so happy of the new one i found today and seems already broken
: Bring back the old TFT!!
that is a post made by a player that got able only to play thanks to copy pasta build from internet
: I did it like some mounths ago for my smurfs so yes u can, or at least i did it.
they suspended that option like at july, but as u wanna ^^
Smerk (EUW)
: alistar and garen. Kayle were given to everyone on Riot's 10th birthday
annie was free skin for 10th year. riot kayle was free idk how
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Kayle? Wasn't Garen the 3rd champ with the free skin
there was also riot kayle in the free skin set yeah also garen forgot about him
: Is getting Platinum easier in Season 9?
welp..is getting easyer also to get into high diamond....euw server is pretty done...idk how they will fix it
: Yes it is, just ask to the support.
u can't have her anymore (same for alistar and kayle)
: I think it depends on who you are laning with. Like a mage or a bruiser might actually give the pressure needed to ignore the heavy all in supports
if u lane with a mage nautilus/thresh/blitz/leona are happy like if they are in disneyland 2 squishi target to bully in early game and i magine the opposide side, u pick senna+cait as example, and enemy team pick veigar velk'oz(something like that)....even now that lane is bully, imagine with 2 adc x) a support is the carry of the lane, he chose when to scare enemy and when to let lane push or let adc freeze....senna can't do anything about it...she is like a caitlin support in early game...only auto attack (with low attack speed) and 1 root that is not even easy to take....what should make this champion a support? actually i think bard idea is more a support role of senna
Sinfinite (EUW)
: She is supposed to be played as both but Riot have said if she can't be balanced in both roles they will focus on balancing her as a support and attempt to basically pull her out the adc position. And most people will play her as adc as it is a more popular role than support and people still want to try her.
i saw the video, and i was hyped for the concept but right now saying senna is an adc AND a support, is like saying u can play ashe support x) senna has the same problem of ashe support, the only difference is that ashe as early poke dmg, senna late dmg nothing more her w is supposed to be the cc that make her a support? really? why just don't use it on an adc has xhayah e (that's why she will played only adc, her kit is not for a support role (same problem of pyke kit))) if they will try to balance her more as a support, that means she lose dmg and attack speed at least and maybe passive scaling, if that happens she is no more even a support, because support range wins a lane by poke right now the meta botlane (support) is nautilus/thresh/leona/blitz, u think senna support is gonna be good at least vs one of this champs?
: wtf.... did Italy run out of jobs overnight or what ? I didn't have any issues working through 4 of my 6 years of university.
can't u get something called "a joke"? it's too hard in 2019?
fusiio (EUW)
: Yes perhaps 1000 is a extreme example. maybe up to 200 ?
if u are so much in need to spend ur money, feel free to give me a donation <3 i'm a poor italian boy, studying in university. i love good food, anime and league. italy is getting more expensive each day and 200€ would be appreciate supporting me would mean supporting riot games. u would say, why? because i will play more league of legends in a positive way and try to make other players happy, feel free to contact me add: sbepuz97 and feel free to help a poor boy :c
De Kus (EUW)
: While I admit Ashe support isn't viable I think MF can still be pretty impactful. The slow is really strong and with {{item:3151}} it causes a lot of {{item:3070}}s. But RITO still lists her in the support roaster in the champion collection (alongside of Kayle and Ivern): [Image](https://abload.de/img/ashe-supportrejpx.jpg)
if u check that list anivia is a support and teemo an adc mf is pretty dead because of the meta in botlane
Shamose (EUW)
: That'd just result in the next thing being 100% p/b.
nha, right now only pantheon is a MUST ban even champs like qyana/syndra are not strong as that champ. in fact the pnly champ to be never played just because banned in all games is panth the rest of the bans are flexible, but who play in red side is playign with 2 bans
Rioter Comments
Forsan (EUW)
: Does Morgana's shield stops her from getting Knocked up by Malphide R (if the damage is bigger) ?
she doesn't get knock up she will take 50 dmg, because her spell say she blocks the first ability that hit the shield and till when the shield is not broken she is immune to cc/root/supressions if have higher dmg of morgana shield would let ur ability to pass the shield, probably some blitz/thresh player will opt for an ap item at the start of the game just to be sure to pass the morgana shield in mid game
LoveYanDe (EUW)
: Riot Games Invitational
> would you like to see something like that again i would LOVE to have back my season 2 league of legends game, yeah i would like it <3 for pro vs rioter no. i'm sorry but it was alrea%%%%%%%ing boring to see 1 month ago team ex pro: qtpie,aphromoo,dyrus,miteos,voyboy qtpie:singed adc aphromoo:initng tecnology pyke dyrus:kassadin top miteos:fiddle jungle voyboy: ezreal mid (with phase rush, building frozen mallet here u can see the game played by them from qtpie (and team) prospective https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crYiC2voZLA i mean...they intentional gived a baron ( was so easy to understand also without their comment watching it in live), they tried so hard to lose but was no way to lose the game even if they disconnect ...but i mean, i would like more to see 5 pros vs an ia instead of rioters, just saying (like in dota)
De Kus (EUW)
: So basicly it's supposed to be a flex pick for ADC and support... and a better one than {{champion:21}} or {{champion:22}} can already be?
it is totaly a different champion ashe is not a support (even if i love the possibility to make her as a support) ap mf into blackcleaver is dead even if they buffed the slow on her e i tried senna on pbe, for sure she is gonna be way better as support instead of mf/ashe, just because she has a root on her w + the her e pretty broken to sneack in the jungler in lane i still have to practise her and for sure we will need to see the meta champs in both role (adc/support) + a good build for her (many players are opting for full lethality on pbe, but she has some good scaling with ap, maybe is a kai'sa 2.0 with hybrid build) but the fact she is going to be balanced as adc and as support is scary, right now (after try her on pbe) i don't like her as adc, just because she as to collect mist (wasting time instead of auto attack while enemy adc can trade u) and in early she has slow attack speed so right now i would say senna is mostly a support i don't like her even as support, imagine play (adc champ stats) vs alistar? or ap botlane...i don't know, we will see how she work when is coming on live server, pbe is strange :p
: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
sbepuz97 from euw hope i did a good job :P, playing since season 2, lover of lore ^^
ShiN1GaM1 (EUW)
: Senna, as a support
riot himself said: "senna will be balanced as adc and support, we gonna balance her as adc and as a support" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLSXQhwRy7U > Making senna in a solo lane (or ADC) unviable (at least in the soul part)
: But there is a stream rn with tft players that have master yi, sion etc
they remove/change all the actual champs with new one "rise of the element" (season 2 tft) will be aviable in 1 week on live server p.s. not all champs will be aviable, only the one selected for season 2
zDontzu (EUW)
: nice senna champion
u think the ultimate is the problem of her kit? not her "e"?
: Is Day7 REward Broken?
today is day 8. yesterday we got 25 prestige points
Sàturn (EUW)
: Champions collection portret bug
i was making a post about it too ahahahah took a long time to screenshot and post everything x)
Rioter Comments
D3xol (EUNE)
: Neeko cant die
it is a know bug in 9.20 everyone already made a video about it she can die, u just don't see the dmg u are doing to her, but in reality u are damaging her don't just type: neeko is cheating try to guess if it is a know problem or not in particular about neeko and kled (they almost always have bugs with hp bar)
: TFT - Patch 9.20 - 100% Dodge chance doesn't make every auto-attack miss
i think it doesn't work like 60%+20%+20% but is something like that: -yordle buff 60%: ur unit as 40% of dodge chance -20% item: ur unit has 20% of dodge based on the ramaining 40% of dodge chance so u will never have 100% dodge chance
: rewards are shit
day 1: ok kinda bad, but is just day 1, can work day 2: good for new players (old player like me will use blue essence only for blue essence shop, a bit disappointing) day 3: chest+key, not terrible day 4: tft players, so not bad (for me is good), for who is not interested terrible, but ehi..they created tft so it is good to put an egg in rewards day 5: 3000 orange essence, that's actually crazy, THAT'S almost too much (thanks riot) day 6: orb with skins day 7: i think we will be able to buy wards or something with 25 prestige points day 8: u can take an orb (with skins shard, but remember u got 3k orange essence) day 9: 2 gemston..that's a lot day 10: 1 casual legendary skin (not a shard, a legendary skin) bonus: annie skin now...that's not enough? they gived us tecnically like 1 ward, 6300 blue essence, 1 skin shard, 1 egg, 3k orange essence, 2 orbs, 2 gemstone, 1 legendary skin, and 1 annie skin why it should not be enough?
: Awh sorry let me see what I can do!
: RP Artwork Comp - because I cant think of anything original right now
OK! https://imgur.com/X5DkJuO p.s. in case rp to "sbepuz97" u gived me rp also before(mf draw), u can move rp gift from sbepi to sbepuz97? i know it will be a waste of time for u, but it would mean a lot for me :c, i can't gift a tft egg between account, that's why i would like to switch the accounts prize :c{{champion:33}}
: it's second time i'm restricted first time i didn't even drop in honor level now it did and it was twice 10 games chat bans for negative behavior lul
???????????????????? lol..unlucky it didn't bug also for me
: {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
i really thanks u for the 1k rp, but i said sbepuz97 :c if u could gently move rp to "sbepuz97", i would be really thank to u. i never use this account, i just created it to play with friends that just started play league {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} sorry for make u waste time, but it will really make my day {{champion:21}} (i will buy a tft egg with this rp :c) (i can't gift egg to my main account :c)
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: If you want a big MMO title like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XI or XIV, it will need to be pay to play. Look for rest of free to play MMO, and you will see, that they are either an impossible grind with tons of luck (0.03% to get a rare item) or pay to win. And I really doubt if Riot would now like to go into pay to play business model.
as i said. in the future maybe they will watch into that typology of game as players asked :p i will play it anyway even with 0.001% for rare item x=, just if it follow league lore ^^
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: look Ill be honest with you. for the fighting game what would ruin it would be if its one like Marvel vs campom 4, pressing a button to execute a combo is not fun. and thats why it fail. MvC3 was an amazing game . easy to pick up and learn bread and butter combos. thye more you practice the better you become, the same is with TK and SF. I was never good at SF,. but I played the shit out of tekken since T1, and I would really be dissapointed if they take the mash a button for combo route. even dragonball did it. and I did not buy it just for that.
> and I would really be dissapointed if they take the mash a button for combo route exactly what i mean. if they respect the "basics" of tekken, this game will be a masterpiece, and probably tekken will see hard time if they do it easy just for "new players", press button oneshot ur uncle...well, it's not going to have success
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: always ppl looking for something to complain about and > The game can be good, or even the best, but my day is ruined and my disappointment is immeasurable, all the wait for a card game .. what a joke. this is why our community sucks. never satisfied. we get to have 4 new games (Card game,fps game , action mmo,fighting) but if its not what they wanted exactly as they wanrted it , Riot its bad and the community is sheep
i agree with u. but some many utents asked for an mmo rpg like World of warcraft, maybe they will do it later? it's a maybe. for sure they gonna have good incomes by new games. so they can invest in new games (>O_O>) -on my personal point of view i prefer hs to new card game by riot (i watched some interaction with cards and some games with early access), i just prefer effects and cards from hs -fighter game must be a tier god game, or tekken player will never move from tekken (just because it is tekken) -mmo, for sure players will play it. in particular if they do a good job with lore into it (i will play it (>O_O>)) -league for telephone...welp i will never play it...my phone battery is always a 1% x) [even if in china is a godlike game probably, so totaly approved app] -tft for telephone approved (even if i will not play it because of 1% battery) x) i will just hope for a good mmo rpg in future times ^^
: {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
i gonna w8 my milion of rp{{sticker:sg-lux}} p.s. that wasn't a joke :c just say yuumi jumped into the 0 button and instead of 1 rp u gived me 1000000 rp {{sticker:sg-soraka}} wp for the event (>O_O>)
: Strange i got chat restricted also, but my honor didn't drop it is still on 2lvl lol
lel with 1st chat restriction u are supposed to go lev 1 with 2nd lev 0
: Miss Fortune drawing/ Microsoft paint/ sketch
just did it in time (>O_O>) https://imgur.com/1RnpYQ4 sbepuz97 euw
: from 0 to 2 takes roughly 6months
i was honor 0 coz i got 2 chat restricted this year but i'm honor 1 with all checkpoints...1 month and a half and still honor 1 (after obtain last checkpoint) :c
Rioter Comments
: You are getting so stuck on one thing that you still fail to form an argument against the main point.
u wanna have a point on what u typed? ok. > It was terrible because so many teams were made of smurfs which made the mode pointless it had an objective. top 10 team of the challenger ladder were invited to play in challenger series. so u had a reason to climb smurf exist in all modalitys. normal/soloq/flex/tft/aram everywhere u go u can find a smurf and? what's the problem? in team ranked u couldn't even speack about "smurf", because is the same thing of flex queue right now. if u are challenger 100000000 lp but u never played flex in ur life and u say: "mmm let's try to play flex because i wanna be challenger there too". u know form what elo u start? ta-dan, iron 4. so a challenger player is a smurf on his own account just because he never played flex? team ranked was the same. when u start a new team u started with placements,based on that u could go with 10w-0l plat 4 > You can but you will get banned for it based on what u will be banned? permabanned player can keep play the game just by creating a new account. how they are supposed to discover i'm playing on a different account? > not to mention it takes more effort since every new account demands a new phone number to even play. So the impact of smurfs is highly reduced. i explained to u why it isn't true in the post before > You are getting so stuck on one thing that you still fail to form an argument against the main point. maybe u don't remember that u have no idea what are u typing about ^^
: I didn't say you can't do that. You can but you will get banned for it (according to riot and unlike in team ranked where you could keep playing and ruining competitive integrity), not to mention it takes more effort since every new account demands a new phone number to even play. So the impact of smurfs is highly reduced.
> new phone number to even play i have 2 telephone number just for work+1 that is the basic one all players can have 3 telephone number easy if parents doesn't play league(ur own + ur parents telephone) imagine u have grandparents alive u can have 1+2+4(if all are alive), so basically a player can have **7 account** registered just by staying in his family(my family is big only with cousins i have 5+2+1 cousins noone of them play league(so yeah i can have 7+8=15 telephone numbers to register and play league)...imagine how hard is to avoid it and riot can't do a shit about it because the sistem is so messed up that idk
: Clash is in its of a reward.
so team ranked was a reward? just remove flex. give us back team ranked and stop waste time on crash(and flex, tried play a game 15 min of queue)
: You can play ranked so you can have a competitiv environment, but you dont get rewards.
so why i can't play clash? i should be able to play clash but no rewards
: Team ranked is still not an answer. It was terrible because so many teams were made of smurfs which made the mode pointless. It was widely unpopular.
like to say u can't make a clash smurf group...kappapride
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